Truth and Accountability

The perpetrators of the “Covid-19” scenario and all related agendas surrounding it need to be held accountable. Truth and Accountability go hand-in-hand.

Never again can humanity allow the corrupt few to have such ‘power over’, as has been the case for millennia. This is now bringing the human race to its knees – and decimating the Natural World. It has to stop and we the people – humanity en masse – can ensure that it does.

Only the Power of Love can overcome the love of power. We can and shall overcome, but to do so we need to join together, stand our ground, and refuse to bargain for our freedom. An example of this is not agreeing to be mandatorily vaccinated in order to move freely in our own communities and the world.

We must Stand Strong and Hold True. Otherwise, all that has been ‘life’ as we know (and have known) it, in terms of freedom of speech, freedom to roam, freedom of choice, and freedom of control over our own bodies etc, will be lost – all of this and more will become a distant memory in the matter of a few short years.

The conscious awakening of humankind on such a grand scale has been vastly underestimated by those who would impose significant harm – on humanity and all Life.

The ball is in OUR court – if maligned and perilous agendas are established, it will be due to humanity allowing such: But, WE are the many, and therefore it is WE who have the final say.

We are not being divisive or inciting – we are simply saying “YES!” to all that honours Life, and “NO!” to anything that would impose harm, be that purposeful or through ignorance.

Heartfelt Prayers and Sacred Activism in equal measure are the fundamental necessities now.


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