Informed is Empowered

In the wake of the latest revelation on Covid-19 being manmade in a laboratory, this time by Dr Li-Meng Yan, China virologist in hiding – – I felt prompted to write the following:

From the outset, like so many of us, I intuited that Covid-19 had been created in a lab and purposely released into an unsuspecting world. If this theory is proven beyond doubt then its creators, Chinese and/or American, need to be called out, rounded up, and charged with crimes against humanity.

Any laboratory that exists for the purpose of covert, maligned and unnatural experiments needs to be shut down. But who is monitoring these activities with the authority to stop them in their tracks?

The lawmakers and lawbreakers at the head of and behind global governance are a law unto themselves and will never take any such measures because of the colossal loss of profits to be otherwise gained from the rolling out for example in the case of Covid-19 of a pre-planned mandatory vaccination program worth billions of dollars.

We have only to view the list on my article/blog of August 29 to see just how far we are being removed from Natural Law and organic living in accord and harmony with Nature.

The human body is in synchronised one-ness with Nature – it’s eco-system reflective of the macro-supra-Intelligence that is the eco-system of Mother Earth. Every harmonious or disharmonious physical element and symptom has its roots in Nature, and therefore can ultimately be ‘cured’ by Nature when given the opportunity. (Still ‘incurable’ diseases are governed by collective conscious evolution, which as it awakens and evolves will bring ‘cures’. However this is a subject for sharing another time).

So, how is Nature to effect a curative response when confronted with manmade viruses and genome sequences with which it has no correlation or frame of reference? Any Covid-19 ‘vaccine’ created will prove either ineffective or introduce alien and unnatural elements into human biology; the effects of which are likely to prove catastrophic in years and decades to come in terms of physical health, overall wellbeing, and the autonomy and freedom of both the individual and the human race.

Who is going to stop this virulent disaster (maligned governance) if not us?

Only WE as an empowered and unified collective can bring about an end to Nazi global governance/science/billionaire/elite behind-the-scenes controlling influence and its surreptitious, malevolent, immoral and amoral agendas.

Only WE can stop this agenda’d insanity albeit peacefully – yet unequivocally.

Only WE can turn this crisis around and build a world based on humanitarian morals and altruistic values; one that prioritises and implements practices and policies that support a thriving, healthy and harmonious Global Family, including all lifeforms and elements within Nature and Space.

WE need to reclaim our human rights and those of the Natural World and Cosmos.

WE need to empower ourselves to conscientiously act and take over the reins of global stewardship and wisely guide our world.

Humanity needs to wake up to what is going on not merely in regard to the Covid-19 scandal but to so much more, (some of which is set out in the August 29 post but more to follow in the next weeks), and act mindfully, accordingly and effectively.

Nothing can be forced upon us if we refuse to comply.

If as a majority we remain consciously asleep we allow ourselves to be used as pawns by the nefarious ‘ruling elite’ and their self-serving agenda, which is to hold onto millennia of power-over rulership and continue to amass untold fortunes at our expense: As innocent but uninformed bystanders we serve only to facilitate and enable villainous plans through unconscious collusion with authoritative criminal objectives.

None of that listed in the August 29 post is acceptable in anyway whatsoever, and there is more to add to that list. As I have written before in regard to the Age of Aquarius now upon us – – we are entering a new and sweeping astrological epoch that will be defined by ‘Humanitarianism’ and ‘Technology’, (Age of Aquarius primary directives), which will play out in the world as a predominance of either shadow or Light.

The Age of Aquarius will unfold in one of two directions:

– A humanity empowered for the first time in its history and a world resourced by advanced technology sourced from natural and cosmic energies and elements that support a thriving and vibrant world.


– The continuation of a repressive regime that oppresses humanity, only on an unprecedented scale: A global society enslaved by artificial intelligence (A1) which will not only rob the world of soul, but block out the Light of the Soul of the Earth – an apocalyptic scenario.

As a Collective are we to take the blue or the red pill? –

Even if you question whether Covid-19 is a naturally occurring phenomenon and believe it to be so, take a moment to study the list on the ‘August 29 post and contemplate if any of what it states strikes you as magnanimous, beneficent, and people-centred-people-caring-people-honoring, or life-serving for ALL? From my own perspective it most certainly does not.

Informed is Empowered – and an Empowered Collective leads to a Liberated World – and Peace, Freedom and Joy for ALL.


Nicolya ♥♥

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