An Evolutionary Leap: A New Vision for a New Epoch

Since December 2011, I have been meditating deeply on exactly what it would take to support the full unfolding and expression of ourselves as human beings – as opposed to our current reality (which has been the case for millennia) in which we are humans doing.

I have come to the conclusion that in the old paradigm global system, in order to meet our basic survival needs most people are ‘doing’ what they do not want to do, rather than ‘being’ what they most long to Be.

The old paradigm is set up to reward those who collude with it. Humanity has become enmeshed in a dysfunctional global system. It has become anaesthetized by a cultural conditioning that begins at birth, by those who themselves have been conditioned by the generations before them.

The Human Ball of Doing

During a conversation with a friend in late Summer 2012, he spoke of something he calls “The Human Ball of Doing”. In this “Ball” he views humanity “running around doing’”. He spoke of his wish to no longer be a part of this “Ball”.

I was struck by this analogy when he shared it, and had a flash of seein myself free-floating outside of the ‘Ball’, looking at it and noting that it was indeed very busy – doing! However, since sitting in deep contemplation of the ‘Ball’, I have come to view it as a representation of the old world – the old paradigm.

At a practical level, the most challenging aspect of releasing ourselves from the “Ball of Doing” brings us to this fundamental question – “How do we meet our basic survival needs?”
Speaking for myself, my rent is due, my car payment is due and my bills are due. I need to sustain my body with the nutrition, nourishment, protection and care that it requires. How can I meet my basic survival needs in the current culture if I choose to follow the wisdom that calls from the depths of my heart and Soul, urging me to manifest a more creative, harmonious and fulfilling life?

The Physical Body as Seer

For the past twenty years, I have consciously sought to cultivate the capacity to deeply trust the wise counsel of my physical body. I came to realize, over a period of several consciously experiential years, that the greatest psychic and seer in the world, is the human body. If we learn to listen intently to it, not only will it guide us further and further towards Self-liberation, but it will also lead us to a level of physical, emotional and mental well-being unlike anything we have known before.

On the contrary, if we do not listen to its wise counsel, then it will force upon us unquestionable and unequivocal signs and symptoms alerting us to the fact that we have either erred directly onto a path of imbalance or disharmony, or that we are about to consider or indeed do something
that will take us out of alignment with our deeper Truth.

In my own life, I have been engaged in a deep existential process that has led me to an increasing realization that there is indeed an aspect of my ‘work’ that I no longer experience myself in full alignment with. What has imprinted this realization as a felt knowing is the powerful impact that accompanies any attempt, on my part, to make any plans in relation to this aspect of my work. What immediately follows is an intense reaction at a physical level. I become physically ill, suffer intense nausea and headaches, and become overwhelmed with crippling exhaustion. Not surprisingly, when I state a firm “No” to continuing with those plans, all symptoms immediately begin to disappear and, once again, my body is relaxed and in harmony.

Abraham Maslow once said “All are well who have a vocation” – never a truer word could be said. Over the years, I have witnessed my own health go from strength to strength, each time I was deeply immersed in the totality of the moment of what I was working on – even if that ‘moment’ lasted for months at a time. And yet, as soon as I considered doing something that I did not really want to do, because I “needed the income”, my health would deteriorate within minutes.

What we ‘do’ has a direct and profound impact, for better or worse, on our overall health and sense of wellbeing. 99% of us are doing what we do not want to do in order to “earn an income”. Its as if we sell our souls in order to survive. Yet, is that what God wants for us? Is that what Creator desires for us? Is that what Source wishes for us?

We have become lost to ourselves, and so have lost sight of who we really are. We have been brainwashed and conditioned to conform, as robots, like cogs locked into the global dysfunctional machine. We have become the compliant manifestation of the agenda of the global system.
And so, I return to the existential question of ‘doing’ versus ‘being’.
Adapted self versus Authentic Self ‘Doing’ what we do not want to ‘do’ creates catastrophic disharmony within the Self.

