SABIAN SYMBOL – ‘A Fully Decorated Christmas Tree’

Today, at 14:49 UTC, (Coordinated Universal Time), there is a Full Moon at 8 degrees of stable and solid Taurus, which is also in exact conjunction with the rebel planet Uranus who is currently retrograde – (appearing to move backwards in the heavens).

This is not a comfortable Full Moon by any means for Taurus thrives on comfort and predictability whereas Uranus stands for the complete opposite. But nothing is ever by chance and every seeming discordant meeting serves an ultimate purpose. Taurus does not take too well to change and Uranus thrives on it.

The Full Moon in Taurus brings to the surface the desire to re-establish our usual routines and comfort zones while Uranus yields the Sword of Truth as the force for Freedom he is and so his message to Taurus’s desire is “Not quite yet.” But these two celestial energies are in an equal dance and Taurus acts as a powerful and rock-solid anchor for Uranus to fulfil his Work.

This Full Moon in Taurus amplifies the need for more stability and security in the world, most especially after the year that has been 2020, and with the US election looming large. But (retrograde) Uranus, the catalyst of radical change, is busily going about his celestial task of creating chaos in order to create the level of breakdown necessary that will ultimately lead to a breakthrough for the world.

There are other key astrological influences to add to this alchemical mix most of which are covered in the following three articles:

Uranus always promises the unexpected so what we can anticipate from this highly-charged celestial alignment in the coming days, weeks and months, and up to 2026 when Uranus finally leaves Taurus, is revelatory exposure, truth breaking surface, news that shocks or surprises, sudden, dramatic and unexpected turns of events, the implementation of what will bring radical change, and a collective bid for freedom, which will amplify the necessity to separate out from the dysfunctional mechanisms of mainstream society and the current (and outdated) systems of authority. Uranus’s remit in Taurus, combined with the other MAJOR planetary events (see links above) is nothing less than life-transforming and world-changing.

From the research I have briefly conducted while penning this, it appears that throughout the 21st Century there are just six Full Moons that fall on Samhain: 2001, 2020, 2039, 2058, 2077, and 2096. It is not by chance that in this most unstable of times the Full Moon occurs on Samhain when the veils between worlds are most thin. Today is the day to call on the most benevolent spirits to support and guide us through this next chapter on the human timeline.

Taurus is Venus ruled and on this Full Moon the Cosmic Bull speaks of the necessity to love; to remember that through the whirlwind of chaos we are all caught up in in terms of the world right now, we need to remember to love each other during these extremely polarising times. Taurus’s Full Moon/Samhain message is for us to bring love to any equation and to call upon LOVE (LIGHT/SPIRIT/SOURCE) to most especially pour its beneficence onto the planet and into the world at this time.

In summary, this Taurus Full Moon-Uranus event is no easy ride. However, its Sabian Symbol is ‘A Fully Decorated Christmas Tree’, – which may suggest that the time around Christmas will bear gifts. Until then it is likely that the rollercoaster ride we are all on will continue and all we can do is hold onto the sides while centred in Love.

Let us be kind to each other in our different points of view; we are all trying to figure this out and find our way through this great global storm. Polarising serves only to mirror the dis-ease that has afflicted the world for millennia; dis-ease imposed by ‘ruling forces’ with a ‘divide and conquer’ agenda. Uranus affords us the opportunity to break free from ingrained conditioning and patterning, to WAKE UP, and Venus-ruled Taurus will show us how to do this (if we are willing to listen) through Love.

LOVE, in All Dimensions,

Nicolya ♥♥

Gratitude to the Creator of the Image – Artist Unknown

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