The ego/Self Fairytale

the ego/self fairytale
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… Consider for a moment the True Self as a king or queen returning to reclaim their throne. Imagine the many shadow defenses they will encounter along the corridors that lead to the throne room where they will meet the unintegrated ego.

Here the fairytale of ‘Ego & Self’ unfolds:

Ego has realized that Self is returning to reclaim its kingdom. In fear and panic, it frantically barricades the throne room door. Self arrives and knocks on the door requesting that Ego relinquish the throne and let it in. A defensive Ego refuses to open it and prepares to take up arms ready to fight. It will do anything to remain in power and tells this to Self through the closed door. Ego tries to intimidate Self into submission in the vain hope that Self will scurry away to its place of exile.

However, Self rides the storm whipped up by Ego. Ego feels powerless in the full presence of Self and panics further. What will become of it if Self succeeds in reclaiming the throne?

Ego fears it will die. It can see no other outcome. It is too afraid to surrender and does not know what to do. Resolutely, Ego digs in its heels and refuses to move: They have reached an impasse.

Days, weeks and months pass by with Self ever present, and Ego, locked in the throne room, with no resources to maintain its power, becoming gradually weaker. Ego resolves to die on the throne, for surrendering to Self will surely result in this outcome anyway. Ego prepares for the end – that is until Self throws it a lifeline.

Self begins to …

The ego/Self Fairytale can be read in full in Nicolya’s book Four Fundamentals: A Pocketbook for Self-Healing, Self-Awakening, & Self-Liberation.



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