The Saturn-Pluto Conjunction of January 12, 2020, Is Fulfilling Its Task

The Saturn-Pluto Conjunction of January 12, 2020, is fulfilling its task –

Early days yet, but the old structures, as represented by Saturn, are beginning to fall under the uncompromising and piercing scrutiny of the master of evolutionary destruction that is Pluto.

TRUTH WILL OUT – thanks to Saturn and Pluto, Divine Orchestration, and Divine Timing.

The archaic and outmoded systems of the world are crumbling. As this occurs, the shadow agendas responsible for these are amping up their efforts to prevent this from happening before (for them) it is too late.

In this moment of extreme uncertainty there is so much that we do not know; so much contradictory information; so many conspiracy theories; so many covert agendas; so many unscrupulous and ulterior motives that have been hidden from we the people by those elected to serve the greater good of All . Yet, we are living in a time of whistle-blown realities and exposé via a growing body of alternative theories and deeply researched facts.

We are not present in the rooms where political plans and decisions are being sanctioned behind deeply vaulted doors. So, what can we irrefutably know?

We Know What We Know:

We will not accept mandatory vaccinations: We will not be chipped: We will not be herded into Smart cities; nor into Smart cars that set limits on how far we can travel: We will not stand by and be irradiated by 5G/6G/7G or any other ‘G’; nor will we be starved of oxygen through the implementation of 60GHz WiGiG: We do not consent to Space being polluted by thousands of satellites beaming radiation on to every square millimetre of the Earth.

In these unprecedented and most uncertain times we need to stick with what we know, and take peaceful and mindful measures to ensure that ALL Life on this celestial jewel of a planet is protected and preserved.

We need to question government rhetoric over and over; and research, research, and research again, so we are equipped with the facts and therefore able to expose any falsehoods in any given political/media narrative. This is critical if we are to become collectively informed and gain a broader understanding of just what is really going on behind the scenes in terms of globalist governments around the world, and just what we need to do (and BE) to peacefully bring these to an end.

Throughout millennia, the ancient indigenous wisdom cultures have foretold of the events now unfolding on the timeline of humanity; so too have the wisest and most visionary seers of the past up to modern times.

Let us visualise the current political pendulum swinging in the favour of peace, goodness, kindness, care and compassion, pure and meaningful connection, organic living and vibrant wellbeing, naturally sourced and life-enhancing technologies and virtual communications.

Let us hold that intention and beam it into the consciousness of the so-called ‘leaders’, and those who influence the mainstream world, so that a positive outcome can emerge out of this unprecedented global crisis we now find ourselves in.

Let us take appropriate and mindful action by becoming accurately informed about all and anything that does not prioritise the wholehearted protection of our children, the people of the world, the future generations, Nature, Mother Earth, and Space.

Now, more than at any other time, the world needs the pristine clarity and awareness of those who can act as guiding lights as we navigate through these turbulent times towards a consciously-awakened new epoch founded on the Power of Love. This is our raison d’être, and why we were born into these times.

Becoming accurately Informed is to become truly Empowered and leads to Ultimate Freedom.

We are 7.8 billion people. We are the effective macrocosm, not the insignificant microcosm. No force is mightier than a Conscious, Unified and Empowered Humanity rooted in Love, Wisdom, Truth, and Enlightened Action.

Nicolya ♥♥

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