Civilization is at an evolutionary crossroads. Today’s global crises collectively represent a planetary wake-up call for humanity to realize that to survive, we must learn to live in harmony with the formative principles governing the manifestation of the Universe. Consequently, civilization is poised on the threshold of a major evolutionary event – Conscious Evolution, driven by a quantum-scientific renaissance offering a new philosophy on health and spirituality.


In support of evolution, Nicolya Christi’s LOVE, GOD & EVERYTHING provides a compilation of extraordinary personal revelations, pioneering roadmaps for psych-spiritual development and transformation, and profound and revelatory insights into the workings of the Universe, emphasizing the existence and influence of an energetic unity and wholeness that permeates the Cosmos.


As emphasized in the most prestigious scientific journal, ‘Nature’, physicists recognize that, “The Universe is immaterial – mental and spiritual.” Predicated on the truths of quantum physics, Nicolya Christi’s bold and exciting synthesis also weaves modern energy-field science, including the powerful influence of astrology, with ancient spiritual insights to reveal the vibrational fabric comprising the Universe.


Nicolya’s heroic intention is to awaken a sense of Cosmic Consciousness that will facilitate the survival of human civilization and all life on Earth. Her inclusive and often ground-breaking insights offer a pathway out of a world in chaos by enabling readers to evolve from passive victims to responsible co-creators of their life experiences. The knowledge of “Self” provided in this highly readable Work is the gateway to acquiring the “Self-empowerment” needed to survive through the current wave of planetary chaos and to thrive into the future.


LOVE, GOD & EVERYTHING provides a bold and hopeful vision of the next “holistic” stage of human civilization—and how each of us can fully participate as co-creators of the world to come. Nicolya Christi offers readers an extraordinary opportunity to move beyond misperceived limitations and write new empowering stories for themselves, their children, and the world.

Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D. Cellular Biologist. Bestselling Author.

Nicolya Christi’s momentous book, LOVE, GOD, & EVERYTHING is a book for our times. This remarkable work illuminates the great evolutionary transition we are undergoing as a species. As Nicolya states, this multi-billion-year journey has come to its crossover point in our generation. Her phenomenal experiences on the “other side” of this evolutionary shift give us hope, direction and guidance as to who we are becoming and what we are destined to do. All the higher insights and flashes of transcendent realities are among the most clearly revealed of our times. Thus, the next dimensions of reality can be guided and illuminated by her profound life’s work, which is so clearly written for all to see and understand.

Barbara Marx Hubbard. Futurist. Foundation for Conscious Evolution

To read this magnificent work is to be awakened to the realisation that one is not simply a cosmic clown running around in a biodegradable space-time suit, but the very depths and dimensions of the Universe Itself. Thus, the reading, study and incorporating of Nicolya Christi’s penetrating and revelatory insights into your life can affect a veritable evolution in consciousness. This is a Master Teaching in structure, spirit, and the understanding of Life in dimensional domains – a reality filled with transcendent paradigms and evolutionary phenomena for becoming the change that will initiate pivotal change in the world.

Jean Houston Ph.D. Philosopher & Scholar

Part memoir, part spiritual primer, LOVE, GOD, & EVERYTHING, takes us on a revelatory journey throughout multi-dimensions and our own ancient history all at the same time. Thorough, unique and profound, Nicolya’s wise voice comforts, reassures and enlightens us. The feeling one is pervaded with when reading this sagacious work is one of having a visionary and trusted friend and guide accompany you on a sacred inner-journey. There is a lifetimes’ worth of knowledge and insights to partake of here. If you are ready to dig deep, you will not be disappointed, but know that you just might find yourself getting so joyfully lost in this marvellous, magical and mystical book, you might never want to come back out!

