Gestating in the Womb of 2013: Two Incarnational Realities

…So, where are we?

I can only express what I myself sense, gnosis and experience, the wisdom that arises from my Higher Self and the guidance that streams through me via ‘The Luminous Ones’, who journey with me on the Path in this life that I have chosen.

As I was meditating on my gnosis and the understanding that accompanied the ‘push’ to write this, my first piece pertaining to 21.12.12 since that date, the term that instantly flashed into my awareness was “2013: The Womb of Gestation”. This was followed immediately by the term “Two Incarnational Realities”.

Back in January of this year, I had written about “trimesters” as marking out the equinoxes and solstices from December 2012 to September 2013. Since then, for the main part, I had entirely let go of this awareness, that is until a couple of weeks ago when these ‘segments of time’ began once more to flood my consciousness, obviously in preparation for this Equinox sharing.

My sense of where the energetic and super-conscious orientation of light-workers and awakened/awakening ones has been during these past nine months is one of having been immersed in a necessary preparatory experience of gestating in the womb of 2013. As I feel more into this unique process, what follows swiftly in my awareness is an understanding that we have been experiencing two incarnational realities which have offered us a rare opportunity to re-trace the incarnational fault-line all the way back, not only to incarnation into the world, but equally as importantly, incarnation into the womb.

At first, I sensed that this “gestating in the Womb of 2013” was specifically a preparatory experience for birthing into the New Epoch we entered into on 21.12.12. However, the deeper I felt into my gnosis the more I came to understand that there is a fundamental experience that must first take place within the individual and Collective psyche before our actual energetic birth and arrival into this new era. This being the imprinting of a new incarnational experience from Spirit into the womb.

The process of incarnating is often referred to as the source of the ‘original wound’- the wound of separation – which is the origin of duality consciousness – a deep and unhealed psycho-spiritual trauma often perceived as ‘separation from Source’. (In reality there is no separation from Source, only separation from Self). The physical womb experience of most was less than ideal and, even if this was a blessed one, the soul still holds a memory of descension from higher frequencies into the lower frequency of the human body. This itself is a shock which registers within the cellular level of physical experience as a womb wounding. It stands to reason that the more traumatic the physical womb experience, the deeper the layers of trauma registered in the physical body.

Dissolving and clearing the layers of trauma that impact the psyche as a result of incarnation from Spirit into a physical womb compels us, consciously or unconsciously, to recreate our history in order to do now what we could not do back then. Few are consciously developed to the degree to which they can attract an experience of doing such in circumstances which symbolically present the ideal recreation in order to re-trace the fault line back to the wound of incarnation from Spirit to womb and heal it. However, all who are psycho-spiritually (psychologically and spiritually) awakened and awakening, are gifted the opportunity to heal this core womb trauma by way of the post 21.12.12 energetic phenomena of gestating in the Womb of 2013. The individual and collective psyche of awakened ones and light-workers has been gestating in the womb of 2013, preparing for birth into this new epoch with a new consciousness since the December 2012 Solstice. The time for birthing is Now.

The significance of this September Equinox is all important, for this is the moment of energetic and physical birthing into the new paradigm. Since 21.12.12 the frequencies of the Earth have been energetically aligning and upgrading with a continual stream of ongoing downloads of beneficent and conducive energies helping prepare the way for the global new consciousness awakening taking place from today’s September Equinox.

Since December 21.12.12, many of us may have experienced ourselves as being in limbo, somehow ‘out of time’ and ‘out of sync’ with our lives and with the cultural norm. The 2013 Womb has afforded the psyche an instrumental period of re-orientation which has ensured the necessary conditions that have been needed to move in and out of past and present, old and new, space and time. This has allowed for a dissolution of duality consciousness and the full aligning of the Self and the psyche to unity consciousness – no longer as an ideal concept or a semi-embodied state. It has facilitated the felt sense level to more fully entrain with this fundamental foundation stone (unity consciousness) of the new epoch.

This healing of womb trauma origin that we have been engaged in for the past nine months has permeated the deepest levels within the psyche. It has imprinted the cellular level of our entire being with a level of consciousness that can only arise when duality conditioning programs have given way to an unconditional expression of unity consciousness anchored within us at a deeply felt level. Unity consciousness can only become a fully embodied expression when all wounds of separation, perceived or otherwise, are healed within ourselves.

Today’s Equinox is a birth-day – birth into the new paradigm. No matter how this new world appears to our physical eyes and our physical reality, and no matter how dysfunctional or distorted we may perceive it to be, it cannot rob us of the fundamental and transformative experience of the 2013 Womb, which has nourished, resourced, regenerated and realigned us with our core essence, our true essential nature, our truth. We have undergone a radical re-imprinting which will have transformed the psyche, as well as the physical, cellular and energetic levels of our being.

Today, the consciousness of awakened ones, light workers and light beings across the Earth will emerge like a luminous phoenix rising out of the ashes of a pre-21.12.12 era. Out of an old paradigm and into new epoch, a new golden age.  We can also liken this collective conscious awakening to that of doves of peace hatching out of shiny, luminous eggs into a brand new epoch.

