‘AGENT’ C-19 & The Internet of Things (IoT) & The Internet of Bodies (IoB) Why We Need to Be Concerned

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C-19 – A SCAM?

I have written this article with the purpose of bringing forth a ‘snapshot’ overview of a growing volume of evidence that points to why we need to be concerned about what is happening behind the scenes on the global political stage and the negating of our human rights and freedoms. The purpose of all that I share is not to incite fear and a sense of disempowerment, but to lead to greater personal awareness and collective empowered action.

Many people are claiming that the “virus” referred to as ‘Covid 19’ is “a scam”. As we express our thoughts, beliefs and perspectives, we need to be clear in regard to what exactly we are saying. With a statement such as “the ‘virus’ is a scam” are we questioning the existence of a C-19 ‘virus’ or are we referring to what is behind it; i.e. an overarching ‘Covid-19 Agenda’? What we now need to deeply consider is if there is a ‘pandemic’ or in fact we are caught up in a ‘Plandemic’. We need to deeply consider the possibility that no real ‘virus’ exists but that there is almost certainly a manmade/laboratory formulated ‘agent’ that acts as a ‘virus’ and has purposely been unleashed in the world: A ‘virus’ that equates to a global ‘assault’ in terms of the threat it poses to the physical health of those most at risk, and, equal to this, the threat an overarching ‘C-19 Agenda’ poses to life as we have known it.


As more and more evidence comes to light, it is increasingly apparent that a ‘C-19 Agenda’ exists and in that amounts to a crime against humanity; not only in regard to the physical threat it poses but the extreme and unnecessary conditions now being enforced in its name; conditions that barely scratch the surface of what lurks beneath in the shadows. Evidence is increasingly pointing to a ‘virus’ that is enabling the implementation of a behind-the-scenes pre-planned agenda. The ’scam’ that many are calling C-19 IS real, as is the ‘alien agent’ randomly physically afflicting and threatening a small percentage of people by comparison to the masses, the latter of whom, have, thus far, remained ‘uninfected’, ‘asymptomatic’, or recovered in the short term at least.

As I wrote in a blog back in May of this year:

The perpetrators of the “Covid-19” scenario and all related agendas surrounding it need to be held accountable. Never again can humanity allow the corrupt few to have such ‘power over’, for this is now bringing the human race to its knees – and decimating the Natural World. It has to stop and we the people – humanity en masse – can and must ensure that it does. Only the Power of Love can overcome the love of power. We can overcome, but to do so we need to join together, stand our ground, and refuse to bargain for our freedom. We must stand strong, otherwise all that has been ‘life’ as we have known it in terms of freedom of speech, freedom to roam, freedom of choice, and freedom of control over our own bodies etc will be lost. The ball is in OUR court – if maligned and perilous agendas are established it will ultimately be due to humanity acquiescing. Yet if we fail to comply, to enable, to support, to stay silent, then deleterious agendas cannot be imposed. We are the many, and therefore it is we who have the final say.

Covid-19 Tests

C-19 tests are dubious to say the least and are to be avoided, especially the long stick/deep into the back of the nasal cavity swab test.

So, continuing with the question of ‘pandemic or Plandemic’, one line of research indicates that C-19 test kits were being purchased worldwide back in 2017 –


Saliva tests have proven to be as accurate as any so-called C-19 test; a fact verified in the larger medical-science community – https://www.thenationalnews.com/uae/health/dubai-rolls-out-covid-19-spit-test-for-children-to-avoid-need-for-pcr-nasal-swabs-1.1115619.

So, why are these not the no1 option for testing?

The C-19 tests are unable to accurately assess if one has the ‘virus’ or not … triple testing of the same patient has proven this fact again and again … testing one individual three times in the same sitting regularly presents different results.

