Reviews at a Glance

Nicolya’s heroic intention is to awaken a sense of Cosmic Consciousness that will facilitate the survival of human civilization and all life on Earth. Her inclusive and often ground-breaking insights offer a pathway out of a world in chaos.

Bruce Lipton – The Biology of Belief

The reading, study and incorporating of Nicolya Christi’s penetrating and revelatory insights into your life can affect a veritable evolution in consciousness. Her latest book, LOVE, GOD, & EVERYTHING is a Master Teaching in structure, spirit, and the understanding of Life in dimensional domains.

Jean Houston – Jump Time: Shaping Your Future in a World of Radical Change

Nicolya Christi’s LOVE, GOD, & EVERYTHING leads the reader on a journey to Self-discovery and into the heart of the very meaning and purpose of life. If you enjoy reading books that provide life-changing teachings and insights, you will want this one in your collection.

Emmanuel Dagher – Easy Breezy Miracle

There is absolutely no doubt that Nicolya Christi’s LOVE, GOD, & EVERYTHING is one of a very small handful of especially important books I have read in over fifty-five years of professional reading. It is a book that may well shake you to your roots and what you believed to be firmly established knowledge.

Pierre Pradervand – The Gentle Art of Blessing

LOVE, GOD, & EVERYTHING is a perspicacious book that propels us into a phenomenal exploration of who we really are. Nicolya Christi is an eminent thought leader who brings great hope and shines the light of realisation on the world.

Masami Saionji – You Are the Universe

Part memoir, part spiritual primer, LOVE, GOD, & EVERYTHING, takes us on a revelatory journey throughout multi-dimensions and our own ancient history all at the same time. There is a lifetimes’ worth of knowledge and insights to partake of here. If you are ready to dig deep, you will not be disappointed.

Patrice Karst – The Invisible String