A New Story for Humanity: Where We Have Been – Where We Are Now – And Where We Are Going

Never before in the history of humankind has your contribution to the world been more needed. Never before has your presence as a force for peace been more instrumental in supporting humanity to step onto a new and transformational evolutionary path. Never before has the purity of your heart, the light of your frequency, and the love of your soul been more crucially needed to guide humanity away from darkness and destruction and into a conscious new era and empowered and enlightened destiny.

As predicted by the ancient civilisations of our past, there are two fundamental options ahead of us:

  • We can continue blindly along the dysfunctional path we are currently following, which will take us towards a level of global destruction and chaos never before witnessed on Earth.


  • We can take the necessary action to empower and enlighten ourselves and others to ensure that all life on Earth not only survives, but actually flourishes.

In essence, it boils down to a choice between two paths: the path of fear or the path of Love. The destiny of humanity and the Earth is urging us to set ourselves firmly on the latter. It is now essential that we walk the talk of the path of Love. Whichever of these two paths we choose will ultimately prove critical to the unfolding story of humanity and the Earth in the years and decades to follow.

We have talked a phenomenal talk during these past decades, most especially since the August 11 Total Solar Eclipse that occurred at 11:11 (Universal Time) in 1999. At that point, a rare window of opportunity, that the ancient Maya referred to as The Quickening, opened for humanity. This phase was predicted by them to last for thirteen years until December 21, 2012. Now, the time has come for us to walk an imperative walk – to walk the talk of Love Being the Answer and to translate this into empowered and enlightened action.

We now need to become consciously informed and fully aware of just where it is we stand. If we remain on the path of fear then the world will be lost, set on a collision course with a tragic and monumental outcome. However, if we choose mindfully and commit unreservedly to walking the talk of Love, Consciousness, Truth, Light, Collaboration, Liberation, Unity and Transformation, we can pull humanity back from the brink of destruction and co-create the ‘New Golden Age’ and ‘Thousand Years of Peace’ prophesied by ancient wisdom cultures to unfold at this time.

Each individual decision is critical to the outcome and the destination of not only humanity but all sentient beings and all life on Earth.

So, consciously make your personal New Year resolutions for 2016, while, at the same time, making one for the world. As psychologically integrated, consciously evolved and spiritually awakened unified Beings it is we who offer the only hope for humanity and the Earth – this is the stark reality.

So, let us celebrate the return of the Sun by consciously opening ourselves to receive the influx of transformational Galactic Codes which are downloading on the 21/22 December Solstice. Let us contemplate the Full Moon at 11.11 UT (Universal Time) on Christmas Day, with its message of far reaching influence that takes us to the year 2021.

Let us celebrate as we cross the threshold of 2015 into 2016. And then, let us get down to some serious business, the magnitude of which requires us to roll up our sleeves, don the robes of empowered action and enlightened response, and link arms in Unity and the spirit of Oneness, so as to move forward and across the globe as One Great Tsunami Wave of Consciousness, Light, Truth and Love.

We are all needed and we all need each other if we are ever to fulfil the potential and ultimate reality of sustained world peace and global harmony for all sentient beings and all life on Earth.

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