The following is from a post that was put out on social media by a Facebook friend and is shared here with his permission – https://www.facebook.com/alan.star.5/videos/3486844951432171

I’ve just been served a notice, and a threat, directing me to either get tested within the next 24hrs (after having refused the test so far) or otherwise ‘reasonable force’ may be used against me (to do the penetrative nasal test I imagine) as well as up to a $20,000 fine. Long story short, I was granted entry into WA on the understanding I wouldn’t be required to home quarantine or test, then received an email direction that I had to do both once I had already crossed the border. Was displaying no symptoms on entry and am still healthy and displaying no symptoms 12 days later, agreed to the home quarantine as a compromise but now being ordered to take the PCR test despite the fact I’m showing no symptoms. If they use ‘reasonable force’ to penetrate my body with something, couldn’t that be classified as ‘penetration without consent’ if I don’t agree to it? If they forcibly hold me down and come into contact with me (and rape me), wouldn’t they then all need to do home quarantine and get tested as well, which I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t? 23 hrs to decide anyway, I’m suss on why they are doing a deep nasal test, why not just take a saliva sample, what are they really putting up into our sinuses?

Experiences like Alan’s are occurring all over the world. Are we to be forced to take the tests? Against our will? Without our unreserved consent? And again, one has to ask WHY?

The following day Alan decided to examine the implements of the test the authorities wanted to administer, and after establishing for himself that it was the throat and nostril swab – not the long stick/deep into the back of the nasal cavity invasive C-19 swab test that risks breaking the blood-brain barrier, and upon closely examining the swab and determining as far as he could tell that it was a pure cotton swab, he took the test, (even though he was not displaying any symptoms at the time or at any other point), due to factors that included wishing to be present for his 82-year-old mother rather than being kept in isolated lockdown (a further 10 days, or longer) or potentially subjected to ‘reasonable force’ to have the test and/or receive a very large fine.

Yet it did not have to come to this for his right to choose should have been paramount given his willingness to remain in quarantine.


Some experts are stating that the ‘virus’ is not recognised by human DNA (because it is manmade), which may point to why we are unable to build up herd immunity. How can quarantining be an appropriate response when in order to gain ‘herd immunity’ we need to be exposed to a (natural) virus? Socially distancing for weeks on end only serves to create ‘virgin territory’ for the ‘virus’ (which remains in the field) to re-infect en masse once people are brought out of a ‘lockdown’.

Let us consider some obvious anomalies:

a. The ‘agent’ is not/barely recognised by the human immune system – everything that comes from the Biosphere ultimately is.

b. Personal immunity does not automatically occur once a person has contracted C-19, so they can be ‘re-infected’ again and again.

c. Sweden has recently shown that after many months of adopting contrary measures in terms of those taken by the rest of the world, no natural ‘herd immunity’ has occurred in regard to C-19.

All three scenarios point to C-19 not being a ‘virus’ but an ‘assault’ – Why? Because it was almost certainly created in a laboratory. And the facts as they unfold speak for themselves in terms of the unprecedented extremes being imposed on the global population in the wake of the above three points.

Ancestrally, and therefore genetically, the vast majority of humans have been exposed to previous coronaviruses and so the human immune system may have some remote recognition of the ‘corona’ aspect to C-19, which could make sense of why some people experience no symptoms at all, or mild, whereas others become seriously ill, or are unable to overcome it. In some cases research on T-Cells offers a degree of hope for the bewildered immune system, however these too might ultimately prove to work against it: www.nytimes.com/2020/08/06/health/coronavirus-immune-cells.html

The current C-19 vaccine scenario is also one of extreme concern. Outspoken UK ex Cllr. Brian Silvester asks: “Are they really telling us that all 7,800,000,000 people in the world need to be vaccinated for a ‘virus’ that does NOT kill 99.9% of us?? That would be totally ridiculous. Reactions to the vaccines would kill more than the ‘virus’. What is the real reason they want us all injected?

