What in the Name of Peace is Going On?

The recent headline events to have unfolded in the US reveal a deeper sociological unease emerging in the wider public domain, fueled by an increasing lack of trust and growing suspicion in our governments, political institutions, government aligned media, military and police forces and a flawed global authority system which is revealing itself to be fundamentally corrupt – a system that deceives and attacks the very people it is supposed to protect and serve.

Social media networks and Internet sites abound with conspiracy theories (or facts, as may be the case) of the latest controversial inconsistencies in government/media accounts of so called “terrorist activities/attacks”, or ‘disasters’ and ‘tragedies’ such as the recent occurrences in Boston, West – Texas, Sandy Ridge, Connecticut, 9/11 New York and 7/7 London to name but a few, leading us to ask the question “What in the name of peace is going on?”

We are on the tipping point of waking up to the fact that a dysfunctional global authority system with a covert agenda is an unpalatable reality. An agenda that becomes evermore evident with each “terrorist” or “major community disaster” headline that unfolds. The recent events in the US beg the question just what is really going on?

Humanity continues to unconsciously and unquestionably collude with sanitized government controlled media accounts of such events, because the potential reality of what is really occurring behind the scenes is just too incredulous to believe.

We have traded our humanity and our autonomy for an anonymity that promises ‘safety’ in ignorance. However, we are slowly beginning to wipe the sleep from our eyes to recognize that such a trade off does not alleviate fear, but merely serves to suppress it and distract us from a less than altruistic government agenda

The Great Lie

Humanity is awakening to the fact that it is living under an illusion, that it is the victim of a Great Lie that has been spun by those in positions of great power today. Now, as we seek the truth of what is really going on we find ourselves called to publicly question and challenge those systems and people who weave the web that we are caught in.

We passively accept news coverage of so called ‘terrorist attacks’ and local community ‘tragedies/disasters’ as reported by the majority of colluding mainstream media, failing to recognize that these reports are riddled with flaws, contradictions, inaccuracies and inconsistencies, thus giving rise to a wave of conspiracy theories shared by those who refuse to passively collude.

A Wake Up Call

A wake up call is being heard across the world as a dawning realization slowly comes to awareness that we are supporting a system that continues to fail not only humanity, but also all life forms on Earth and the Earth itself.

It is fear that cautions people not to raise their heads above the parapet because they have little confidence or experience when it comes to empowering themselves in the face of what amounts to nothing less than an overwhelming, self serving and sinister agenda of those in control of our lives and future, both politically and economically.

We are living in unprecedented times that call for unprecedented measures. Never before has there been so much widely circulated evidence to expose the true agendas of those ‘in power’.

People are afraid to raise their voices and to become visible in protest. Instead they repress fear, anger, outrage and disbelief, along with a sense of powerlessness, complaining behind the safety of closed doors and then losing themselves in a consumerist culture cleverly established by those in power to distract and anesthetize the masses.

We are pawns in a carefully constructed culture established by visible governments, faceless multi-national conglomerates and non-visible power brokers with an invested interest in ensuring that their agenda is met, at all costs.

We are conditioned by a system that brainwashes us into believing that conspiracy is the stuff of fantasy and novels, of television and films, and to a certain degree this holds true. However, there is also a strong case for those intelligent conspiracy theories to be taken seriously as warnings and revelations as to what is really going on. We are led to believe that such carefully researched conspiracies belong in the domain of those deemed “sensationalist” or who are labeled “political reactionaries”, thus ensuring that their so called “unbalanced rants” continue to go unheard by the masses.

The time is upon us to deeply examine just what in the name of peace is really going on. To do so may amount to nothing less than our lives being irrevocably turned inside out and upside down, yet we need, we must, extricate ourselves from our passive collusion and wake up to the reality of what will unfold if we continue to bury our heads in the sand.

Human consciousness is evolving to a level that reminds us that violent protest, revolt and uprisings, in order to bring down a globally corrupt system, can and will fail. Gandhi taught us well; “An eye for an eye and the whole world is blind.”

We recognize that we can no longer react, yet must instead rise to the Evolutionary Call of the times that urges us to respond appropriately and speedily.

There have been countless protests and revolutions throughout the centuries. However few, if any, have resulted in lasting peace. We now find ourselves in a time of revelation unlike any other. How do we register our discontent and engage in conscious non-participation in a non-violent manner when going up against the might of established political and economical authorities, both nationally and internationally?

Let us make no mistake. We find ourselves facing what amounts to nothing less than a critical situation. In the name of peace we are called to engage in compassionate action and to publicly challenge a level of world dominance and control on such a scale as to pose a calamitous threat to humanity and the Earth.

Let’s tell it how it is – in the western world, and indeed the world over, nations are rapidly heading towards ‘police-military’ state control by government dictatorship whose sole agenda is to imprison the masses in a system that benefits the elite few, rather than the many.

Deep in our hearts we are aware of the fact that the only protest that will ever prove catalytic and effective for change is a globally unified campaign of non-participation that consciously challenges all and anything that stands as a threat to human rights, the rights of all sentient beings and the rights of the Earth.

We are in the Chaos Window and this is the moment of the rise or fall of humanity. We stand upon the threshold of the greatest opportunity – an opportunity that identifies that ultimately it is we who decide if humanity will rise or fall.

