Dearest ♥ Friends,

You may recall that I recently mentioned the many different writing projects I am currently working on and how due to this fact I am mostly immersed in a sea of words!

Well … one of those projects has come to fruition as the first in a series of Pocketbooks I aim to release over the coming years.

It was published just a few days ago by Waterside Press – – and is titled ‘Four Fundamentals: A Pocketbook for Self-Healing, Self-Awakening and Self-Liberation’.

This paperback and kindle soul friend contains the finely-tuned and ultimately edited ‘Four Fundamentals’ of my ’Teachings’, which up until yesterday were available as free pdf downloads on my website. However, given that these are foundational principles for the overall message of my Work when it comes to the inner-and-extra dimensions of the Self/Higher-Self, it felt appropriate to present all four together in a pocketbook that can be carried wherever one goes.

Two of the teachings (‘The ego/Self Fairytale’/‘The Diamond Heart Prayers’) are also available as Free MP3 downloads on my website. I will record the other two when I can find the time!

So! Here is the link to this first Pocketbook friend –

I hope that you enjoy being able to access all four instrumental and foundational principles together in one location for the first time!

May these deeply support your healing journey and inspire you to ascend to ever-greater heights.

Namaste and LOVE,

Nicolya ♥♥

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