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Dearest Friends,

In my new book, LOVE, GOD & EVERYTHING, I briefly touch upon the perilous 5G scenario humanity is now facing. Scientists and doctors throughout the world have called for a full investigation into its effects by independent specialists as 5G remains totally untested. Both go as far as to say that the millimetre waves it uses pose “a very real danger” to all life on Earth, and, for this reason, they are categorising 5G as “a Humanitarian Crisis”.

Following several months of in-depth conversation on this subject with some of the world’s leading scientists, and in the light of my own extensive research, I have drawn the conclusion that 5G IS what is being widely described as an “extinction-level event”.

Soon there will be nowhere to escape its effect as twenty-thousand satellites located in space will bombard the Earth with focused beams of intense radiation (5G frequencies). The scale of this global operation and the type of infrastructure that is planned for cities and towns is beyond anything imaginable. There is much more to say on the matter and much we need to do in order to protect ourselves, Nature and the Earth (and Space) from the devastating impact of 5G.

Added to this is another major concern – the new 60GHz WiFi standard ‘Wi-Gig’ being introduced this year as an upgrade to the current 5GHz and 2.4GHz WiFi. The latter entrains with, agitates, distorts and impacts water molecules – think of an operational microwave oven and what it does to a bowl of water – it cooks it. But 60GHz takes it one step further by entraining with oxygen – oxygen molecule resonance – and this has major implications for all life that has a respiratory system because oxygen is absorbed by the 60GHz frequency. So, not only is water manipulated, distorted and deconstructed from its original form (remember the average human being is 50-65% water) but because of 60GHz, the oxygen so vital for our health and survival will be monopolised, altered and radically reduced. Now active in Bath, England, UK, reports of breathing difficulties, heart palpitations and confused thinking are already being cited. 60GHz will most likely be called ‘Wi-Gig’, (as opposed to ‘WiFi’) – so you know what to avoid.

In 2016 there was estimated to be over 6.4 billion wireless devices in use around the world. By 2020 this figure is predicted to soar to 20.8 billion. The only word that can be used for the impact of both short and long term exposure to 5G and 60GHz frequencies is ‘Catastrophic’. The effect of these degenerative waveforms and frequencies will create a health crisis on an unprecedented scale in both the human and natural worlds. Scientists have shown that if one were to wander into the full beam of the 5G frequency transmitting from a satellite receptor/cell tower, (and these are going to be situated in every road, village, town and city, so will be unavoidable), it can, literally, cook the eyeballs. Immediate victims of the 5G spectre are the hundreds of thousands of trees, some of which are ancient, being cut down across the world because they block 5G transmission from the cell towers. Homeowners can be forced to cut their own trees down if these are deemed to be obstructing 5G transmission.

Yet, people, cities and countries are beginning to say “No!” to 5G.

In Australia, a Class Action Lawsuit is in the process of being filed on behalf of its citizens. The lawsuit addresses those within Government and industry seen to be failing in their duty to protect the public from harmful electromagnetic radiation/frequencies emitted by consumer products and related infrastructure. The intent is not to curtail useful technology but rather prompt a comprehensive overhaul of outdated EMR safety standards so as to incorporate the full gamut of scientific evidence, as well as the true meaning of the internationally mandated “precautionary principle”‘. In the US, Maui residents have banned its mandatory installation. (Citation Bristol FB Forum – https://www.facebook.com/Bristol5GAware/

In England UK, Bristol residents are taking action to halt the roll out of 5G. In September 2018, The San Francisco Bay area opposed 5G because of the risk it poses to health. However, it is now slowly deploying 5G albeit through an obstructive set of prohibitive regulations. Other Bay Area cities, including San Rafael and Milly Valley, are putting in place laws to block the installation of small 5G cells. Plans for 5G are at a current halt in Brussels as it refuses to grant licenses for installation due to the potential damage this level of radiation poses to its citizens. As Céline Fremault, Minister of the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region, states: The people of Brussels are not guinea pigs whose health I can sell at a profit. We cannot leave anything to doubt. In Vaud, Switzerland’s third largest region, plans for the roll out of 5G have been halted – https://takebackyourpower.net/5g-vaud-switzerland-adopts-moratorium/

One may well wonder how stances such as these could amount to making any difference given the aforementioned whole-scale blanketing of the Earth via the twenty-thousand active satellites by 2020. Yet, these are significant steps that may just encourage other countries to follow the same course of action.

