‘The Skylark’s Ancient Song’ by Nicolya Christi (2002)


Listen to the song.

Wild heather floats by

On the wisps of the wind

Journeying to other worlds, awaiting next Spring.

Hedgerows burst with the promise that the gorse heralds in

To Summer from Spring.

The land reborn, new life sprung

Here stand I at the helm of High Sun

Still, I wait

As a chorus for a verse to be sung.


A memory stirs of a quest in the night

Of a Stag/King fight

High Priestess’s hand for the Great Rite won.

Still the skylark sings this Ancient Song

My song

Where be thy King

To where have you gone?


A fire burns

In my Being yearns


For a taste as sweet as the heather gone

A touch as soft as the rose now grown.


With each breath in thine essence flows

Gentling my heart

Healing my Soul.


Thine eyes have met mine

I have seen clear

Your Warrior heart

Protected by fear.





Holding ground

For a love not lost

Yet not fully found.



Sacred Silence

Pregnant pause

We.. as the ocean

Meeting the shore.



Precious silence

Eternal bond

Born on the dawn of the Great Rite won.


These distant echoes of lives been done

The spider’s weaved

The web is spun.


An olde-worlde song of true lovers found

The beat

Of One heart

On a Sacred Drum.



We have seen

A starlit night

Comet in flight

Sea and sand, made fire on land

This sacred dance

Of woman and man.


Your sword now gone

Your battle scars shown

Your wounds run deep and your shield still strong.



My love


The way of Love or Fear?

The freedom of the morrow?

The cloak of yesteryear?



Thine heart


Thy breast be open


An act of resurrection

To Love

Where once was fear.


The priestess waits for her King’s return

This wise woman sayeth

Thy Will be done.


And the skylark sings an ancient song

Of a King

And a Grail

And a Priestess won.

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