From “who am I?” to ‘Who I AM’

If you feel like life is throwing you a seeming unending round of curve balls and yet you soar onwards and upwards, higher in heart, consciousness, frequency and vibration …

If your words, thoughts, actions and deeds continue to be sourced from the purest intent …

If you are striving to bring unconditional presence and integrated neutrality to any situation …

If you are consciously walking the path of Unconditional Love …

Then your connection to your Higher Self, Soul, Spirit and SOURCE will strengthen and expand to undreamed of horizons.

You may feel overwhelmed or exhausted by the intensity of demanding scenarios; you may feel as if all is breaking down within and around you; yet there is no lotus flower without the mud from which it grows, no diamond that has not been fashioned out of coal.

Something extraordinary is occurring … even as you teeter on the edge … you are being initiated into a whole new level of BEing.

The journey from “who am I?” to ‘Who I AM’ will lead us into the deepest valleys before lifting us into higher and higher dimensions within ourselves.

No matter what challenges you are facing be strong, and remain centred and calm.

From a soul perspective, ‘challenges’ are nothing less than profound opportunities that invite us to heal, awaken, evolve and transform – to liberate ourselves. They are often ungracious and uncompromising in the pursuit of a singular aim – to get us (back) on track. They will take us to the very edge and over it so that our wings unfold and we take flight into the soaring truth and breathtaking reality of Who We Really Are and Why We Are Really Here.


Nicolya ♥♥

Image – Deep gratitude to artist unknown.

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