A Message of Hope for 2022 & Beyond – ‘The Legacy Generation’

Evolutionary Pluto in Freedom Loving Aquarius – THE Pivotal Turning Point for Humanity – November 2024 – January 2044

When Pluto entered the sign of Capricorn in January 2008, its objective was to expose all that is false, covert and hidden, within ourselves, and within organisations, institutions, mega-corporations, governments, and all such deleterious influences. Pluto’s entry into Aquarius, which begins tentatively in 2023, heralds the winds of change that will lead to whole-scale societal transformation. Fourteen years on, and we find ourselves in the death throes of authoritarian darkness, which now seeks to eradicate the collective soul. Pluto will not be trifled with however, and its mission to bring about the death of the old, and the birth of the new will not be thwarted.

In February 2023, Pluto makes its first contact with the critical ‘Anaretic Degree’, also known as the ‘Fate Degree’ – (29° to 29°59’59’), where it prepares to bow out of Capricorn and move into a new sign, with a new evolutionary remit. This window of time, (February 2023-November 2024), is the beginning of the end of the overriding controlling force that has ruled humanity for millennia. In its wake, Pluto’s legacy will be the final crumbling of the dark agenda.

In November 2024, Pluto stations in Aquarius for the next twenty years, affording the collective an opportunity to break free from power-over global authoritarian rule, and to emerge as an empowered global society in its own right. From March 2023, until Pluto fully enters Aquarius in November 2024, the Collective will undergo a profound transition. This will bring turmoil, only in service of the dismantling and dissolution of oppressive systems, regimes (governments) and establishments. The evolutionary impulse of life itself has brought us to this pivotal point of unprecedented potential.

The legendary Saturn-Pluto conjunction of January 2020 was the catalyst for the specific world-changing crises we now find ourselves in. It is by no means coincidental that the Saturn-Pluto conjunction took us into this crisis, and neither will it be coincidental that we lead ourselves out of it when Pluto is in Aquarius. On the surface, the outlook may appear bleak, but it is literally written in the stars that the opposite will transpire to be true.

And here is something else to consider: Between 2024-2026, another rare phenomenon will unfold: three transpersonal outer-planets – Neptune, Pluto, and Uranus – all enter new astrological signs. By 2025, they will have moved into positions that both initiate and support rapid evolutionary change and usher in a Lotus Aeon*, (Neptune). Civilisation will rise like the phoenix from the ashes, (Pluto) and for the first time in historical-collective memory, humanity will be free to birth a healthy, new, and inspired future, (Uranus). We might also remind ourselves that on the December Solstice, 2021, a new 26,000-year Galactic Cycle* began. Add to this the fact that we are now entering a sweeping new astrological age – the freedom loving, humanitarian, and visionary, Age of Aquarius; and we can begin to trust that there really is hope for the world.

We are the legacy generation; for what we achieve in the next twenty-two years, in the decades to follow, in our lifetimes, will reverberate throughout the next 26,000 years. Our souls will not rest until we fulfil what we came here to do in this specific incarnation – which is to see out the old, (love of power), and usher in the new, (the power of love); to establish an inspired world founded in LOVE.

As you navigate your way through these liminal times, if nothing else, at the very least, hold on to purity, trust, innocence, and LOVE.



*Lotus Aeon – There is no Lotus Flower, without the mud from which it grows. Reference Nicolya’s latest book, ‘Love, God, & Everything’ (Inner Traditions/Bear & Co – November 2021)

*December Solstice/Galactic Alignment 26,000 yearshttps://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=3968079219961633&set=a.125667080869552

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  • Thank you dear One, for everything it has taken, and everything you have offered, and everything you have courageously intended, to bring this message in its context. I am grateful. May you know the fruit of Beauty’s caress on your deepest being.

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