The Long Dark Night of the World & The Steady Aim for the Release of the Archer’s Bow


2020 – The Long Dark Night of the World

Well … it is probably true to say that 2020 will likely be remembered as the year of the long dark night of the world.

Astrologically, the award for the most pivotal month of the year goes to January – specifically January 12 when Saturn (history/karma/commitment/responsibility/structures/rewarder of hard work) and Pluto (death/rebirth/regeneration/revelation/truth/creative-destruction/evolutionary transformation) met in Capricorn (government/big business/economy/world/gruelling work for successful outcome) for the first time in over 500 years –

Everything we are experiencing as a world right now was catalysed by this MAJOR yet ultimately favourable and pivotally uncompromising and catalytic rare conjunction.

With Mercury (travel/communication) currently retrograde until November 3, we can expect an especial level of uncertainty, restriction of movement, and contradictory and confusing communications until then. Mars (energy/Will/fire) is also retrograde until November 14, and so between the winged messenger and the fiery red planet the spotlight is placed to a greater extent on upsetting past communications and repressed anger and rage both of which will randomly emerge from our psychological memory banks. These two faster moving planets also direct our attention to what is now, along with accentuating our relationship (or lack thereof) with our own personal Will. They also call on us to take courage and to clearly define and express our true inner-thoughts and feelings in terms of what is going on in our lives and just what on Earth is going on in the world.

A Proliferation of Retrograde Planets – The Pulling Back of the Archer’s Bow

Uranus, Neptune and Chiron are also currently retrograde. As we have just seen, Mercury goes direct on November 3 and Mars on November 14 (UTC – Universal Time).

November/December/January present as key months in terms of a new sense of forward motion due to Neptune going direct on November 29th and Chiron going direct on December 15th – the latter just two days before Saturn leaves Capricorn on December 17.

Chiron’s movement direct just two days prior to Saturn’s leave of Capricorn is highly significant and worth a separate note: In mythology and astrology, Chiron is depicted as the ‘Wounded Healer’ and wherever he is located in an astrological chart (personal or world) points to where our deepest wounds are to be found as well as our greatest capacity to heal these as both individuals and society as a whole.

Chiron’s forward movement from December 15, combined with Saturn’s departure from Capricorn (the physical body/Earth) on the 17th of the same month, will affect some kind of turning point in regard to the current global hiatus caused by the Covid-19 Plandemic. We can anticipate a semblance of relief from the preoccupation with the C-19 ‘threat’ to our wellbeing, along with a degree of alleviation from the disruption this Corona event has caused to our lives.

Uranus moves forward on January 15 and so we might equate the current proliferation of retrograde planets, (Mercury/Mars/Uranus/Neptune/Chiron), to the drawing back of the Archer’s Bow, and relate November/December’s forward motion to the steadying of our aim, with the final discharge of the bow releasing unquantifiable tension from the time of Uranus’s forward movement in mid-January. This is when society can begin to gain traction in terms of momentum after a year of being held in the vice-like grip of a bow pulled back to its point of greatest tension.

Jupiter conjunct Pluto in Capricorn November 12 – as already cited earlier, Capricorn governs world systems which includes Big Banking, Law, The Establishment, Capitalism, Government and the Status Quo. The third and final meeting of Jupiter and Pluto widens the net when it comes to the current litany of exposé taking place in regard to defective authoritarian systems with hidden agendas. We can expect such exposure to magnify exponentially (Jupiter) as more uncomfortable and hidden truths (Pluto) come to light. The sheer scale of dysfunctional global leadership (societal Jupiter) will continue to fall under the all-seeing, all-perceptive and all-penetrating gaze of Pluto whose task it is to expose.

October 31 – Second Full Moon of the Month

The second Full Moon of October occurs on the 31st in Taurus, placing an even sharper spotlight on the unfolding events in the physical world and ultimately rewarding our patience as it moves very close to Uranus. So expect the unexpected when it comes to news and announcements around that time and leading up to the next potent and powerful Penumbral Full Moon-Lunar Eclipse on November 30 in Gemini, with its potential for greater freedom of movement and spontaneity.