To put things further into perspective, let us now consider the search for a vaccine for AIDS/HIV:

Forty years following the outbreak of AIDS/HIV in 1981 and still there is no preventative/curative vaccine for the disease. The condition itself is categorised as a “Pandemic”.

– In 2018, it was calculated that since 1981 over half a trillion dollars has been spent on developing a vaccine – http://www.healthdata.org/news-release/first-long-term-study-finds-half-trillion-dollars-spent-hivaids.

– In 2019, 38 million people were living with HIV, with 1.7 million of them newly infected.

– Since 2010, there has been a 72% increase in new infections in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, a 22% increase in the Middle East and North Africa, and a 21% increase in Latin America.

– In 2019, there were 690,000 AIDS related deaths and 25.4 million people living with the disease.

– Since the beginning of the AIDS/HIV pandemic, 75.7 million have become infected and 43.8 million people have died of AIDS-related illnesses.

So, four decades of ongoing research to create an effective vaccine and the statistics continue to rise. (There have been dips in figures but these are not sustained).


The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention state that the majority of people have more than a 97% chance of surviving COVID-19 and that for those aged seventy and under, the survival rate of infection is 99.5% to 99.9%. Cambridge Statistician Sir David Spiegelhalter states the following in terms of the chances of contracting ‘C-19’: “Those under the age of 50 are more likely to die in a car crash.”, while Scottish Maths genius Fergus Simpson PhD, compares any affliction to: “The odds of throwing one set of dice and having them all land on six“. So, why the global lockdown?

The question on most people’s lips is how can an effective ‘vaccine’ be rolled out within a matter of months when ordinarily an average of two decades of human trials is required before making a vaccine public? The Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act of 2005 provides Covid-19 vaccine producers with immunity from liability, in other words the makers/providers of such will not be legally liable or responsible for any injuries or deaths caused as a result of receiving it. Any individual or body directly or indirectly associated will its creation, manufacture, distribution or administering cannot be sued or prosecuted.

C-19 statistics for infection and deaths have no basis in reality and are wildly inaccurate unequivocally evident in the majority ‘false-positive’ results; there is no accurate test for a C-19. In March 2020, an 80% false-positive rate was reported in China. https://nicolyachristi.love/question-everything/

The late Nobel Laureate Kary Mullis, inventor of the PCR test that is being used for testing Covid-19, stated that it was only to be used for research and not for medical diagnosis as it was not created to detect infectious diseases.

Most C-19-associated deaths are in actuality due to other unrelated/underlying causes and yet ‘Covid-19 is purposefully registered and recorded as cause of death to support the overall Plandemic agenda. To gain more perspective on this, a dog, tiger, gorilla, goat, sheep, parrot, papaya, carrot and leaf all tested positive for C-19.


When we scratch the surface of the C-19 mainstream narrative we can see that the ‘agent’ (“virus”) people are referring to as “C-19” does cause symptoms that some people HAVE experienced … and (tragically) died from … or suffered from acutely, or mildly, and from which they have (thankfully) recovered. This fact is borne out by the reports of ‘ordinary people’ on the ground as it were, or hospital employees/consultants, one of whom is the partner of a personal acquaintance who works as a leading consultant at St Thomas’s Hospital in London UK. The acquaintance shared that her husband confirmed that the hospital has been dealing with “a new, unknown, never before encountered, respiratory illness clearly evident in X Rays of afflicted patient’s lungs”. He also told her that “when a selection of lung X Rays are placed side-by-side, an unusual and marked difference can be seen between them yet all have one thing in common – concrete like sections spread across the lungs”.

