Ancestral Legacy – ‘The Great Clearing’

We are the ones on the ‘frontline’ of the ‘Family Story’ who are redressing not only our own historical wounding and karma but that too of the generations who have gone and the generations to come – across multitudes of timelines.

We are the ones who are consciously aware that each individual carries the experiences of the suffering of their ancestors in their own genetic DNA.

As awakened incarnate souls, we are the ones who are equipped with the task of clearing, healing and closing these timelines; understanding that it is part of our soul mission to ensure that an evolutionary line is drawn in the sand – that “It Ends Here.”

To have taken on such a role requires great courage for it is no easy feat to have done so, especially given the added task of assisting in the clearing and healing of the Collective Timelines. So, this Path can feel immensely challenging and arduous.

Yet in these auspicious times, humanity stands in the Light of unprecedented promise for its ultimate healing and inspired transformation.

As we diligently and faithfully clear the residues of past, present, future, ancestral, karmic and genetic influences of ’suffering’, we not only liberate ourselves from our own but by default heal and dissolve generational stories, themes and patterns and so are released from our pivotal role as the ‘family torch bearer’.

We come to discover a new spiritual mission that is still in Service to the world and are inspired by a new and empowering sense of soul purpose as high-frequency-high-vibrational co-creators of a higher-consciousness reality and ultimately thriving and harmonious world.

We leave a transcendent blueprint to future generations who will, quite literally, grace this world; whose individual and collective soul mission will be to build upon our legacy and co-evolve a world in which Grace is to be found at its very Heart and Consciousness forms its very Foundation.

As a result of the ‘Great Clearing’ that many of us are so ardently engaged in, the ‘new’ post-generational mantra will no longer be “It Ends Here” but instead will BE: “By the Grace of my ancestors go I, and the World.”

We are those “ancestors” and the legacy we leave by ensuring “It Ends Here” will be our lasting Gift – not only for future generational lineages but also for an emerging, auspicious and entirely unique new Timeline of the World.


Nicolya ♥♥

How do we heal and clear the Timelines? Please register your interest in a forthcoming Webinar with Nicolya to explore this very subject.


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