Liminal Times

The System Itself is Infected

In these times of great change it can be difficult to ascertain just who or what to believe in terms of the stories playing out in the world. Political, religious, health, judicial, banking, and most other systems in our society, are infected with the viruses of corruption and greed, which are literally making the entire world sick

Whistle-blowers can be a credible source of fact-based information. Yet, now, even some of these are coming under scrutiny as questions are asked as to just who or what is behind their revelations. A recent example is that of Zach Vorhies, who allegedly ‘exposed’ Google yet whose accusations continue to remain visible across its platforms. This gives rise to suspicion as Google will block or delete anything it considers contentious or slanderous, especially in relation to itself.

A Time of Deep Questioning

This is a time of deep questioning as we try to establish just how to navigate the weeks, months and years ahead, and the decades that follow. How do we dissolve and transcend devolutionary systems and structures and move in to consciously awakened times defined by core principles, such as Truth, Love, Integrity, the Wisdom of the Heart, and the Directive of the Soul? The only way to do so is together, as a consciously awakening/awakened humanity.

Fall or Fly?

We have arrived at a critical point on the timeline of the humankind. In these liminal times we find ourselves straddling two worlds:

1) The current old paradigm and its archaic and self-serving systems and structures.

2) A new emerging paradigm built upon the principles and virtues of Unity in Diversity, Equality, Humanity, Empathy, Kindness and Love.

We are in-between times and in-between worlds; in-between a third-dimensional to fifth-dimensional consciousness shift. We are in the midst of an evolutionary process that the ancient indigenous wise ones referred to as the “Great Shift of Ages”, during which an extraordinary shift of consciousness would occur resulting in an acceleration of collective evolution.

We are in the eye of the storm … passing through the eye of the needle … from what was, to what is, to what is to become. Since 2012, we have stood on the edge of the precipice … and now … we have stepped off. The degree to which the collective becomes consciously awakened in these next twenty months will determine if we are to fall or fly.

‘The Galactic Alignment Zone’ – A Once in Every 26,000 Years Phenomenon

The human evolutionary process began to exponentially accelerate in 1975 when we entered into a once in every 26,000-year cosmic phenomenon known as ‘The Galactic Alignment Zone’ (GA). (Reference my book ‘2012: A Clarion Call’). We moved into the most intense phase of this – ‘The Quickening’ – in 1980, a window of time that concluded on December 21, 2016. However, we are still under the auspices and influence of the ‘GA Zone’, which finally closes on December 21, 2021.

This is the divinely orchestrated ‘cosmic finale’ that plays out every twenty-six thousand years. The period between 1975 and 2021 has presented an opportunity to humankind for the greatest degree of conscious and spiritual awakening to occur in the shortest window of time, (41 years). We can liken the final moments of the GA to a relay-race, where the last and fastest sprinter is the one who can get the ’team’ over the finishing line. Essentially, we have just twenty months remaining before the GA Zone closes and what we achieve by then will set the precedent for the decades, indeed centuries, to follow. The GA Zone can be compared to the ‘conception point’ when what is imprinted sets the evolutionary imperative and tone for what will unfold. At the same time, as we inch towards the closing of the GA window, another evolutionary phenomenon is occurring as we move out of the Age of Pisces and into the next two-thousand-year cycle that is the Age of Aquarius.

The Age of Aquarius

The constellation of Aquarius is governed by the planet Uranus, which rules technology and humanitarianism. The future we are moving towards is one in which these will work hand in hand. Aquarius also rules revolutionary thinking and radical social progress. It exerts ‘a people empowered’ directive, and it is during this 2,000-year Age that the ultimate breaking down of all dysfunctional and devolutionary systems will occur. Aquarius stands for freedom and will not allow anyone or anything to oppress it.

The new age upon us is one in which independence will become harmoniously balanced with autonomous interdependence. It will be an age of free thinkers whose collective efforts will slowly but surely bring an end to any system that seeks to enslave and/or suppress the conscious awakening of the world. It will be an epoch in which humanity finally breaks free of the disempowering systems of the past and instead begin to thrive in true freedom.