The November 30 Full Moon-Lunar Eclipse heralds a significant and potentially fulfilling turning point following a dramatic event. Even though it may still feel as if we are taking one step back, we will be just a hair’s breadth away from taking two steps forward.

The last time a Lunar Eclipse occurred at almost the exact same degree in Gemini was on November 28, 2012. So it could prove revelatory to cast our minds back to what was occurring in our lives and the world at that time. One thing for sure is that we were preparing for the pivotal and much prophesied ‘2012 Shift of Ages’ – catalysed on December 21, 2012. So, what we can anticipate is another MAJOR shift to unfold from November 30 of this year.

December 17 Saturn Enters Aquarius – The Second Biggest Astrological Event of the Year

On December 17, 2020, Saturn finally leaves Capricorn where it has been resident for the past two and a half years busy organising the structural breaking down of dysfunctional global governance and power-over authority as well as the deconstructing of the collective shadow. Saturn represents the 6th chakra (brow/third-eye vision) and is one of the key celestial bodies aligned with the higher chakras that guide us along the path of conscious and spiritual evolution.

On December 17, Saturn enters the progressive, visionary, trailblazing and world-changing sign of Aquarius where it remains until March 7, 2023. This period of time will mark a turning point for the world as our humanitarian ideals and values gain solid ground to affect a tipping of the scales in the favour of positive global transformation.

The move of Saturn into Aquarius amounts to the second biggest energy shift of the year – the first being when Saturn and Pluto conjoined in Capricorn on January 12 – an astrological event that exerted an energy of foreboding which first began to emerge when these two planetary giants came into closest pre-conjunction orbit in December 2019 – when the news of Covid-19 broke. However, Saturn’s sojourn through Aquarius (the sign it co-rules) will feel more like an energetic breath of fresh air by comparison to its heavy, sombre and dutiful stay in Capricorn, and will certainly herald some sort of point of release.

December 21 – Jupiter Conjunct Saturn at 0′ Degrees of Aquarius – The MAJOR Astrological Event of the Year

The next all-important date to look out for this year is the December Solstice when Jupiter (visionary and beneficent influence applying a Midas touch to our current global predicament) conjuncts Saturn (hard taskmaster who will get us to where we need to go if we apply his wise counsel and take Saturn-directed appropriate action). This unique event is not only equal to but supersedes the enormity of the meeting between Saturn and Pluto on January 12.

Whereas January’s Saturn-Pluto conjunction signified the beginning of the end of the old, the outmoded and outdated, and initiated the death throes of the old paradigm with its archaic and disempowering institutions and structures, the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, aka ‘The Great Conjunction’ (The Great Mutation) that follows in its seismic wake has an evolutionary remit to initiate the birth of a new epoch – a new paradigm – and a new era in social consciousness.

Conjunctions are considered to be signifiers of new beginnings. However, what makes the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction so extraordinary is its entry into the sign of Aquarius at 0 degrees. It is difficult to trace back to when this rare aspect was last exact at 0 degrees of Aquarius but it was exact at just over 23 degrees Aquarius in the year 1405 – six hundred and fifteen years ago to be precise. Having traced back through the ephemerides (planetary tables) as far as 7BC, there are no occurances of a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction at 0 degrees of Aquarius. (More time is needed to research further back). This reveals what a rare and totally unique phenomenon the December Solstice Jupiter-Saturn conjunction at 0-degrees of Aquarius is. The rarefied meeting between these two celestial bodies on December 21 at 0-degrees of Aquarius not only initiates new beginnings and a new era, but, instrumentally, positions us at the very gateway of the New Age of Aquarius.

The magnitude of the November Eclipse followed by a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction at 0 degrees of Aquarius right on the December Solstice also strongly indicates the opening of a highly auspicious portal between the Earth and the Higher-Dimensions: A portal through which the downloading of new Aquarian seeds, blueprints and codes will begin to anchor into the planetary-grids, initiating evolutionary and enlightened Aquarian principles and directives as well as preparing the world for the New Age of Aquarius now upon us –

I shall be writing more on the celestial influences for 2021 and hope to share these sometime in the early part of the new year.
Namaste and LOVE.

Nicolya ♥♥

Gratitude to impeccable astrologer (and heart and soul brother) Marcus Mason for supportive input –

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