Whenever we ‘do’ something we do not truly wish to do, even if we believe that we really do want to, our health and wellbeing are catastrophically impacted. The level of disharmony and disconnection with Self penetrates us at a cellular level, and it is here that the cells begin to absorb a life-denying message, in contrast to the life-affirming one of living and speaking our truth.

We live a lie when we get caught in doing what we do not want to do, or when we end up saying “yes” to what we long to say “No” to. This takes us out of integrity with ourselves and with others. If we think about this in terms of the cells within our bodies, then we are out of integrity with these too. Enter dis-ease.
Human intelligence, at any level of society, is extremely sophisticated and cleverly manipulates any compromising situation by setting up strategies in order to manage and cope. Such strategies include addictions to food, alcohol, sex, television, Facebook, the Internet, consumerism, the media and so forth. These only serve to further repress a deeper felt sense of our truth, sabotaging our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

The general cause of illness and disease (dis-ease) originates from the fact that most people are living repressed lives. To put it bluntly, most individuals are living a lie in order to survive, and/or suppress an underlying sense of existential fear. And so, we perpetuate a never-ending cycle that keeps us out of alignment with the truth of who we are. Instead, we acquiesce to the demands and expectations of a dysfunctional culture and thus remain locked inside the ‘Human Ball of Doing’. The old paradigm system is not set up to support those who wish to step outside of this.

We need to feel free to forge ahead with inspiration. We need to feel encouraged to manifest our personal dreams and visions, supported by a healthy global system with a fundamental policy that invites the individual to create an enriching and fulfilling personal life. This, in turn, supports the attainment of sustainable world peace. Such a system is not yet in place, but it can become so. It is only by locating our consciousness and awareness outside of the ‘Ball of Doing’, that a new global society can be established – founded upon new consciousness values and ethics.

Seismic Shift

For the current system to change it would amount to nothing less than the whole-scale transformation of
global socio-political, environmental and economic policy. Also, to fall under the spotlight of radical questioning would be religion and its dysfunctional impact on the individual and the world.

The current global system would need to terminate or adapt existing policies and initiate new ones that prioritize the physical, emotional, mental, psychological and spiritual wellbeing of both the individual and the Collective. A seismic shift from consumerism to humanitarianism would be required at every level of policy, in every country in the world.

How do we begin to manifest this evolutionary imperative? This is an in-depth question that I shall address in my Monthly Messages. To do so here, will make this piece inordinately long!

From Doing to Being

For now, I shall continue with the theme of this article, which has as its focus how to shift from ‘doing to being’.

For those of us who resonate with the existential crisis that is this evolutionary leap, we find ourselves immersed in deep contemplation, asking such questions as how to sustain ourselves during such a transition. Not only in relation to the accelerated evolution of personal consciousness that occurs when one decides to make the evolutionary leap between an old and new paradigm, but also in the context of navigating the physical reality between the two.

We ponder on how to refrain from continuing to give into old paradigm ways to ensure that our basic survival needs are met. We begin to realize that by maintaining these, we are colluding with the old system and its suppression of the human spirit – for this is the agenda of the old paradigm.

We wonder how to move forward responsibly, with integrity, authenticity, care and respect in ways that are non-confrontational, and yet enable us to stand firm in our choice of non-participation in a dysfunctional system which simply does not align with our highest personal ideals and values, and altruistic vision for a better world. We question how we can remain true to our athentic values when caught in the old system and at the same time – survive.

Where is the place for those of us who no longer wish to collude with a globally dysfunctional system, with its agenda to manipulate, dominate and control the human spirit through covert and overt whole-scale anaesthetizing and conditioning of a an uninformed Humanity?

Glimpses of a New Global Society

Let us immgine for a moment the kind of new global society that could begin to unfold if a system was in place that served the true needs and values of all people, animals, Nature and the Earth. What would happen if the money spent on perpetuating consumerism and defense was instead allocated to ‘health, wellness and harmony’ programs for all citizens?