The fact that there are some who have experienced ‘agent C-19’ symptoms, which has claimed a small percentage of lives by comparison to an eight billion global populous, is the ‘hook’ that those behind the Plandemic have thrown out in order to present evidence of a real physical threat – enough ‘proof’ to feed and fuel the media and garner the support of a fearful public who will then readily comply believing that doing so will keep them safe and protected and thus able to return to their everyday lives. Others who may go some way to questioning the bigger picture may ultimately conform if they believe this is the only way to reclaim their lives and livelihoods. And then there are a growing number who will refuse tests and vaccines at any cost, those who continue to research and question just what in the name of Covid-19 is being done to the world; those who are looking at the overall situation and asking why and for what ultimate purpose; those who realise that the economic havoc being wreaked by the C-19 situation is enabling the top of the pyramid, in terms of a ‘global elite’, to ride in like ‘knights in shining armour’ to ‘save the world’ – only brandishing dubious tests and rudimentary, dangerous and untrialled vaccines along with public declarations of a “great global economic reset” (“The Great/Grand Reset”) – https://mises.org/wire/lockdowns-great-reset. And it goes further …

From my own perspective, (and I am no specialist but choose to move through life with my ears close to the ground and my eyes wide open, along with a commitment to becoming as fully informed as I can), there IS an ‘agent’ randomly afflicting a microcosm of the population by comparison to the macrocosm. And, let us remind ourselves once more that the C-19 figures cited are the result of proven inaccurate tests renowned for producing false-positive readings. Therefore, the statistics are inaccurate to the point of absurd – the numbers cannot be trusted.

However, some mainstream media are now beginning to ask the right questions in regard to the highly debatable case numbers being recorded and subsequent drastic overarching conditions imposed.


C-19 is almost certainly not a purely organically occurring ‘virus’ and instead is almost certainly a hybrid ‘agent’ that is active in the field of the global population and creating wholesale devastation in its wake as the people of the world are masked up and locked down.

If we look at the statistics for example, of Swine Flu (2009), we can see that it was responsible for up to 575,400 deaths: Hong Kong Flu (1968-1970), for 1.4 million deaths: Asian Flu (1957-1958), for 1.4 million deaths: Typhus (1918-1922), for 2.5 million deaths: Spanish Flu (1918), for 50 million deaths … and so it goes on – (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_epidemics). Yet, such organically induced ‘pandemic’ curves are a natural phenomenon of the infinitely intelligent Biosphere itself, within which multiple ecosystems exist; all living elements; including humans, animals, insects, plants, microbes, etc., and to which the infinitely intelligent ecosystem that is the physical body responds, for better or worse, and eventually overcomes, as history will attest. (In this context given the subject matter of this article I speak only of naturally occurring pandemics and viruses).

Had we the technology back then that we have now to create vaccines that are proven to be effective and safe in both the short and long term, then mortality figures of earlier pandemics may well have been significantly lower. But we did not … and therefore Nature had to run its course … and in so doing has proved again and again that the human immune system can and will ultimately and successfully respond, even though many may pass before the human body develops immunity to a genuine pandemic.

And yet despite all these directly-related pandemic mortality statistics, no lockdowns ever occurred and the world recovered. So, given this is the historical reality of real pandemics, then why such extremes for the C-19 phenomenon when the human eco-system has proven over and over that it can overcome naturally occurring viruses, along with those that are not, when the immune system is super-strong and healthy, the heart at peace, and the mind positive. This is where the copious funds being poured into finding a C-19 vaccine would be far better spent on establishing already proven and effective remedial solutions for C-19. Instead of funding the production of dangerous vaccines, why not instead support worldwide immune system support and the equipping of every person and home with ‘C-19 kits’ that contain safe and proven protocols for those who may succumb.

Imagine what could be put into place if the copious funds being thrown into finding a ‘C-19’ vaccine were instead made available for access to tried and tested (over multiple years) and safe medication along with natural and organic immune boosting and system strengthening protocols readily available in our homes, the GP surgery, or our local hospital. Then we could get back on with our lives, save our businesses, income sources, our mental health, and our God-given right to social freedom and freedom to roam the world. So why has this most obvious and intelligent solution not been established?


