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In the Shadow and Light of LOVE

In the Shadow and Light of LOVE there is no separation … No “Us” versus “Them”. There can, however, be ‘forgetfulness’ … Shadow having forgotten it’s true origin – LIGHT And, there is always the enduring Promise of ‘Remembrance’ Where … Read More

Truth and Accountability

The perpetrators of the “Covid-19” scenario and all related agendas surrounding it need to be held accountable. Truth and Accountability go hand-in-hand. Never again can humanity allow the corrupt few to have such ‘power over’, as has been the case … Read More

We Are The Seventh Generation

For the past forty four years, humanity has been moving through a rare cosmic phenomenon known as ‘The Galactic Alignment Zone’, which occurs only once in every 26,000 years. It began in 1975 and concludes on December 21, 2021. A … Read More

We Know What We Know

Let us remember that we are 7.8 billion people. We Are the macrocosm, not the insignificant microcosm. No force is mightier than a conscious, unified and empowered humanity rooted in Love, Wisdom, Truth, and Enlightened Action. ❤️❤️

I AM that I AM

Even though I have this body – I Am not my body. Even though I have these feelings – I Am not my feelings. Even though I have this mind – I Am not my mind. Even though I have … Read More

Cold Winters Eve

What does a writer most long for on a cold winter’s eve … … a blazing fire … a hot bowl of soup …. a pen … and one’s writing book. That is it … it really is that simple. … Read More

The Forest

Beloved ❤️ Friends, Today, I took some time out from writing to do something very special, which I always do once a year, for it is one of my favourite things to do … I went deep into the forest … Read More

What Else Is There …?

Listen to Audio Video. Download Audio MP3 What else is there when we are no longer aligned with the ‘ordinary’ and customary things of life? When we no longer resonate with the politics, the old paradigm system of ‘money’ and … Read More

Throwback Thursday

Well … Its ‘Throwback Thursday’ and I am quite a long way back these days … in 1939 and the early 1940’s to be precise! … writing a fiction based on fact novel that has been gestating inside of me … Read More