Standing together as a unified force in the name of peace and truth does not constitute or amount to revolution, nor does it label us as revolutionaries. This is the 21st Century with a degree of conscious evolution that marks us out less as revolutionaries and more as evolutionaries, with re-evolution towards a peaceful and sustainable world as a shared vision.

Evolutionaries we are and evolutionaries we must be if we are to literally save the world, not only for ourselves, but also for the generations to follow. Through peaceful, non-violent means we must let our courage be stronger than our fear if we are ever to effectively challenge and positively transform every level of society; political, social, economical and environmental.

The great and good of the past; Gandhi, Martin Luther King, John F Kennedy to name but a few, along with those great inspirations who are still among us; H.H The Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela, Bishop Tutu, Thich Nhat Hanh, Aung San Suu Kyi and many, many more stand with us. These wise souls know that it is only through appropriate and peaceful action en-masse that we can begin to bring an end to all authoritarian regimes that left to their own devices will amount to nothing less than the ultimate take-over of humanity and all life on Earth. Paraphrasing the words of Noam Chomsky from a recent speech, ”Future historians, if there are any, would be searching for answers as to how the wealthiest of humanity at this time ran, not walked, the world into civilizational catastrophe with eyes wide open for what appeared to be the sole interests of their personal profits and gain, not even considering the fate of their own children and grandchildren.”

Evolve or Devolve – The Critical Juncture

Humanity has reached a critical juncture – we must evolve from a ‘for profit’ global consumerist matrix, or we will devolve into oblivion.

What stands between humanity and world peace is that too few of us are aligned and unified in ‘right action’. We must join together in peaceful yet uncompromising protest if we are to avoid a catastrophic outcome on an inconceivable scale that will be felt for millennia to come.

The impact of chemtrails, GMO, fracking, the fluoridation and privatization of water, the ban and criminalization of natural remedies, the pollution and destruction of the Earth regardless of the consequences because of the materialistic agendas of global conglomerates for ever increasing profits, and the imprisonment and marginalization of so many of those who dare to challenge political, economic and social agendas and policies and the reality of the abuse of the rights of humans, animals and the Earth, urge us to make a peaceful stand for a sustainable and beneficial outcome on every level for all of humanity and the Earth.

We need to wake up to the reality of what is really going on in terms of covert agendas and false flag operations, and the fact that the real terrorists are the very people that we are voting into the highest echelons of power along with those who remain unseen who pull the strings behind them. We vote in ignorance and are complacent in our capacity to act responsibly and more fully inform ourselves of the facts and behind the scenes reality before we sign away our rights, along with those of the Earth.

Gandhi revealed a way when he inspired millions across the vast country that was India to unite in peaceful and non-violent protest against the might of the British Empire. Millions of people united in sustained peaceful, non-participation in protest of a corrupt system is the worst fear of those in power.

What We Can Immediately Begin To Do:

  • Resist consumerism.
  • Refuse to buy or eat anything other than organic and non-GMO.
  • Sign petitions to stop chemtrails. Support organizations such as Avaaz.org.
  • Snap out of a (false) sense of security regarding ‘homeland security’.
  • Extricate yourself from the web of delusion that is spun by those who impose and maintain a dysfunctional system to benefit the few, rather than the many.

Inform yourself by researching and reading what are often deemed to be conspiracy theories, yet are more often conspiracy facts. Discernment is important so check and follow associated links and read comments in relation to posts and information wherever you encounter such. Read the same stories from many different and respected sources and perspectives until you are able to distil the most likely truth.

Connect with those in your community of like heart and like mind.

Become involved in causes, campaigns and any activity that resonates with your commitment to support the manifestation of a peaceful and sustainable world. Remember, one seemingly small and independent action when combined with millions of others becomes one giant act by and for the Collective.

Commit to supporting and getting involved with on-line and local ‘better world initiatives’ such as Change.org, Oxfam, Greenpeace, MedMob, Survival International, Occupy, Conscious World Community etc.

Be mindful of your shopping purchases and trace them back to their source. Be interested in just what processes were involved to bring these to your table.

There are infinite actions you can take to begin to empower yourself to no longer participate in a dysfunctional system with a distorted agenda. As Bob Marley sang, “Get up, stand up. Stand up for your rights”. It is time to wake up.

You Choose

Ervin Laszlo wrote:

“It has been said that our generation is the first in history that can decide whether it’s the last in history. We need to add that our generation is also the first in history that can decide whether it will be the first generation of a new phase in history. We have reached a watershed in our social and cultural evolution.”

Until we withdraw from consumerism, materialism and escapism and instead, unify in peace, human by human, village by village, town by town, city by city and nation by nation, we will continue to condemn our lives, the lives of our children and our children’s children to a cancerous future perpetuated by global authoritarian systems that will consume and destroy the very heart of the individual, Nature, humanity and the Earth.

Unified synchronistic peaceful resistance, compassionate action and non participation are the only way forward if we are to save ourselves, humanity and the Earth from the jaws of a global monster that will consume us whole.

Use any and all non-violent means to resist anything that is an affront to personal and world peace. We must stand together, side by side, in peaceful protest and non-participation.

We can no longer leave the legacy of a peaceful world for generations to come to ‘world leaders’. The reality is that our ‘leaders’ have no interest in creating a sustainable and peaceful world.

Gandhi’s lasting legacy and greatest gift to humanity was and is ‘Passive Resistance’. He proved the power of unifying en-masse in peaceful protest.

This is the only way now.

We are almost out of time.

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