As a wealth of counter-C-19 evidence continues to emerge it becomes more and more likely that C-19 is not a naturally occurring evolutionary ‘organic curve’ emerging from the Biosphere but a pre-planned laboratory created ‘agent’ with a specific agenda. However, the human body is THE most superior Intelligence and given enough non-vaccine/non-hazardous and safe pharmaceutical and naturally occurring organic support, will find a way to eradicate an alien imposter such as ‘C-19’.

In terms of remedying the physical aspects of C-19, one specific protocol has proven highly effective – a “triple therapy” of zinc, low-dose hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and azithromycin, which in numerous clinical trials has been shown to prevent large numbers of hospitalisations and deaths as well as evidentially support accelerated recovery. It has also shown that extreme ‘Covid 19’ symptoms can be reversed if administered in time.


If we look at the so-called C-19 ‘virus’ as a mere symptom of the overall ‘Plandemic’ then we will recognise that once we have got the physical symptoms under control, we will need to treat the cause – an elitist few with a dark agenda. Agreeing or acquiescing to be injected with an untrialled noxious cocktail of covert, harmful and deleterious substances will, at the very least, ultimately prove devastating not only to our health and quite possibly lifespan, but to life as we know it. Sayer Ji at ‘Green Med Info’ (https://www.greenmedinfo.com) states the following:

What happens when you are not allowed to work, worship, play, or even acquire essential services without receiving tests and vaccines related to “COVID”? While voluntary, at this stage, global societies will be increasingly divided into two major camps: those who will submit to a new, highly invasive, bio-security and bio-governance system, driven by AI/transhumanistic agendas, and those who double-down in their faith in the healing power of their bodies, nature, community, and staying at a higher vibration, spiritually.

So, how to appropriately respond in the face of C-19?









A friend recently shared that the daughter of one of her friends had “got C-19 and had been put on breathing apparatus by her GP.” The friend immediately informed the mother to administer specific doses of oxygen drops every few hours for the following days. Immediately, the girl could breathe easier than when on the breathing apparatus and went on to make a full (and fast) recovery.

We do not need to wait for the powers-that-be to consider the idea of providing remedial ‘C-19 kits’ for use in our homes. Boosting and strengthening our immune systems along with the nutrient levels within our bodies is something we can all engage with ourselves. Staying informed but positive will go a long way to help to ‘protect’ us from the bio-assault of ‘C-19’. The reality is that everything that happens is part of a bigger PLAN in terms of SPIRIT, and the C-19 phenomenon is the most powerful Wake-Up Call of our times – https://nicolyachristi.love/the-saturn-pluto-conjunction-january-12-2020/.

We must stand our ground and equip ourselves with enough accurate information and insist on proven non-vaccine treatments e.g. the ‘triple therapy’ approach as stated above, which even though is a two-parts pharmaceutical protocol is far less threatening to our short- and long-term health as there is no associated ‘agenda’ involved’ and it carries no risk of taking away of our freedom and human rights.

Trying to research the other side of the story i.e. the counter-C-19 narrative, is like looking for a needle in a haystack these days when using an online search engine. The Net is continually being trawled for ‘counter-information’ by ‘anti-freedom of speech’ minesweepers (so-called ‘fact checkers’) to the point where formally proliferative counter-narrative evidence to substantiate or prove our concerns and/or claims has been all but erased by comparison to what was accessible at the start of the year (and for as long as the Internet has existed). Many of the links in this article had to be sourced from non-search engine sources after venturing down many rabbit holes.


Christmas is around the corner and people are generally accepting that for all intents and purposes “Christmas is mostly cancelled” this year. This is yet another low blow on the parts of an elite global authority who believe that by imposing measures such as cancelling or restricting global celebratory calendar events, annual holidays, leisure proclivities, livelihoods, freedom to roam, creative expression, social activities, social interactions, physical connections, in-person studying and meetings, entertainment, family gatherings, etc, will have people will flock to receive a vaccine we are told will re-establish our lives.

