– On “They”

A response I gave to a FB friend’s comment on my post of October 25, titled ‘Question Everything’, (see Blogs) prompted me to write the following words.

I feel this is an important note to consider as we, Rays of Light, continue to seek to penetrate and break up the density of dark that is ‘power-over’ authority that dominates the world. How we consciously respond and manage the ongoing storm currently raging, one that has been brewing for millennia and has now reached an ultimate ‘spike’, is critical to both short and long-term outcomes.

A crucial component in regard to collective conscious evolution is to transcend the prevailing ‘us versus them‘ and ‘they’ mentality, which serves only to polarise. This is an essential part of the Collective Soul Quest – to respond (not react) in new, conscious and visionary ways to the myriad of life-threatening assaults and agendas we currently face as a humanity.

We stand at an instrumental threshold in terms of an extraordinary opportunity for taking an unprecedented ‘giant leap’ on the human timeline. As Jimi Hendrix so profoundly pointed out: When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace. ‘Power over’ authority has always existed and still holds sway and so the world continues to remain polarised.

The reality is that only the power of love will facilitate the necessary breaking down of current dysfunctional global systems and enable a breakthrough for the people to begin to co-create the kind (of) world we yearn to live in – one in which all beings species-wide can live in accordance with the sacred laws of Nature, Mother Earth, and Father Sky.

Even though we stand in the midst of the most challenging of times, we are also under the auspices of the ‘Spirit of Evolution’ which calls us so strongly now to consciously awaken, mindfully act, and conscientiously say “NO” to immoral/amoral leadership, corrupt governance, and authoritarian anti-life agendas. In order to do so, we must unify en-masse and become accurately informed – Informed is Empowered – and then conscientiously act.

We have entered a ‘Collective Rites of Passage’ and if we fail to consciously act we risk keeping not only ourselves but the world locked into old conditioning and patterns. Accepting or justifying deleterious agendas and policies not only threatens our own lives and livelihoods but proves devastating to the Natural World. ‘Fighting the system’ is not the way either for all this will create is further separation and keep us caught in the old paradigm instead of transcending it. However, when we consciously embrace and embody a new and world-changing way of responding where we stand together en-masse, tall, strong, and unequivocal in our humane and humanitarian stance, we can disarm, disable and deconstruct archaic outmoded ‘power-over’ systems of ‘rule’.

Together, we can build a new epoch on enlightened foundations upon which we can build an enlightened world – the type of which has been prophesied* for millennia to occur on the human timeline NOW – a new altruistic and benevolent paradigm; one in which the collective conscience is awakened; the heart of humanity is free; and the sovereignty of the soul of the world has been reclaimed.

Namaste and LOVE,

Nicolya ♥♥

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