BERLIN – AUGUST 29, 2020

Solidarity to the hundreds of thousands of voices for humanity gathering in Berlin today to protest against criminal agendas led by those such as Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, George Soros, the WHO, etc.

Agendas that pose the biggest threat the world has ever witnessed to the freedom, health and future of Humanity, Nature and the Earth.

The peaceful protesters standing side-by-side in Berlin echo our own voices:

We say:

“NO” to a Global Surveillance State

“NO” to Bio Security Agenda

“NO” to Enforced and Mandatory Vaccinations

“NO” to Biometric Facial Recognition

“NO” to Digital Currency

“NO” to a Social Credit System

“NO” to technology created and used as Weapons for Control and Mass Destruction

“NO” to Orchestrated Obedience

“NO” to Digital Passports

“NO” to Wave-Field Weaponry

“NO” to Elon Musk’s SpaceX — “NO” to hundreds of thousands of Satellites in Space nuking every square inch of life on this beautiful planet

“NO” to the Deep State

“NO” to the Committee of 300

“NO” to the Trilateral Commission

“NO” to a New World Order

“NO” to a Politico-Media Complex

“NO” to a Military–Industrial Complex

“NO” to False Flag Operations

“NO” to Plutocracy

“NO” to Chipping

“NO” to 5G/6G/7G or any other ‘G’ and to being herded into Smart Cities

“NO” to Ecocide

“NO” to Geoengineering

“NO” to any form of governance operating from a Love of Power and Power-Over Directive.

The only way to stop this inhumanity is for Humanity to say “NO” en-masse — and “Y E S” to the implementation of Global Stewardship founded on the POWER OF LOVE.


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