Recently, I read about a C-19 ‘vaccine’ in the throes of being developed that could cause sterility in up to 97% of women – this may or may not be true but the idea is not as far-fetched as it sounds when we consider all that is falling under the spotlight in regard to behind-the-scenes global-elitist plans where ‘depopulation’ is high on the agenda.


A banned video accessible via a Dropbox link puts forward what it deems to be actual evidence of a C-19 vaccine being developed that involved DNA modification with ingredients that include lung and kidney cells from aborted and cloned foetuses. It goes onto convey how the creators of the vaccine are urgently seeking an artificial software tool to process the expected high volume of Covid 19 Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs).


In response, Dr Michael Head, a Senior Research Fellow in Global Health at the University of Southampton, denied the statements in a communication with Reuters but went on to confirm that: “Some vaccines, including some of the COVID-19 vaccines, are using cell strains that came from two foetuses that were aborted in the 1960s.” Reuters concluded the communication with: “Foetal cell lines are used to develop vaccines, including COVID-19 vaccines” and negated the moral issue of such a practice by concluding: “but the vaccine goes through a purification process before delivery and these cells do not form a component of the vaccine.”


The very fact that cells from aborted foetuses play any role in the development of a vaccine is not only morally degenerate but anti-Nature, anti-Life, and the practice of *Eugenics – (*developed largely by Sir Francis Galton as a method of improving the human race, eugenics was increasingly discredited as unscientific and racially biased during the 20th century, especially after the adoption of its doctrines by the Nazis in order to justify their treatment of Jews, disabled people, and other minority groups – Oxford Dictionaries) – David Matthews, a scientist at the University of Bristol, stated that the development of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine did involve the HEK 293 cell line, which was grown from a kidney derived from an aborted foetus. The cell line has been widely used in biological and medical inquiry.

It is already public knowledge that cells from dogs, monkeys, pigs, cows and chickens form part of Flu vaccine along with mercury and aluminium salts (both ingredients linked to memory loss/dementia), the disinfectant Thimerosal, and proven cancer causing agent ‘Formaldehyde’ – a colourless, pungent-smelling gas used to make building materials, household products, pressed-wood products including plywood and fibreboard as well as glues, adhesives; permanent-press fabrics; paper product coatings; and certain insulation materials and certain other chemicals. Why would it need to contain all of these non-organic, non-natural, short- and long-term hazards to health and life-threatening substances? Why not offer free specialised prescriptions of super-immune boosting remedies for those at risk? The answer is ‘Big Pharma’ and its obscene profit-margin agendas.

This conclusion of a scientific study of the effect of vaccines on health conducted by Dr James Weiler and Dr Paul Thomas puts the question and role of vaccines further under the spotlight:

We could detect no widespread negative health effects in the unvaccinated other than the rare but significant vaccine-targeted diagnosis. We can conclude that the unvaccinated children in this practice are not, overall, less healthy than the vaccinated and that indeed the vaccinated children appear to be significantly less healthy than the unvaccinated.

Larger studies using electronic medical records from major medical institutions should be undertaken by research teams with no financial interest in the outcome of the studies (e.g., revenue from vaccination and from treatment of vaccine-related adverse outcomes).

Unintended and nonspecific consequences of vaccination, such as increased risk of chronic health conditions from vaccine exposures, must also be examined to determine if for any vaccine-targeted infection alternative methods of infection-avoidance or effective treatments that reduce disease sequela are available and preferable to vaccination in various circumstances. Our findings are consistent with the concern that vaccination may increase respiratory virus infection risk, clearly a grave concern in the age of COVID-19.



Several C-19 covert ‘leaks’ and whistle-blowers either still working within or having formerly worked in governmental or scientific departments are alerting the public to reasons as to why to be extremely concerned. One hidden source claims that nanoparticles are indicated in C-19 swab tests, especially the one with the long piercing stick that extends deep into the back of the nasal cavity. He also cites that the same nanoparticles are contained within C-19 vaccines. The reason this is of major concern other than the obvious in terms of such entering the human body, is that nanoparticles will enable the connecting of human beings to the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT), most especially the ‘Internet of Bodies’ (IoB) – an extension of the IoT – whereby the human system is connected to the internet via an array of devices that are either consumed, injected or implanted.