Patrice Karst. Bestselling Author

I’ve known Nicolya for a long time and it has been extraordinary to witness her loving and empowering message for humanity expand to all those who are ready and willing to receive it. In her new book, LOVE, GOD, & EVERYTHING, Nicolya continues to bring to the world her miraculous gifts of awakening. She leads the reader on a journey to Self-discovery and into the heart of the very meaning and purpose of life. If you enjoy reading books that provide life-changing teachings and insights, you will want this one in your collection.

Emmanuel Dagher. Spiritual Teacher. Bestselling Author

Nicolya Christi is a deeply spiritual visionary whose latest book, LOVE, GOD & EVERYTHING guides humanity to a place of transformation and empowers the Love that resides within us all. This perspicacious book propels us into a phenomenal exploration of who we really are, and where we are really from, and more fully connects us to the divine spark that resides within each one of us. I see her as a leader who brings great hope and shines the light of realisation on a world that is evolving fast; a world we can co-create together, and one in which all can live, side-by-side, in greater peace and understanding.

Masami Saionji. Award Winning Global Peace Activist & International Author

Nicolya Christi has reached a level of spiritual development that is nearly unmatched in the contemporary world. To read what she has written is to catch a glimpse of the reality that lies below the surface, and makes us who we are: beings who come from love, are love, and to love will return. When we become conscious of who we are, we will be the beings who will set forth the adventure of humankind on this planet. Nicolya is one of these conscious beings, a forerunner of those who will follow and save the human species from its superficial self. To fail to benefit from and to live Nicolya’s message is a crime against humanity—and against ourselves, as intelligent and responsible members of humanity.

Professor Ervin Laszlo. Philosopher of Science & twice Nobel Peace Prize Nominee

This book is unique for a variety of reasons:

– It is unique because it is sourced at a mystical level of consciousness that is quasi unheard of in contemporary literature.

– It is unique because it gives totally original information on the future destiny of humanity and the planet, and the key role spiritually-directed people will play in this revelation.

There is absolutely no doubt that it is one of a very small handful of especially important books I have read in over fifty-five years of professional reading.

Chapter Eleven ‘New Earth – Future Earth’ in which Nicolya outlines what is awaiting humanity in terms of its destiny, was entirely channelled she shares with us. In this mind expanding chapter, she describes a civilisation which has completely transcended karma and where all souls evolve through love. In this realm there are no hierarchical, matriarchal or patriarchal systems of authority, and there are no wars. It details the nature of this inspired environment in which all co-habit in harmony. “Our abiding purpose is to meet fear with love – this must be our daily practice – it is why we are here.”

However, the book also contains an important forewarning we really need to heed – and others have also been saying this for years, but saying it from a purely human, even material viewpoint, whereas Nicolya’s serious caution has deep spiritual roots. She stresses that we are at the tip of a tipping point, the exact moment prophesied by the ancient wisdom cultures to be the moment of catastrophe or regeneration, and issues a Call to humanity to rise and pull itself back from the brink of no return. The message is clear: Are we going to heed it?

Three extensive and absolutely fascinating Appendices complete this book; Appendices packed with the most riveting information and ideas about umpteen varied and unique technologies and unknown cutting-edge visionary inventors, which manifest the author’s incredibly broad mastery of so many directions of modern society.

Nicolya also shares with the reader her quite revolutionary views on health. As one who had worked for seven years in the health field, I thought that just about everything had been said on this topic but no, I felt like a caveman emerging from the boondocks reading Nicolya. She puts forward a truly revolutionary concept in the field of health care, i.e. wellness clinics which are “retuning centres” for the body, emotions, mind, energy and psyche.”

This review has barely skimmed a book you will certainly wish to read and reread, and I feel pretty sure could become a key reference book for many years to come.

It is a book that may well shake you to your roots and what you believed to be firmly established knowledge. At the same time it could bring you great peace, as it did to me, through its strong conviction that we are not directing the incredible show that has been running for millions of years on this planet’s Broadway, but that there is a Higher Intelligence that appears to have quite a clear idea of where we are really going, even if we do not.

Pierre Pradervand. Bestselling Author