The technology that will emerge is barely conceivable to our 21st century minds. Extraordinary advances will transpire to be the ’norm and will be created within a world that is innately humane and wise. If the prodigious and visionary inventor and futurist Nikola Tesla was to incarnate again, it would be into the Age of Aquarius, for this is where his genius and futuristic mind would have the freedom to transform the world – it is truly the Age in which he is meant to be reborn.

The Shadow of an Astrological ‘Age’

As is the case with every human being, each astrological Age has a shadow side. The Aquarian shadow at its worst points to the detrimental creation and use of malignant and highly dangerous technology. One of the most ominous aspects of this is AI (Artificial Intelligence). This will pose the biggest threat that the world has faced so far. Added to this will be an ‘anti-humanitarian’ shadow agenda that will not only seek to strip us of our human rights, but also the rights of all life forms on Earth.

If left unchecked, the shadow of any ‘Age’ will cause catastrophic devastation on a world-wide scale. We have only to consider the current Age of Pisces and the predominant influence of organised global religions to recognise how these have been and are the origin and cause of billions of deaths, (human/animal/plant), throughout the past two thousand years.

Another shadow aspect of Pisces is the condition of ’suffering’, which has also dominated the Piscean Age. This was/is primarily due to the unawakened consciousness of the collective. The shadow of Pisces took the form of power hungry ‘leaders’ and self-serving warlords, and its true essence of pure spirituality and love was hijacked and distorted to serve their own ends. The shadow of Pisces is all too prone to self-sacrifice and victimisation, and the powers-that-be took advantage of this in order to control and condition the masses, who, for the most part, yielded in order to survive.

The Light of a Piscean Age

For two millennia, the world has lived out the shadow of a Piscean Age in which polarity, duality, victimisation and separation have dominated. By consciously acknowledging that we have not lived the full light of this astrological epoch, we can consciously choose to position ourselves in the Light, not the shadow, of the new Aquarian Age. Aquarius is the rebel with a cause and will not allow its wings of freedom and autonomy to be clipped.

Yet, the Light of Pisces has still been present but to a lesser extent. This can be seen in the purer expression of spirituality, especially in recent times when it has begun to move beyond the fringes of society and into mainstream culture. The great works of art, the prolific philosophical writings, the musical compositions inspired by the soul, as well as natural medicines, energy healing, empathy and compassion, kindness and care, creativity, design and crafts, are all the Gifts of Pisces – as is our connection with the Higher Realms. The spiritual remit of the Age of Pisces was to balance the metaphysical with the physical and to create harmony between these seeming polarities.

Liminal Times

In these liminal times humanity is afforded a rare opportunity to take an evolutionary leap into a future that offers unimaginable promise. Yet, this will only prove possible if the predominance of ‘duality consciousness’; i.e. ‘us’ and ’them’, is recognised as a separating force and is ultimately reconciled. By becoming informed and repeatedly asking questions about just what is going on in the world, we will find the answers we are looking for and a way through these critical times.

The Age of Aquarius will compel us to bring an end to destructive ‘leadership’ and transcend prejudice, suffering, oppression, control, manipulation and a power-over system of rule that is a dangerous threat to all life. We stand between two sweeping eons of time – in a liminal space – a transitional phase between what was and what is to come. We are feeling the call of evolution urging us to unhook from an old, outmoded and devolutionary past and to step into a future of infinite potential.

The Hopi spoke of a world that would enter “A Thousand Years of Peace’, which was predicted to begin to unfold at this time. The Classic Maya also referred to this moment, now, as heralding a “Great Shift” into a “New Golden Age”. But they warned us too of the need to stand together, aligned in heart, mind and soul, if we were to have any chance of fulfilling their vision of peace and prosperity for ALL.