Once the human body is ‘online’ i.e. connected to the Network its data can be monitored and read; external information downloaded into it; and it can be remotely controlled. A couple of years ago, when researching the microchipping of humans, I came across an article that stated that a human life could be extinguished via the chip by a remote external source.

The following interview of former FEMA Operative Celeste Solum hosted by David Icke is essential viewing – 11 minutes in and it reveals evidence of the magnetic tagging that is a component/agenda of the C-19 test. The interview offers one of the deepest insights into what appears to be going on in terms of C-19 amounting to just the tip of the iceberg by contrast to the colossal dark mass that lies just beneath the surface of a very murky ocean.

Some of what the interviewee speaks of I personally visioned when in a hypnogogic state in the early hours one morning back in April of this year – where I was shown an apocalyptic vision of the world that will unfold if we as a humanity do not stop what is being put into effect now. I wrote the vision down and will be sharing in due course. For those already aware of my Work you will know that I often experience such visionary phenomena; the details of which are set out in my next mainstream published book (Autumn 2021 Inner Traditions) titled ‘LOVE, GOD & EVERYTHING: Awakening From the Long, Dark Night of the Collective Soul.’

Professor Andrea Matwyshyn of North-eastern University, School of Law divided IoB devices into three generations:

1. Body External: This includes wearable devices such as Fitbits and Apple watches that can monitor the health of an individual. According to IDC, the overall wearables market is expected to grow from 113.2 million shipments in 2017 to 222.3 million in 2021.

2. Body Internal: This includes devices like pacemakers, cochlear implants and digital pills that are placed inside the human body to monitor and control various aspects of health.

3. Body Embedded: This third generation of IoB includes melding of human bodies with external devices to have a real-time connection to a remote machine.

Something that we can be sure of if we allow ourselves to be tested by the long stick/back of the nasal cavity swab test, and, especially, if injected with a C-19 vaccine, is that our health and life will never be the same again.

Only a natural and safe path in terms of both short- and long-term health will enable us to fully reclaim our lives and continue to live in a free world. The only road a C-19 vaccine (and nasal cavity test) will take us down is one that leads to a technocratic artificially intelligent (AI) world; one in which our bodies and thoughts will no longer be our own.

The technology to read our thoughts has already been developed and the potential for nanoparticles to hook us up to the ‘Internet of Things’ and the ‘Internet of Bodies’ cannot be underestimated – this is not fantasy or conspiracy – it is real. This is why we must remain hyper-vigilant to all and any global governance plan; why we must look beneath the surface of what is being presented in terms of statistics and what is being introduced in the “public interest”; why we must read between the lines of global authority rhetoric; and why we MUST resist C-19 tests and vaccines, for not only are these wholly unnatural and therefore dangerous but they are pre-cursors and enablers of an artificially directed and controlled (con-trolled) world – the arrival of that long dark shadow that is Artificial Intelligence as the new foundation for global society – That is Armageddon.


We need to stay connected to ‘facts’ as they become available and verifiable; connected to each other in a supportive and empowered way; connected to our spiritual centre for within that is the deep small voice within, gnosis – to know but not know how we know, we just know; our deep felt-sense, our innate inner-guidance; and we need to stay connected to the ‘new story’ that is waiting to emerge, the story of ‘interbeing’, not the old story of separation that is currently trying to assert itself through this current outplay. Our intention and choice has never been more vital.

It is our role as morally responsible and spiritually connected incarnate beings to question everything that plays out on the world-stage of government directive and narrative, and to pull back the veil of illusion to establish what is really lurking in the shadows.