A group of 2,500 Finnish citizens are also campaigning to bring a halt to a 5G in their country, in the shadow of Finland having now intiated and leading the research into 6G; where the Academy of Finland has accepted the University of Oulu’s proposal to begin research into ‘6G-Enabled Wireless Smart Society & Ecosystem’. This is the first program in the world to focus on 6G research.

According to the website – http://emfsafetynetwork.org/how-to-oppose-small-cell-5g-towers/

The industry wants wireless everywhere with “small cell” towers every couple of hundred feet apart! That means cell towers in our neighborhoods, near schools and parks, where we live, work and play. The industry vision for 5G is to enable the ‘Internet of Things’, ‘Smart Communities’, driverless cars (and more), where roads and appliances (even baby diapers!) are embedded with wireless radiation transmitters that connect to cell phones, smart meters and the internet. People are already getting sick from wi-fi, cell towers, smart meters and cell phones. Peer reviewed published science shows harmful effects of cell tower radiation include: fatigue, headaches, sleep problems, anxiety, ringing in the ears, heart problems, learning and memory disorders, increased cancer risk, and more. Studies found wireless radiation harms trees, birds, bees and insects.

What can we do?

We can lobby local MPs and Parliament, sign online petitions, join peaceful protests, and write and talk about the dangers of 5G and Wi-Gig. We might also take it to the next level by engaging in peaceful acts of non-collusion via non-participation, in regard to the practical day-to-day running of local and national systems. We could follow the example of some of our wisest and bravest elders, the school children, who are holding global ‘climate strikes’ to save the natural world and the future of their own generation and the generations to come.

For anyone who wishes to further discuss what can be done and how we may go about it, please email me directly. We each have a responsibility, and we all have a response-ability to love, honour and protect ourselves, each other, the environment, the natural world, and this beautiful planet we are so blessed to call Home.

Action Bites:

– Become more informed by researching related material online, for example –https://ehtrust.org/key-issues/cell-phoneswireless/5g-internet-everything/20-quick-facts-what-you-need-to-know-about-5g-wireless-and-small-cells/

– For those with access to Facebook, you might like to read some of the 129 comments posted in the thread of the original version of this article, which I published on March 25, which, so far, has had 500 shares – https://www.facebook.com/nicolyac

– A Call to Unity Consciousness – a quote to inspire:

– Signing petitions is crucial because, for example, in the UK, 10,000 signatures requires the government to respond and 100,000 signatures ensure that a campaign has to be considered for debate in Parliament. This following link is not just for professional people to sign, as the form may tend to suggest. Anyone may sign it, so please do add your name – https://www.5gspaceappeal.org/the-appeal https://www.5gspaceappeal.org/sign-individual/

– We can also create petitions ourselves along the same lines as this from the City of Bristol – https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/233707

– The following (newly released) film by Sacha Stone and his team offers an intelligent and in-depth insight into the overt reality and the covert agenda behind 5G – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ol3tAxnNccY

There are several measures we can take to lessen the impact of exposure to EMR/EMF that include:

* Switching off our devices and unplugging routers (and all electrics including lights) when not in use.

* Keeping windows open (including those in our cars) as this helps to counter the impact of electro-magnetic radiation (EMR) and electro-magnetic frequencies (EMF) streaming out from our digital and ‘smart’ devices. (eg our Smart Phones and Satellite Navigation Systems).

* Using an array of products that help to protect us from exposure. Personally, after years of research and testing, I use the following, each of which I have spoken at length about with their inventors – https://www.facebook.com/wellnessinawirelessworld/. Also, I have secured a 15% discount for anyone interested in purchasing the products through WIAWW (the aforementioned link).