We are the effective macrocosm, and only we and we alone can extricate ourselves from the dark agendas that pervade our world. Those in power are aware that without the obedience of the masses their destructive plans will fail. We need to say ‘NO’ to war, to disempowerment, to being treated as mere pawns in a game of chess played out in top-secret boardrooms behind closed doors. We need to stop fighting each other, and instead join together as an empowered force of Light. We need to say ‘YES’ to wellness, joy, harmony, and abundance for ALL. We need to reclaim our autonomy and sovereignty. And … we need to co-create a new story for the world – one that is inspired by the soul and determined by the heart.

New Systems of Global Stewardship

So, how do we effectively respond to the upsurge of global crises that proliferate in our world given that we have now tipped over the tipping point?

Energy follows thought, so what we focus on becomes our reality. Fear begets fear and Love begets Love. Both the elements of karma and the wounding of our ancestors need to be taken into account. In these unprecedented times, we can transcend karma and liberate ourselves and past generations from the stories of suffering that have been all-pervading in the shadow of a two-thousand-year Piscean Age.

We can manifest lives in which safety, creativity, tranquillity and fulfilment are as natural as breathing; where the healing of the world becomes possible if enough of us wake up. New systems of global stewardship can replace the existing and archaic political ones; systems that can be modelled on the planetary eco-system itself, and the innate and profound Intelligence of the human body, where everything works in harmony and is governed by sacred design and homeostasis.

World Events – Bi-Focal Vision

What we essentially think and feel creates our world in every moment, which is a direct reflection of our collective inner-state. Evolution affords us miraculous opportunities for purification at cellular and soulular level, and for liberation from historical stories that may not even be our own, but instead belong to past generations or other timelines.

The current COVID-19 scenario invites us to view world events through a bi-focal lens. Looking through one lens, we see how the ‘virus’ is impacting everyday life. View it through the other lens however, and an evolutionary perspective is revealed that highlights how everything is part of the sacred design of LIFE. Bi-focal vision facilitates conscious awakening and propels and compels us to consciously connect with Self, Soul and SOURCE. It supports us to raise our vibration and align with a higher-octave reality. World events are not merely random but are soul directed opportunities for evolution and awakening. C-19 for example, has catalysed a global reset on a radical scale –

Living the Light of the Aquarian Age

7.8 billion people living as LOVE will propel the world beyond the liminal level into the super-liminal realm of a new conscious and awakened era. Living the Light of the Aquarian Age is to align ourselves, individually and collectively, with the superlative and all-perceiving-all-knowing Intelligence of the heart and soul. Kindness, goodness and generosity towards ourselves and each other; applying empathy and compassion as our first line of ‘defence’, BEing sensitive, considerate, mindful, and unconditionally loving in every thought, word and action, is the way to live the Light of an Aquarian Age, and propel ourselves along the evolutionary spiral of LIFE.

The Aquarian Age is depicted by a ‘Water-Bearer’ – a mystical healer who pours a ceaseless flow of water (LOVE) into the world energetically and spiritually. Aquarius is ‘electric’ and profoundly futuristic; it is inspirationally progressive and associated with enlightenment. If we choose to live its highest expression we can LIGHT UP the world with miraculous technologies borne of intuition and sourced by Nature and the Cosmos. The Light of the Aquarian Age will bless us with an eon in which the quantum mind is inspired by Soul. It will be an epoch that is not motivated by profit but the greater good of all.

The Promise of the Age of Aquarius

And, here we stand on the threshold of a new epoch of Inspired and Genius Intelligence; one that invites us to free ourselves from the chains of the past and start anew. One that invites us to rise like the lotus from the mud, the phoenix from the ashes, into the extraordinary peace of a consciously awakened world: A world that no longer teeters on the edge of extinction because of having stood too long in the shadow of an astrological age, but is instead awakening to the reality of the freedom that comes through living the Light of a new Age of Aquarius – in which regeneration flourishes and the world-weary masses experience what it means to feel truly alive.

