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Christi’s book, released in January 2011, is an uplifting, inspiring, and educational treatment about the year 2012, and what happens when we reach the end of the Mayan calendar. The book is a spiritual journey in and of itself that is worth taking, whether you are a 2012 enthusiast, sceptic or newcomer. Regardless of what happens on December 21, 2012, Christi’s book serves as a profound roadmap for our human destiny, our spiritual evolution, and our role in the cosmos.

Nexus Magazine

So often our spiritual journey seems too long and complicated, as we embrace diverse belief systems and practices in our search for the truth of it all. Nicolya Christi has addressed that problem with this very wise and practical guide, which takes a clear-sighted look at the real meaning of global religion, spirituality and the evolution of human consciousness up to this point in our history. From this she offers a synthesis and tools that will enable us to move into a more profound and healing connection with Spirit, as humanity enters the new age arising on earth. The book also includes the first fully written account of the First Nations Peoples oral wisdom teachings on the 7 Dark, 7 Light, and 7 Rainbow Arrows for evolving consciousness. This is a landmark spiritual work with a message of essential truths that we cannot afford to miss!

Cygnus Books

If all the diverse elements of humanity—ethnic, regional, spiritual—share one common existential goal, it is surely in the desire to understand consciousness and acquaint ourselves more deeply with who we truly are. We often ask, what is our place in the universe? And, seemingly, there are two paths to pursuing an answer. One is science­-minded and logical; the other, in the words of Ervin Laszlo, writing in the foreword to Nicolya Christi’s Contemporary Spirituality for an Evolving World: A Handbook for Conscious Evolution (Bear and Company, 978­1­59143­166­4), “is the path of direct, lived experience. This is to experience oneness as a fundamental aspect of our life experience.” Laszlo goes on to say that it is also “branded extra-scientific in the modern world and is relegated to the shadowy world of spirituality, religion, esotericism.” Remarkably, the two paths lead to the same realizations: “the insight of fundamental interconnection between our species and the web of life on this planet.”


In the main, to survive and thrive, to maintain scientific coherence and spiritual oneness, humans must develop the “experience of connection, communication, and even communion with the cosmos.” Christi, for her commendable part, offers tools, both psychological and spiritual, to spur conscious and global evolution. She includes an original self­-development model based on the “Seven Dark, Seven Light, and Seven Rainbow Arrows” teachings of the First Nations Peoples, wherein attachment, dependency, judgment, expectation, and other Dark Arrows are addressed, followed by the Light Arrows of self­-awareness, self­-acceptance, self­-love, self­-actualization, etc. Then she describes how each Arrow contributes to the “psychological evolution, healing, integration, and liberation of the individual and the collective of the twenty­-first century.” Of special note is a groundbreaking “fairytale” she created, illustrating an enlightened relationship between self and ego.

Foreword Review

As we approach 2012 it’s becoming apparent that our level of consciousness, as we enter the transition to higher dimensions, is an important part of the process. This is an integral part of being co-creators of a new world. 2012: A Clarion Call is a wonderful explanation of the stages of transformation that many of us are experiencing today in preparation of what’s to come. If you believe that you are one of the many incarnations who are here to assist in this period of human history, this book is an important read.

Lotus Guide

The real strength of this book is the latter half which concentrates on simple but profound exercises and insights for the spiritual growth required to attune ourselves to our higher purpose and help to raise humanity’s consciousness.

Juno Magazine

his is an extremely interesting and different point of view of what is going to happen when the Mayan calendar ends in 2012. Filled with activities and exercises to help you bring about your own personal chances, many of these exercises are really interesting and would definitely be life changing if you allow them to be. This book includes an remarkable appendix that contains a glossary, a list of resources, and several healing methods and practices used to help you in your quest to raise your vibrational frequency. While this book is actually a lot easier to read than I had thought it would be, there are moments when you have to just pull back and take a deep breath and say, “What if this is all true?” Because if it is, we are all in for some massively huge changes in front of us and real soon.

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