About Nicolya Christi

Nicolya Christi is a Visionary, Futurist and Published Author. Her first book 2012: A Clarion Call: Your Soul’s Purpose in Conscious Evolution (Bear & Co/Inner Traditions – April 2011) was placed in the top ten book reviews by Publishers Weekly in Spring 2011. Professor Ervin Laszlo, twice nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, endorsed it as:

“…the most remarkable spiritual book on this or any other subject that I have ever read.”

Satish Kumar noted,

“Nicolya Christi is a Visionary and Thinker and Writer, and her work in articulating and promoting conscious evolution is outstanding.”

Barbara Marx Hubbard stated

“Nicolya Christi is our guide through this evolutionary world shift, and one of the best I have encountered.”

Her second book, Contemporary Spirituality for an Evolving World: A Handbook for Conscious Evolution (Bear & Co/Inner Traditions September 2013) is endorsed by Barbara Marx Hubbard, Larry Dossey M.D., Pierre Pradervand, and the Rev. Peter Owen-Jones. Ervin Laszlo wrote the foreword. Nicolya Christi is also a contributing author for the books 2013 – The Beginning is Now, (Spring 2011), along with authors including Jose Arguelles, Geoff Stray, Carl Johan Calleman, Jim Young, Ervin Laszlo and Gill Edwards: Dawn of the Akashic Age, (Spring 2013), by Ervin Laszlo and Kingsley Dennis; and Beyond Rage & Fear, (Spring 2017), with authors including Jean Houston, Stanislav Grof and Gary Zukav: And Reconnecting to Source (Spring 2020) with authors including Jane Goodall, Jean Houston, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Lynne McTaggart, Gary Schwartz. Nicolya’s latest book is to be published in 2020, details of which are forthcoming, as is currently re-writing/writing a series of ‘booklets’ on Conscious Evolution and Spiritual Awakening – personally and collectively, as well as writing her first novel – a fiction based on fact account that contains a core message for humanity for these critical yet auspicious times.

She has recently completed the writing of her next book, which is due to be published in Spring 2020. Details of this are to follow shortly.


Nicolya’s Work is founded in spirituality, philosophy, and psychology. For over two decades she has worked in these fields running her own private practice and writing extensively on these disciplines as well as pioneering and developing various new psychotherapeutic/psycho-spiritual maps and models for evolving consciousness which bring cutting-edge theories to the psychological and spiritual arenas, all of which are inspired by her own extensive personal experience.

Her psychotherapeutic models include ‘The Five S’s’ – ‘Self-awareness, Self-integration, Self-realization, Self-actualization and Self-transcendence – and The Six S’s’ – ‘self, Self, Higher Self, Soul, Spirit, SOURCE. Other models focus on the evolutionary trajectory of the collective and include the Consciousness maps of ‘Six Core Values for an Evolving World’ and ‘Twelve Foundation Stones for a New Paradigm‘.

In 2012 she wrote the world’s first in-depth account of the ancient oral wisdom teaching of the First Nations People: ‘The Seven Dark, Seven Light and Seven Rainbow Arrows, in a format that re-presents the teaching as a psycho-spiritual (psychological and spiritual) map for evolving consciousness.

Her prior studies and training are in the arenas of deep personal development, humanistic and transpersonal psychotherapy, (Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy and Core Process Psychotherapy), Conflict Resolution, Trauma Healing, Focusing and Non-Violent Communication.

Her metaphysical experiences are her most prolific influence and between 1997 and 2002 she underwent five years of out-of-body experiences which included mystical encounters with otherworld realities and culminated in a life-changing OBE of conscious dying in 2009, which gifted her a rare and unprecedented momentary experience of Enlightenment, which she writes in detail about in her new book due for publication in 2020.

Her Work is founded upon three fundamental principles: Psychological Integration, Conscious Evolution, and Spiritual Awakening. This trinity of disciplines supports the core focus of her Work – Personal Transformation for Collective Evolution and Inner Peace for World Peace.

For a more detailed account of Nicolya’s background, click here.