Total Solar Eclipse in Pisces on March 9

Here are the notes I have transcribed from what I have metaphysically/psychically ‘received’ about the Total Solar Eclipse in Pisces on March 9 at 1:58 a.m. UT.


  • An ending and new beginning; the concluding of a dysfunctional old emotional story into a healthy new one; a letting go of what was and has been into what needs to/can be; A revisiting of the past, in terms of relationships, traumas, sad memories and experiences in order to finally heal, resolve, come to terms with and release these and so make way for the New; An emotional turning point; A divinely timed opportunity for a new felt-sense relationship with Self; An emotional ‘flatlining’ (may literally feel emotionally flattened or flat) for an immediate and necessary “emotions to feeling” reboot; An auspicious chance for a conscious completion of a grand emotional/healing cycle.

An Awakening Communication Field of:-

  • Transparency; Open, honest and compassionate sharing from the heart; A recombobulation within the solar plexus chakra of the inner-fire as it draws in, before exponentially expanding for a deeper energetic anchoring of the felt-sense.

The Downloading of:-

  • A new set of activation codes for the awakening of primary yet dormant higher-octave intuitive/psychic/metaphysical templates.

The Catalysing of:-

  • Cellular activation of ‘Source Level Mitochondria Intelligence’ to receive Source Intelligence/Love/Light in order to break down the cellular/mitochondria ‘old story’ and deeply spiritually nourish and transform these cells into Source Energy transmitters – thus transforming the entire system from varying degrees of density into a greater incarnate source of Source Love/Light. To re-inform/reboot body/feelings/mind at a cellular level, influenced and infused by Higher Love (Neptunian-Pisces Eclipse imperative).

The Releasing of:-

  • Sacrifice; Victimhood; Suffering; Self-Care-Other Care Imbalance; Religious Myth or False Ideology; Emotional Reaction; Mental Override; Disconnection; Illusion (including ‘glamour’ orientated attachment); Duality and Separation; Escapism (sensory assaults/addictions/attachments).

The Conscious Embodying of:-

  • Source Love; Compassion; Sensitivity; Empathy; Gentleness; Humility; Artistry; Creativity; The Inner Mystic; The Great Mystery; The Higher Self; Fifth-Dimensional (Higher) Consciousness; Surrender (let go, let God/Source); A New ‘Romantic’ Love Template -a Neptunian Higher Octave Love – (reference the chapter ‘A Higher Love’ in my book CSEW); The inclusion and honouring of Emotional Intelligence as being equal to and as celebrated as the intellectual and academic mind.

Miscellaneous Intuits:-

  • A new level of spiritual awakening … a new creative impulse. A shift from 3D/personality level emotional reaction to a 5D harmony imperative feeling response. The balancing of the felt sense with the mental aspect of mind in equal proportion. Hemispheric equilibrium – balancing the use of the left brain in equal part to the use of the right brain. An initiation into a new Neptunian era of primary compassionate and unconditional love response. The healing of the wound of separation (reaction) along with an impulse to fulfil the role of the felt-sense (response) which is to lead ourselves and others into ‘Awakened Collective Oceanic Oneness Consciousness’. From mentally induced disconnection to a felt-sense connection with All That Is. The experiencing and embodying of a Higher Love & Sexuality infused and influenced by a Higher Self/Source reality. *(reference my book CSEW for an in-depth exploration). The ushering in of a new era of collective compassionate awareness and empathic communication. Listening and speaking from the heart. The rainbow bridge which takes out of the old Piscean Age into the New Age of Aquarius. An initiation into the full ‘remit’ of transiting Neptune in Pisces for the individual and the Collective. *(reference previous articles which explore this). Acknowledging, validating and celebrating the Artist You Are – The Sacred and Holy Being of Pure Love and Light that You Are – Embracing and externalising the Mystic You Are, and consciously remembering (Pisces = Water = Memory) and aligning more fully with the Great Mystery that You Are, We Are and Where We Are From – HOME.

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