Spiritual Bypassing

In recent years, the term ‘Spiritual Bypassing’ has been coined, which, in the context of this article, effectively speaks to the ‘spiritually awake’ who disassociate and disconnect from the darker events that play out in the world. When a soul brother-soul sister addresses these darker realities, there can be a tendency on the part of the ‘spiritual bypasser’ to judge or label those individuals as being in some way “less spiritual or evolved”.

Conspiracy Theorists

Another term that now proliferates is that of ‘conspiracy theorist’, attributed to those who offer an alternate perspective or viewpoint from that of the general narrative. It is especially associated with political rhetoric as expressed through the media. In order to avoid the dismissal of contrary information that may expose the other side of the coin to that of accepted mainstream reporting, the material presented needs to be accurate and thoroughly researched. Accurately informed empowersMisinformed disempowers.

Transmitters/Transformers/Current Holders/Sacred Actioneers

Spirituality is not exclusive: True spirituality embraces all levels of humanity and engages with all levels of society. Those most awakened are able to comprehend that individual contribution to co-creating a more harmonious world can be expressed in a myriad of ways – most especially in these unprecedented times. For example; there are ‘transmitters’ and ‘meditators’, whose role is to radiate Peace, Love and Light across the world. There are those we might describe as ‘current holders’, who help to hold and maintain high frequencies (current) to assist other awakened souls to fulfil their specific worldly mission. Then there are those we might refer to as ‘sacred actioneers’ and ‘transformers’ who are located at ‘ground zero’, busy wading knee-deep in the muck in order to bring to our attention, expose, and address crimes against Humanity, Nature and the Earth.

Full Spectrum Beings

And then there are the ‘Full Spectrum Beings’, who span all worlds within this earthly domain while carrying the ‘Peace Flame’ and simultaneously wading through alchemical mud in support of the emergence of a proverbial ‘Lotus Aeon’. Part of the specific soul remit of these brave ones is the disassembling and dismantling of malignant global governance agendas, and therefore they are not to be (mis)judged as ‘lower’ or ‘less than’. On the contrary, they are to be recognised and appreciated for who they are and why they are here on the planet at this time.

Full Spectrum Beings will disassociate from any specific spiritual ‘labelling’ or ‘identity’ for they understand just why they are here and who they are. They are clear on their soulular mission, which is to help bring about an end to the dysfunctional ways of an outmoded old paradigm, and assist in the co-evolving of a new conscious world in which peace and harmony reign.

For those ‘Full Spectrum Beings’ who are experiencing ostracisation and/or being judged by the ‘spiritual’/’alternative’ community, it is time to nail our colours to the mast. Anyone who is sufficiently spiritually awakened will recognise that it is possible to traverse the densest and darkest of vibrations and realities that exist in our world, while, at the same time, transmit the highest-dimensional frequencies for the higher good of all. These Beings have a unique ability to span all vibrational levels from the Lightest to those that are most dark: Something they are able to do because of a highly developed state of awakening which enables them to move between third and fifth-dimensional terrains as effortlessly as breathing.

We Are All Equal in LOVE & Each of Our Roles is Instrumental

We are all equal in this Great Work, and we each bring our own unique contribution. As a spiritually awakened collective, we have a unified mission to once and for all supersede power over rulership, the type of which now threatens our human rights, freedom, and even our survival as a species, and establish a Conscious New Era in which ALL Life can thrive: One that upholds and honours the rights of all and celebrates Autonomy and Sovereignty, and Love, Truth and Freedom above all else: A new harmonious Epoch built upon an unbreakable foundation – the Power of Love.

A New Lotus Aeon

As a symbol, the Lotus flower epitomises conscious evolution because its roots are to be found in the muddiest of waters out of which the Lotus rises towards the Sun. When gazing upon its purity and perfection, we can aspire towards the same. Enlightenment is one of the key teachings of the Lotus, which it is said to mirror. Our true and innate quality of soul is reflected back to us, as is our ability as both individuals and a collective to rise from the murky waters of our historical past. In doing so, we embody the transcendent reality of who we really are in our most exquisite expression and most profoundly transformed.

We are each here to accomplish our soul’s higher purpose in terms of our contribution to transforming the world. Yet, this will not be attained if precious energy and time are wasted judging other way-showers to be somewhat ‘less spiritual or evolved’ simply because they question and expose the dark underbelly of shadow global governance. To be informed is to be empowered, and therefore we need to know just what is really going on in the world and respond accordingly and mindfully.

We are in a crucial window of time where the exposure of maligned political agendas is critical to the freedom and survival of all lifeforms. The agendas that seek to harm and/or enslave are finally coming under the spotlight of public scrutiny, courtesy of some of the Full Spectrum Beings spiritually assigned to the task of ensuring that the old paradigm crumbles, giving way to a sweeping new humanitarian Era that prioritises peace for ALL.

Not ‘Either/Or’ but ‘Both/And’

To recognise and understand the workings of the shadow agendas that play out in the ‘old world’, and to consciously and compassionately respond in these times of greatest uncertainty yet extraordinary opportunity, requires humanity to enter the eye of the storm. Responding from the heart and soul, as necessary, is not to be judged as spiritually unconscious but comprehended as precisely the opposite.

The world is changing and if it is to evolve or devolve, regenerate or degenerate, it will be by our own hands – because we are the empowered majority, not the power-over minority who currently hold sway. The fact remains that if we do not act consciously, and fast, the world will never be the same again. Are we to allow the denial of our human rights and the rights of the Natural World? The loss of our fundamental right to live freely and to feel ALIVE? Are we merely to exist as non-entities and barely survive? The choice is ours and the outcome dependent upon our ability to stand together strong, and hold true to Love: By doing so, we co-support, co-create and co-evolve a new global Aeon founded on Empowered Love.

Together with the Full Spectrum Beings, we can fulfil our collective soul task, which we each volunteered for before incarnating at this critical point on the human Timeline. This is why we are here, now, at this defining moment, when the world most needs us. The consequences of our visionary actions along with our capacity to consciously comprehend, or, conversely, our failure to act or fully understand just who we must BE and what we must do, will reverberate for millennia to come.

Unity in Diversity will support us to fulfil our soul’s higher plan.

May we honour and respect our own unique Calling and the inspired Call of each other.

And, may we acknowledge the Full Spectrum Beings among us for who they really are and the vital role they are here to fulfil.

Time is of the Essence – for we are now in a race against time to literally save the world.


Nicolya ♥♥

May 24, 2020 –
Black Forest – s Germany

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  • I can only cheer at the full spectrum of being and speaking your truth, our truth.
    I will be looking out for a flag to be placed at my side, for every being to be radiated with the full spectrum of me, you, us and all beings that choose love.

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