As we begin taking the first steps into the Aquarian Age, it calls on us all to “WAKE UP” and step out of all shadows, not least our own. If the Age of Pisces has taught us anything, it is that we must BE autonomous Beings in our own right. As we prepare to move forward into two sweeping new epochs, we can take the hard-won lessons and heart-won gifts of the Age of Pisces with us.

The Light of Pisces opened the door into the Sacred Realms of the Mystical, Mysticism and Union, the Psychology of the Self, the Philosophy of the Soul, and the Reality of Spirit and SOURCE.

The Age of Aquarius will open the doorway to an Enlightened Era in which Freedom, Autonomy, Sovereignty, and our Innate Humanity will reign. This is its Promise. However, it is up to us if we, as a collective, choose to live its shadow or Light:

We have until December 21, 2021, to reclaim our freedom by standing shoulder-to-shoulder and heart-to-heart stating “NO!” and “NEVER!” to enslaving agendas and anything that promotes anti-life or poses a threat to the peace, wellbeing and harmony of ALL LIFE on Mother Earth.

For the First Time in Millennia

We must prepare if we wish to live the Light of the Age of Aquarius. Our roles have never been more critical than they are now, and never will so much have been achieved by so few for so many.

How Do We Move Forward In This Liminal Time?

With Consciousness, Heart, Truth, and Courage: The four principle directives on the evolutionary compass we hold in our hands.

Namaste & LOVE,

Nicolya ♥♥

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  • Beautifully written and explained without too much ‘woo’ thank you! I will share and encourage others to do the same – every thing written resonates with me for my family and future – my children were born for all the positives you’ve mentioned x

  • Yes very true. Thank you for pointing it out.

    Incidentally mystic Richard Rohr who founded the center for Contemplation and Action has been talking about liminal times in his daily meditations which is very relevant to the above.

    I think a number of people thought because nothing dramatic happened in 2012 then they stopped trying to understand these cycles and that the cycle closes in 2021.

    • Very interesting Steve. Yes, it is a term that impressed itself upon me a few months ago … its message ready to emerge into the collective mind, and its vibration into the collective field. In 2009, I wrote in my book ‘2012: A Clarion Call’, that the world would wake up on December 22, 2012, expecting it to be different but that everything would appear to have remained the same. Yet the seeds had been sown and we would come to realise that everything will have changed … as we inch towards the all important closing of the Galactic Alignment Zone, this is when it begins to become apparent that nothing will ever be the same again — which way it goes in terms of if we are to ‘fall or fly’ is up to us as a collective; which is why it is critical that we join together in our hundreds of thousands, and there are hundreds of thousands and more, and bring an end to oligarchy and oligarchic rule before it is too late. Namaste, Nicolya

  • Nicolya, what you write is quite unlike anything I have read before. You are totally out of the box, totally original, and explaining things
    that are vital for our survival. I too believe AI is going to be our greatest challenge – a leading futurist has even described a world in which
    we could be reduced to the role of the “domestic animals” of robots! And I doubt robots can develope consciousness. But you also give us
    the main tool to avoid this and other dangers, i.e. “if enough of us wake up.”
    And how do we wake up soon 8 billion people? “That is the question”!

    • Thank You Pierre. As the more sinister agendas of the ‘few’ become increasingly known by the ‘many’, we have a strong chance to stop any threat to the human race and Nature (and the Earth and Space) from being destroyed, or at least life as we know it – which, if we do not act immediately en masse (up to December 2021 – something I speak to in my forthcoming article to be published around May 16), the world will never be the same again. All that has been ‘life’ in terms of our freedom of speech, freedom to roam, freedom of choice, and control over our own bodies, etc, will become a distant memory in a matter of months to a couple years and ongoing. Heartfelt prayers and sacred activism are necessary now in equal measure.LOVE to You dear Pierre. And Thank You for your beautiful ‘Gentle Art of Blessing’ – a gift to us all. Nicolya X

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