What could be if government policy and public resources were focused on care for the entire community? What if fully funded ‘family health and harmony’ programs were widely available to all? What if psychological counseling, therapeutic healing, and peace and rejuvenation retreats were available to all as a gift, at specific age thresholds throughout life, for example; at the ages of 18, 21, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, etc.?

What would happen if a fraction of the money spent on maintaining a dysfunctional global system was reallocated to support gifted philosophers, artists, writers, poets, visionaries and brilliant pioneers in those fields aligned with new paradigm consciousness and humanitarian values?

The time is upon us to support those gifted individuals whose sole focus and intent is to bring love, wellness, beauty, wisdom, evolution, harmony, balance, grace and prosperity to all, and to guide humanity towards the manifestation of sustainable and lasting world peace.

What might happen if the values and practice of deep care for all sentient beings and non-sentient life forms were instilled as core-teaching elements within the global educational curriculum, and as fundamental values within the’working’ environment? What could be possible if funding were there for all who wish to follow their greatest altruistic and/or artistic dream and vision? What kind of world could we live in if everyone had the opportunity to explore and cultivate higher ideals and to come to know true abundance and prosperity?

Many years ago, my mother revealed to me that she had once longed to be an opera singer or a designer. Yet, owing to an absence of funding or support to realize her dream, she instead took a job as a waitress. One day, several years later, she found herself managing a branch of a warehouse. As she shared her dream with me, the light of it once again danced across her face and lit up her eyes, yet rapidly disappeared as she returned back to the here and now, and to what had transpired to be the reality of her life.

I could see how that light had been extinguished by the time she had entered her early twenties when faced with the realization of having to let go of her dream, in order to survive.

How many have held a vision of how life could be, only to have lost it to the harsh reality that is the archaic system in which we currently live?
We need to co-create a new system. One that will honor, support and validate the highest ideal of each individual. One that is devoid of gain at the expense of another. We need to cultivate a system of non-duality that seeks to unify Self, Other, Community and the World.

We need to co-vision and to manifest a new system, where none are sentenced to fall through the ‘gap’ when their heart’s desire leads them to the perfect moment to take a small step or a giant evolutionary leap. One small step for man/woman leads to one giant leap for humanity.

A visionary new system is needed that supports conscious evolution and recognizes that each
time an individual takes an evolutionary leap, so too does the community, the country and the world.

So, where to from here?

How do we remain fully present and rooted in the truth of who we are, when caught in a
system which cares not for the soul of the individual, or the Collective, yet instead is fixated on money? An archaic system that conditions us to believe that happiness is derived from security, and that our level of happiness is determined by our material wealth.

A question to ponder upon is this: Do we need to feel secure, or do we wish to be fulfilled? Security is driven by fear, keeping us caught in the known, whereas fulfillment is of heart and soul, calling for something far beyond what the current system can offer. Our quest for true and deep fulfillment leads us into the unknown and it is only in this sacred place that we become intimately acquainted with it. Fulfillment resources the very essence of who we are. True freedom is to be found in fulfillment, not security.

How many of our hopes and dreams become lost to us? How many of our own dreams and values do we fail to honor? And, what of the essential needs of the heart and soul? To what extent do we dismiss or adapt these in order to ‘survive’ – and at what cost?

To what extent are we caught in fear? To what degree do we live our lives from fear? How many of our choices are made from fear? How much do we collude with a consumer culture that strives to keep us distracted from the truth of who we really are? What type of system do we support that numbs us from the wisdom and truth to be found within our heart, and denies the magnificence of our soul?

How much do we consciously or unconsciously live a lie, caught in a global culture that promotes survival of the adapted? To what degree is our inborn natural, organic and creative expression suppressed by a dysfunctional culture that we ourselves support?

What happens to those who desire, above all else, to live the truth of who they are? How do we extricate ourselves from the “Ball of Doing” and still keep a roof over our heads and food on the table? It will take no less than the highest vision, the deepest faith and the greatest courage to step outside of the old system to live our truth more fully.