* The Calm Space Pro – Simon Fox. I have several of these positioned in key places within the spaces I reside in, and I never travel without one – https://www.calmspacepro.co.uk

* The NFS8 – Dieter Broers. A pendent worn close to the Thymus, which acts as a Natural Field Simulator – https://swissharmony.com/product/nfs-8-nature-field-simulator-8-hertz/

* The MRET Water System – Igor Smirnov. This is a ‘Molecular Resonance Effect Technolgy Water System’ – an effective and protective anti-EMF/EMR hydration system, the details of which can be found here – https://www.giawellness.com/83673/products/aqua-gia/ih2o-activation-system/

* Smart Phone Cellguard – GIA Wellness. A noticeable difference is experienced when holding a Smart phone with rather than without a cellguard case – http://www.cellphone-health.com/cell-guard-case-cell-phone-radiation-protection.htm

* Smart Meter Defender – GIA Wellness. I have not tested/used this because it is not available in EU/UK yet. It is, however, available in the USA/Canada/NZ/Australia – https://www.giawellness.com/2/products/terra-gia/smart-meter-defender/

*Writing to your MP and local government is a critical step. Here is a sample letter offered as a standard for anyone, anywhere in the world, to copy. It is gifted to us by ‘Bristol Residents Against 5G Technology’ (website link to shortly go live – www.bristol5g.co.uk).


Addressed To:
Local MP/Major/Councillor/Health Minister
Freedom of Information Request (for)
Public Health England
Department of Digital Media, Culture & Sport

Dear Sir/Madam

The proposed rollout of 5G trials in this country was announced in March 2018. The trial does not seem to include any mention of monitoring of potential health impact on humans, plants and animals.

Scientists and doctors called on the EU for a moratorium on 5G, citing the lack of independent studies on health and environmental effects: https://www.5gappeal.eu/scientists-and-doctors-warn-of-pot/

Bearing these in mind, could you please provide answers to the following questions:

1. What are the current exposure limit values for EMF, radio frequencies and mm wave frequencies?

2. What monitoring is currently taking place to ensure that these levels are not exceeded in individuals and in public places?

3. What is the independent research that indicates these levels are set at a safe level?

4. Have these studies used the mixture of EMFs to which we are now all exposed?

5. What independent studies on 5G have been considered before the test areas are exposed?

6. Will the national roll-out happen without safety monitoring at the trial sites?

7. If this becomes government mandated exposure, what can citizens do to access funding from the government to screen their houses if they do not want this exposure?

8. 5G exposure will be added to existing rising exposure to EMF and radio frequencies. What research has been done to ascertain whether this extra exposure will have additive or synergistic effects on biological systems?

9. What is being done to ensure there are zones free of wifi and 5G, where exposure is not allowed?

10. What is being done to ensure that those responsible for the technology pay for the damage done by it? This could break the NHS and have long term environmental consequences

Yours faithfully,


– Please also take a moment to sign up to become an ‘Earth Protector’ – a legal status created by Polly Higgins, the ‘lawyer for the Earth’. This gives you legal protection if ever you are called up before a court of law for protesting peacefully and/or engaging in activism in suport of the rights of the natural world and humanity – https://www.stopecocide.earth/become

Finally, I wish to reiterate that this is not a ‘fear’ broadcast by any means but a call to enlightened thinking and action as an expression of LOVE for ourselves, each other, our environment, ecology, the natural world, and our beautiful planet Earth.

LOVE, and only LOVE,





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Nicolya Christi is a Visionary, Futurist and Author. Her first book 2012: A Clarion Call: Your Soul’s Purpose in Conscious Evolution was placed in the top ten book reviews by Publishers Weekly in Spring 2011. Professor Ervin Laszlo, twice nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, endorsed this book as the most remarkable spiritual book on this or any other subject he have ever read. She is also the author of Contemporary Spirituality for an Evolving World: A Handbook for Conscious Evolution (2013). In the Summer of 2018, Nicolya completed a third book co-authored with Professor Laszlo to be published in 2019. She is currently concluding the writing of her own third mainstream book. Her Work is founded upon the fundamental principles of Psychological Integration, Conscious Evolution, and Spiritual Awakening; Personal Transformation for Global Evolution and Inner Peace for World Peace. Its trajectory is along a psycho-spiritual continuum of Self-Awareness leading to Self-Integration, leading to Self-Realization, leading to Self-Actualization, leading to the ultimate state of Human-Being – Self-Transcendence.

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