Conscious Co-Operation

Fundamentally, conscious cooperation is about people ‘co-operating’ with each other – in other words people operating together as a constructive force.

It is often seen in action where danger is present or there is an imminent threat to life, at which point people will band together in the humanitarian spirit of all for one and one for all.

What motivates us towards conscious cooperation is an open and compassionate heart.

Human beings have a natural and instinctive compulsion to protect each other, and yet most will never pause to question or seek to understand where their capacity for such altruism comes from.

Conscious cooperation arises from an organic impulse to cooperate with each other for a variety of reasons and situations. It is a heartfelt and/or humanitarian response.

Conscious cooperation is instinctive, creative, and soulful. It can be witnessed for example within the organisation of a local community event, or, perhaps when joining together in response to a national or global disaster.

Conscious cooperation inspires us to unconditionally give of ourselves in loving support of others.

Conscious cooperation is a merging of intent and a fusing of energies in support of any cause or campaign that goes beyond self-gain and self-interest.