Unconditional Love

Unconditional love means to love unconditionally.

When we consciously choose to respond to the evolutionary impulse to transcend our emotions and instead embody the pure level of feeling that is unconditional love, we will often be confronted by situations and scenarios that will test us. There is no lotus flower without the mud from which it grows.

Compassion is a fundamental pre-requisite for embracing unconditional love. In Latin, ‘compassion’ means ‘to suffer with’. When we are feeling compassion we are immersed in an alchemical process. It enables us to sense what the other may be feeling and to put ourselves in their situation.

When we rise to the call of unconditional love we can experience an extraordinary shift in consciousness. The path to this may include many trials that can facilitate the journey towards and into this state of being, and its promise of liberation.

Unconditional love dissolves all that exists in the space between ourselves and another, no matter what is presented, for this fertile and tangible space is one of heart-to-heart and soul-to-soul communion. Until we arrive at a level of conscious awakening that more permanently positions us in unconditional love, our own unintegrated historical shadow will continue to impact this space.

Our capacity for unconditional love and unconditional loving is fundamental to our core healing and conscious awakening. Conscious evolution propels us towards unconditional love and those who walk this path are beacons of light during the darkest of hours. Cultivating unconditional love also exposes our own unhealed and unintegrated edges; including unconscious agendas, motives, attachments, needs, desires, expectations, and patterns.

Conscious evolution inspires the human soul towards a state of human being that is unconditional love. A primary lesson in how to unconditionally love is to first ensure that in unconditionally loving others, we are not conditionally loving ourselves.

Unconditional love is to love all unconditionally, and this, fundamentally, begins with and includes ourselves.