And so we are fully arriving. We are reconfiguring at this time in order to re-distribute our energies, our frequencies, our light where most needed. Our emergence continues until Spring 2014. Our wings are drying until the time of the Spring Equinox 2014, at which point we will take full flight to where our consciousness, frequency and energies are most needed.

I am still very much in the ‘now’ with all that is occurring within the psyche and at a metaphysical level. Yet I am receiving glimpses of the bigger Plan in relation to 2014 and 2015. What I am shown is that the hard work is done. We completed an immense contract, that covered lives on Earth going back millennia, throughout the years leading to 2012, most especially from 1999-2012. 2013 has served (and continues to offer itself) as the ‘rainbow bridge’. The struggle many of us experienced in our lives leading to 21.12.12 is over, as is this gestation period we are now emerging from. 2014/15 heralds where life will begin to flow and we begin to more fully understand just why we are here and just what we have come here to do.

On a practical level, many of us will be physically on the move throughout September, October and November. Blocks will be removed. Obstacles will fall away. Paths to fulfilling our divine destiny on Earth will be cleared. Exhaustion will lift. Health will improve. A re-prioritising of our relationship with money, in terms of what holds real value for us, will shift dramatically. Attachments to specific outcomes will dissolve, loves will be let go of, friends will be let go of, jobs will be let go of, homes will be let go of, agendas will be let go of, to make way for something of far greater significance and value, something far more profound, far more meaningful and fulfilling, with far reaching consequences of the transformational kind. Trust, love, surrender and truth will be the north, south, east and west of our evolutionary compasses. 2014 and 2015 will prove to be the years when we begin to tangibly experience the fruits of our labour, as the echoes of past conditioning and the old paradigm dissolve in the high vibrational consciousness of the new epoch.

The Galactic Alignment process completes in 2016. Here is what I wrote about it in my first book, ‘2012: A Clarion Call’ – “The winter solstice of 1998 was the midway point of the thirty-six-year galactic alignment process. Because the Sun is so large (about half a degree wide), it will not complete its journey across the galactic equator until 2016. This process is predicted to induce extraordinary transformations in human consciousness.”

The Best is Yet to Come

One can only begin to wonder what may unfold post 2016. However, what we can know is that this September Equinox heralds a celebratory and auspicious moment, another unprecedented ‘moment’ for awakened ones. The 2013 Womb of Gestation has healed us at the deepest cellular level and the deepest level of the psyche. For most this reality will remain unconscious within their awareness, although there are many who will consciously gnosis that this is indeed what has been occurring throughout this year so far.

This in itself has been a divine dispensation gifted us for the unwavering dedication we have shown in our commitment to healing ourselves, to our conscious evolution and to our spiritual awakening. Our selfless commitment to offer ourselves fully in Service of Spirit for Humanity and the Earth. Such a commitment took so many of us to the very edges of endurance and, at times, almost tipped us over the edge and out of this life. Yet, we made it! We are here! And, we are about to step into the greatest years of our lives! The best is yet to come!

Here is the Divine Dispensation that I channelled in my book Clarion Call:

“Whatever is stopping you, whatever resistances rise to the surface when your true Self tries to emerge, whatever it is that stands between you and your soul’s higher purpose, know this: a Divine Dispensation will be awarded to all who respond to this urgent Call from the higher dimensions. Until now, to move through your human personality disorders, dysfunctions, wounding, and karma would have required several years of deep introspection, self-reflection, and contemplation. We say unto you, dearly beloved seekers of light, love, peace, and truth: 

“For every soul who is willing to put aside their personal issues to serve the Earth and all life forms, for those who are willing to dedicate themselves to the Great Cause in the coming years with unwavering commitment, know this: through your dedicated service for the higher good and for your devotion to Spirit in the specific time span between the years 1999 to the close of the year 2012, the burdensome weight of your karma will be lifted from your soul as you cross the threshold of 21 December 2012. And so it is . . .”

To those who believe their struggle remains the same remember this: It is not the situation that causes our suffering, it is what the mind does with it.” Be ever mindful not to become caught in the old groove of a deeply ingrained pattern of suffering. Leave suffering at the threshold of today. Seek to step out of ingrained patterning into a new era. One which amounts to rewarding you with a brand new life which you have earned, you deserve, for the unwavering dedication you have given to Self-transformation in service of both inner and world peace. Reach out and embrace the new life that is yours for the asking. A life where everything can be transformed to match your incarnating higher consciousness and new higher vibrating frequency.

Ambassadors for the Light are awakening to the truth of who they really are and the time is now to state “Yes” to being blessed by a divine dispensation which offers a life experience of ‘two lives in one‘.

The past is falling away to make way for a new incarnational reality of ourselves as visionaries, whose consciousness is aligned to the co-creation of the ancient prophesies which speak to a post 21.12.12 unfolding of a ‘New Golden Age’ and a “Thousand Years of Peace”. To co-create such, we must be golden within, we must be centred in peace within ourselves. Inner Peace = World Peace.

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