Dearest ❤️ Friends …

Oh our friends ‘upstairs’ … they do like to push their luck lol

So … as some of you are aware … I have been ‘clearing the decks’ to be able to give myself totally to the fiction-based-on-fact novel I began to write last November, a story I have been waiting to tell since 2002. This is not an adjunct to my Work for the story is possibly the most important Work I will have produced to date in terms of its fundamental and critical message for humanity.

However, I digress …

So … I wrote my last article some months ago … “Great!I thought … “Now I can lose myself in the novel and pick the article writing back up next Spring at which point I hope to have finished it.

But then came a gentle invisible tugging on my sleeve: “Nicolya … what about writing two “pocketbooks?!” I hear from my Higher Self and Luminous Higher-Dimensional Friends. I laughed out loud … “Are you joking around?!” But no … the ‘faces’ were beatifically serious, including that of my Higher Self. “But right now?”. “Yes!” … came the unanimous response.

And so the last few months have been a blur of manuscripts – four to be precise …

1) The completion of my next ‘Mainstream Book’, – my third – (the other two being 2012: A Clarion Call’ and ‘Contemporary Spirituality for an Evolving World’), which is to be published by ‘Inner Traditions’ most probably Autumn next year.

2) The first pocketbook – ‘Four Fundamentals: A Pocketbook for Self-Healing, Self-Awakening & Self-Liberation’ – which contains my four fundamental psycho-spiritual teaching models. Finally completed that a couple of weeks ago. It will be published by ‘Waterside Press’ and available from mid-September.

3) The second pocketbook – ‘Meditation__365: Daily Meditations, Contemplations, Affirmations & Inspirations’ – a book of illuminating guidance to tap into every day of the year. Now almost complete save for writing the Introduction and a major proof read. To be published by ‘Waterside Press’ and available from mid-November (nice little Christmas stocking filler!)

4) The ongoing writing of the novel, which has been weaving in-and-out of these other writing projects.

So, as the finishing line comes into view re the second pocketbook endeavour, I start to get the feeling that at last I will have cleared the decks and other than writing regular blogs – https://nicolyachristi.love/blog/ – can immerse myself whole in the novel – YES!

But then the now familiar tug on the sleeve returns two days ago: “You need to write about ‘Depression’… “. “Ah …” came my reply through gritted teeth … “Do I now …” the Irish accent slipping in for effect. ☘️

So, on top of all of the above, I have just penned my ‘latest article’, (did not think I would write those words for at least another eight months):

Dear Higher Self and Luminous Higher-Dimensional Friends, can you please support me to get on with the novel!” No response … just the wink of a Cosmic Eye and an Illumined Chuckle … lol.

Now … off to roll up my sleeves and continue writing the novel – that is until such time a little sleeve tug moment recurs taking me on yet another temporary detour!

LOVE, in All Dimensions,

Nicolya ❤️❤️

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