How do we begin to establish the altruistic, humanitarian values and ethos of a new consciousness in a New Epoch? What happens to those of us who no
longer choose to exist in the old paradigm? Just how much longer are we willing to adapt in order to survive? At what point do we say “Enough!”, and step out of the “Ball of Doing”? What will it take for us to do so?
How can we take that evolutionary leap and land on both feet, able to sustain ourselves, and our families, and manifest our highest vision for our own lives, and for the world?

Love as Action in the World

There is a world (a paradigm) of difference between that which we have been conditioned to call ‘work’, versus our ‘Vocational Calling’. The foundations of the type of work we might describe as a “job” or a “career” are mostly set in fear, whereas what we may describe as a “vocation” or a “Calling” arises out of an intense, undeniable passion, absolute devotion and unequivocal, unquestionable, unwavering, and uncompromising dedication to something that feels inspired, something we aspire to, and to which we are willing to give our all.
Our “Vocational Calling” is driven by love, and at this level we come to recognize, with crystal clarity, that our work is no longer ‘work’ in the old sense of the term, but instead our Calling is an act of Love – it is our love in action in the world. I have ceased to refer to my own Calling as work, for I recognize that my way of Being in my own life, and in the wider global community, is an expression of my love in action in the world.
The New Epoch with a new consciousness urges the individual and the Collective to more fully express love as action in the world. It implores us to pour our heart and soul, our creativity, our vision, our light, our gift, our unique individuality, our love, our brilliance and our humanity into its very foundations.

And so, I conclude here.

What price Truth?
What price freedom?
What price adapted to Authentic Self?
What price from Human Doing to Human Being?
What price an evolutionary leap from the Ball of Doing to Authentic Being?
What price living unbridled, unequivocal, uncompromising, non-negotiable and unconditional love and truth?

Love is the Compass

How do we transcend that which remains adapted within ourselves and embody the Authentic Truth of who we are?
How do we ‘de-condition’ from a lifetime of conditioning that has required us to live an adapted expression of who we really are in order to fit in, survive and conform?
How do we transcend fear, in order to live from the center of Love – to be rooted in Love – to BE – Love?
What is it that will support us to take that evolutionary leap from an old to a new paradigm?
How do we rise, like the phoenix from the ashes of the old paradigm and begin to fully live the truth of who we are?
How do we release ourselves from the ‘Human Ball of Doing?

The answer to all of the above questions requires no less than the greatest faith in Love, Truth, Courage, Transparency, Integrity, Inner-strength, Trust, Surrender, Vision, Unity, Co-support, and Collaboration.

These are just some of the qualities we must now call upon, embody and embrace wholeheartedly.

We need to align the personality with the Soul – and not the other way round as is the usual case. It is this that will support and ensure such an evolutionary leap.

We must support each other wholeheartedly in whatever ways we can – be that through non-monetary transactions, unconditional giving, receiving and doing, co-support and co-creation. A key is togetherness – Unity – Being there for each other.

We can attempt to take such a leap alone – however, with the support of one or other like-hearts and like-minds, we will successfully make that evolutionary leap out of the Ball of Doing into Authentic Living.

We are not meant to become like robots as a human doing. This is a gross misrepresentation and distortion of who we really are.

We are here to evolve into our highest expression of a Spiritual Being. We must recall that we are a Spirit in human form. We need to remember that our Soul incarnated here on Earth to experience the phenomena of Human Being.

If you feel it is time to take a transformational evolutionary leap from doing to being, then meet me here, in these monthly and quarterly discourses where, together, we can co-vision, co-create and co-establish a New Epoch with a new consciousness.

A New Epoch founded upon a new consciousness, that holds at its core a visionary new global system, is dependent entirely upon those fearless individuals, groups and communities who are willing to blaze a trail and light the way for the establishment of a new global culture. One that fulfills its primary role to nurture the wellbeing of the individual and the Collective, and by so doing, manifest sustainable world peace.

These are early days and everything is possible.

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