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*Nominated for an Ommie for ‘Best World Vision Book 2022’ – Voting Window February 1 – March 1, 2023


Civilisation is at an evolutionary crossroads. Today’s global crises collectively represent a planetary wake-up call for humanity to realise that to survive, we must learn to live in harmony with the formative principles governing the manifestation of the Universe. Consequently, civilisation is poised on the threshold of a major evolutionary event – Conscious Evolution, driven by a quantum scientific renaissance offering a new philosophy on health and spirituality.

In support of evolution, Nicolya Christi’s LOVE, GOD & EVERYTHING provides a compilation of extraordinary personal revelations, pioneering roadmaps for psycho-spiritual development and transformation, and profound and revelatory insights into the workings of the Universe, emphasising the existence and influence of an energetic unity and wholeness that permeates the Cosmos.
As emphasised in the most prestigious scientific journal, ‘Nature’, physicists recognise that, “The Universe is immaterial – mental and spiritual.” Predicated on the truths of quantum physics, Nicolya Christi’s bold and exciting synthesis also weaves modern energy-field science, including the powerful influence of the Cosmos, with ancient spiritual insights to reveal the vibrational fabric comprising the Universe.

Nicolya’s heroic intention is to awaken a sense of Cosmic Consciousness that will facilitate the survival of human civilisation and all life on Earth. Her inclusive and often ground-breaking insights offer a pathway out of a world in chaos by enabling readers to evolve from passive victims to responsible co-creators of their life experiences. The knowledge of “Self” provided in this highly readable Work is the gateway to acquiring the “Self-empowerment” needed to survive through the current wave of planetary chaos and to thrive into the future.

LOVE, GOD & EVERYTHING provides a bold and hopeful vision of the next “holistic” stage of human civilisation—and how each of us can fully participate as co-creators of the world to come. Nicolya Christi offers readers an extraordinary opportunity to move beyond misperceived limitations and write new empowering stories for themselves, their children, and the world.

Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D. Cellular Biologist. Bestselling Author.

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Four Fundamentals of Nicolya’s Teachings

The Twelve Phases of Ascension
the diamond heart prayers


A Message of Hope for 2022 & Beyond – ‘The Legacy Generation’

Evolutionary Pluto in Freedom Loving Aquarius – THE Pivotal Turning Point for Humanity – November 2024 – January 2044 When Pluto entered the sign of Capricorn in January 2008, its objective was to expose all that is false, covert and hidden, within ourselves, and within organisations, institutions, mega-corporations, governments, and all such deleterious influences. Pluto’s…

December Solstice

The December Full Moon opposed the Galactic Centre – a culmination point; a year since the Sun was last conjunct the GC, which, synchronistically, always immediately precedes the December Solstice. The 21/12/21 December Solstice, amounted to a rare evolutionary phenomenon – the closing of a 26,000-year Galactic Cycle – something I have been writing about…

The Legacy of Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla (b.1856-d.1943) was a futurist, inventor, scientist, engineer, prophet, seer, revolutionist, and “Bonafide Genius”. Considered to be the greatest technological visionary of all time he was the pioneer of AC (Alternating Current) as well electricity, radio, wireless power, radar, X-ray technology and radio-control.


Rainer Maria Rilke – Spoken by Nicolya Christi

 Quiet friend who has come so farfeel how your breathing makes more space around you.Let this darkness be a bell towerand you the bell. As you ring,what batters you becomes your strength.Move back and forth into the change.What is it like, such intensity of pain?If the drink is bitter, turn yourself to wine.In this uncontainable…