And there will come an illumined Race from the Future who will incarnate into the world – and they will be known as ‘The Diamond Race’.

The emergence of these multi-dimensional and multi-faceted Bringers of Pure Light-Consciousness and Diamond Technology will mark what will ultimately prove to be the most auspicious epoch to have ever graced the timeline of humanity and the Earth. Their arrival will coincide with the beginning of ‘The Aquarian Age’.

The Diamond Race will guide humankind into a new and sweeping era of collective awakened Consciousness; teaching, guiding and exemplifying the ways of Future Earth and anchoring this template into the Now that is the New Earth rising.

Already, ‘Diamond Scouts’ are here and working deep within the liminal space that exists between the third and fifth dimension; sowing the seeds, preparing the way, and Lighting the Path for the most Enlightened Aeon of All – The Diamond Age.


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