Unconditional Giving, Receiving and Doing

Unconditional giving and doing is to give and do without expectation of receiving anything in return.

The First Nations Peoples refer to this form of giving as a “giveaway”, where one is invited to give something away that is most precious to them.

Giving something away that we no longer need or want is a not a giveaway, but a throwaway.

We live in a world that measures value by paper, metals and plastic, ie notes, coins and credit cards. The value of presence, love, compassion, empathy, understanding, and our time, is often overlooked and/or unacknowledged. The purer qualities of the human heart are seldom recognised as a valued exchange in the same way as something of a material nature.

When giving to another, let us first be clear of our motives and/or attachments. If any part of our ‘giving’ is offered with conditions then it is not true giving but the fulfilment of an agenda. We need to ask ourselves the following questions when giving or doing: How conditional or unconditional is this act? What are our true motives? Is there an underlying expectation or judgment? In giving to another, might we view them as somehow beholden to us?

Unconditionally giving from our hearts and unconditional giving of our time and our presence have the greatest value of all.

A new paradigm is not oriented towards intellectual achievement that supports material acquisition and possession; nor does it use the intellect to exert dominance and control. Instead, it promotes and prioritises the Intelligence of the Heart – the greatest blessing of All.

Giving and doing, unconditionally, is to embody Unconditional Love and is a wonderful practice for cultivating the state of non-attachment.

The experience of true receiving is to be found in the realisation that in receiving with an open heart we gift the other, because our heart blesses them for their unconditional giving and this is deeply healing for all involved.

When we receive with love (not from a place of shame, guilt or feeling beholden), we experience unity, freedom, gratitude, joy and fulfilment.

As the great peacemaker Gandhi once said: If a thief tries to rob the coat off your back, give it to them for they need it more than you.

When we give from our hearts, Life gives back to us a hundredfold in ways that can be beyond material value.

Unconditional giving, receiving and doing is an act of Grace, an expression of Unconditional Love: It is sacred medicine and can heal us at the cellular level.

It is the language of the Soul made manifest through us.

Unconditionally giving, receiving and doing ensures that we are never poor, but rich beyond measure.