Five days before I was due to travel from France to Italy on October 3, the Italian government announced compulsory C-19 tests at all its borders via road. I would be driving.

As soon as I heard the news, my body (which is acutely finely-tuned and my greatest seer) became so intensely nauseous I was rendered immediately immobile. It was emphatically clear: “NO to any C-19 test.”

I began to gain a deep intuitive sense that something was amiss with the tests and my sixth sense informed me that it was something to do with accessing our DNA/RNA, and adding our personal details ie name/address/DOB etc to a new world-wide data-bank established for the specific purpose of tracking/tracing and more. I found myself wondering if there might be something covertly administered via the tests – something I would not knowingly welcome and to which I would not consent.

To cut a long story short, only when I had made up my mind to drive to the border and if ‘testing’ was in full swing turn the car around and drive to who knows where, (for I had no other place to go), did the nausea abate completely. Every time I thought of the tests, back it came back with a vengeance and each time I reassured my body that we would be having no such tests did the nausea disappear.

So, I left at 8.45 am and drove to the border with my car packed to the roof, including a three-foot tall and two-foot wide plant. I was praying for a miracle as I needed to get over that border and to this sanctuary where I am currently residing for the next short while. If the testing was in operation at the Ventimiglia border then I was resolute that I would turn back and face the consequences of doing so in the light of nowhere to live. As I arrived at the border thankfully there was not a single member of security or medical authority in sight – I sailed straight over.

Last week, I read a post on social media about a woman who had experienced an extreme adverse physical reaction to tests being given at the roadside in Hawaii. Here is what she shared:


13 Oct notice went out you have to use ONLY “trusted partner” for COVID test to avoid quarantine. Canceled my appointment with doctor and did the only thing I could to still make my flight home from Cottonwood Arizona to Hawaii 15 Oct. CVS drive through – told me to jump on highway and go. Even though my nose was already bleeding and the guy who gave me the test saw it. He just shrugged when I asked about it. BAD REACTION started within 10 minutes, most extreme part lasted around half an hour. Nausea, burning sinuses, eye glazing over on left side of face. Lips numb left side. Then the whole left side of my Face went numb. I could bite my lips hard and not feel a thing. Whole left side of my body went numb then started swelling till I thought I was going to explode. Could not breathe, heart and head hurting. Nowhere to pull over. Could have killed many people had I passed out then. Never experienced anything like it. Spread to the right side of my body then. Like a wave going from left to right. PRAYED!!!

I saw a place for trucks to pull off when their brakes failed and pulled over, got out of car and fell, bruises, scratches, pain in hand/arm that is still there. My lips stayed half numb for 48 hours. My jaw felt like I had major dental work. Why on earth would they do this at a drive through and tell you it was fine to jump on the freeway? What the heck was in that TRUSTED PARTNER TEST?

Today I see that tourists did not have to take the required Trusted Partner test. They have until Oct 18 to use Trusted Partners although the online travel site for the Hawaii Gov said you MUST use them and only them. Have to wonder how much they are making off those “Trusted Partner” deals. French Polynesia will not accept at least 3 of the “Trusted Partner Tests” for entry into their country. Wonder why not??”

I contacted the woman and asked her if the test had been the swabs and she replied as follows:

Stick up nose while the tech counts slowly to 15 in each nostril. Pointed on the end to puncture, not about swabbing.”

Perhaps the swabs are benign … but the “pointed sticks” as referenced above are a cause for concern.

The late Nobel Laureate Kary Mullis, inventor of the PCR test that is used for testing Covid-19, is reported to have said it was only to be used for research and not for medical diagnosis as it was not created to detect infectious diseases. In March 2020 an 80% false-positive rate was reported in China.

The C-19 tests are unable to accurately assess if one has the ‘assault’ or not … triple testing of the same patient has proven to show this fact again and again … testing one individual three times in the same sitting regularly presents two different results. Some experts are stating that the ‘assault’ is not recognised by human DNA, (because it is manmade), which may point to why we are unable to build up herd immunity.

The outspoken UK ex Cllr. Brian Silvester asks: “Are they really telling us that all 7,800,000,000 people in the world need to be vaccinated for a ‘virus’ that does NOT kill 99.9% of us?? That would be totally ridiculous. Reactions to the vaccines would kill more than the ‘virus’. What is the real reason they want us all injected?

What I do gno (gnosis) is that there is more to the C-19 scenario than meets the eye in terms of ulterior motives. There is no doubt in my mind that a laboratory made ‘assault’, not “virus”, has been unleashed on humankind.

We must each make up our own minds, or as in my case listen to the physical response/reaction of our bodies. It is our personal responsibility to become informed and stay empowered – To BE the Sovereign Authority of our own bodies and decide what we will and will not allow to be done to them.


Nicolya ♥♥

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