There is a new Age of Spirituality upon us and it brings with it an uncompromising necessity for conscious and compassionate action that is in Service of co-evolving a people-empowered new Epoch: One that has transcended the old paradigm love of power modus operandi and has instead fully anchored the Divine Foundational Blueprint that is the Power of Love.

This ‘New Conscious Epoch upon us will not appear overnight but the seeds for it are being sown; must continue to be sown, and to do so we must continue to till the soil, to dig up and dig out the weeds that would otherwise strangle the budding rose. There are many souls who have chosen to be in the world at this critical time, who know that their purpose is to usher in a sweeping New Era for humankind; one in which freedom and joy will be its cornerstones – and to this end we must Wake Up and Remember … Who We Really Are … Why We Are Really Here … and Where We Are Really From.

We must remember our ‘roles’ which cover five distinctive arenas of LIFE:

1. Those at the forefront of the conscious evolution movement – the mystical, philosophical, psycho-spiritual, and quantum-scientific voices at the very cutting-edge of the birth of a new paradigm.

2. Those at the forefront of conscious and empowered action – the warrior angels; truth tellers, whistle blowers, warrior and warrioresses, who stand on the frontline wading knee-deep in the alchemical mud of exposé and shadow revelation; those who remain unequivocal in their stance and uncompromising in the quest to bring to light to the world, by revealing in all its unpalatable and incomprehensible detail, the dark underbelly of elitist global governance.

3) Those who are holding the highest vibrational and most spiritually catalytic and supportive energies and frequencies, the healers and meditators, who continually beam visions of a peaceful and unified world; one that is conscious, conscientious, aware and awakened, that loves and lives joy, harmony and understanding – where abundance is the birthright of ALL. These are the ones engaged in the ‘Lost Mode of Prayer’: feeling the feeling of a humanitarian, altruistic and harmonious new world as if it has already happened. (ref: 2012: A Clarion Call).

4) A rarer wave I refer to as ‘Full Spectrum Beings’ who span all three above streams – https://nicolyachristi.love/it-is-time-to-nail-our-colours-to-the-mast-full-spectrum-beings/.

5) Those who are in the process of consciously awakening; and are waking up to the fact that what plays out in the political arena is not as it appears – and that the tip of the iceberg they have had their sights set on is underpinned by a vast cancerous mass that lies just beneath the surface. These are the souls who represent the Collective, and are instrumental in turning around the situation humanity is now facing in terms of all of the above along with all the links included in this article: Souls who are crucial to the outcome; without whom the world-wide awakening will fall short of its objective to fully cross the threshold from an old, outmoded paradigm into a new paradigm full of infinite potential and possibility.

No contribution is more worthy than another. Each ‘arena’ is dependent upon the other in terms of transcending millennia of self-serving governance that (by its actions) seeks to break the Spirit and bend the Will of humankind. Together, all five distinctive yet intricately connected arenas dovetail into the breakthrough moment for humankind and the world and therefore, now, more than ever, we need to support each other; stay connected; remain respectful, and listen with our hearts to any stance that may contradict or call into question our own. Our roles have never been more critical, and Love, Consciousness, Truth and Courage are the North, South, East and West of the metamorphic compass that together we hold in our hands.

Informed = Empowered.

United We Stand – Divided We Fall.

Namaste and LOVE,

Nicolya Christi ♥♥




















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  • I have been following you for years and appreciate all your gifts and knowledge.
    One of your videos has been removed. Yesterday I went back to recover your article on the vaccine and RNA and it was gone!! This was in a comment from Germany. Could you please send that to me, email or repost. So much good info and I need to share it.
    I’m on the preventive side and doing all I ca, with COPD it’s a must. I also just purchased the Healy frequency device from EU. You may want to check it out.
    Much love an blessing beautiful lady.

  • Absolutely resonates with my heart, gnosis, inner truth. I feel grief and joy at once. THANK YOU, thank you, angel of light and love!

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