2013: The Blank Slate

As many of you are aware, I have written extensively about 2012, and the years leading up to it, in my book ‘2012: A Clarion Call’, in many of my articles since 2009, and on my FB Wall, which is evolving into a Community of Light and a place for the gathering of Ambassadors for the Light. I have written endlessly about the facts and determining factors that make 2012, quite simply, THE most instrumental turning point for humanity and the Earth. For this reason, I am going to refrain from overly referring to 2012 here, and instead direct the focus of this message on the year 2013, which is tantamount, and can be referred to as nothing less than a Blank Slate for Humanity.

2012 – Resolution – Dissolution & Conscious Evolution

Well,… can you believe it? We are now on the other side of the Shift. We are still in one piece, well almost! And… for those of us who are spiritually awake, psychologically integrated and consciously aware, we are vibrating at the highest frequency yet in this life time, even if some of us may not feel as if we are! It is also true to say that many of us feel worn to the bone, utterly exhausted, and physically symptomatic, as we continue to integrate the intense and unprecedented processes that we have been immersed in, having journeyed through lifetimes on what feels like an evolutionary roller-coaster ride! Every healing process possible appears to have arisen for clearing in this lifetime.

A New Epoch with a New Consciousness

On 21.12.12, all timelines converged, both personal and Collective, past and future. And so it is, that many of the most evolved and advanced Souls among us have undergone the most intense, radical and profound challenges and transformations. Many of us will have felt (may still feel so to some degree) as if we have been squeezed through the eye of a needle, as one intense challenge after another presented in our lives with no let up, or barely a moments pause. It was as if just when we felt we were about to turn a corner, another evolutionary turn of the wheel occurred and we struggled on with yet another extreme test of our character or faith.

This was especially true of 2012, which really did turn up the heat to almost beyond bearable for our highest good and conscious evolution. And thus it was that we reached the ultimate threshold of 21.12.12, and passed through the eye of the needle to arrive on new ground, in a New Epoch, that requires a new level of consciousness. And, it is those of us who are consciously awake and spiritually integrated who will be the torchbearers and Way-Showers for this New Epoch.

However, first we must experience a period of reorientation that takes us to the Spring Equinox of 2013. This is the first Equinox of a new 26,000-year Galactic Cycle, and the initiatory moment for the New Consciousness of a New Epoch to begin to anchor as a living reality within personal and Collective consciousness.

During this period of reorientation it is crucial that we consciously acknowledge, seek to discover, and consciously align with the New Consciousness. For, at this early post 21.12.12 stage, we are still too close to the Shift to have fully integrated it. A New Consciousness activated within personal and Collective Consciousness (at a conscious level for awakened ones and an unconscious level for those who remain unawakened) on 21.12.12, now it needs time to anchor and then to begin to establish. The time of the Spring Equinox, (Autumn Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere), is an important initiatory moment for this, as will be the time around the Summer Solstice, (Winter Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere). The following Equinoxes and Solstices of the years leading to 2016 will prove instrumental in the further anchoring of this New Consciousness. In 2016, when the Galactic Alignment process has completed, we shall again find ourselves on new ground as we are fully released from the processes of the Shift. The years between 2016 and 2020 will prove critical, as will the years between 2020 and 2050. But these details are for future writings. For the moment, let us focus on the Now!

For many of us, we could not see the wood for the trees as the literal bombardment of personal conscious evolutionary events overwhelmed us at times, as our hearts and Souls responded to the Evolutionary Call to resolve, dissolve and consciously evolve. And so, we are emerging into a New Epoch. One which is filled with the promise of the fulfilment of inspirational prophecy which speaks of “A Thousand Years of Peace” and “A New Golden Age”. Prophecy which has been handed to us by the most wise, evolved and advanced of our human ancestors, the Indigenous Peoples of previous millennia, many of whom were hybrids of extra-dimensional beings and homosapiens, including many of the Mayans and First Nations People. Indeed, some of us carry this same hybrid ancestry within our own Divine Blueprint. Many of us are indeed what I term as the ‘New Human Prototypes’. (Please refer to the Blog page on my website to read more about this.)

2013 – The Blank Slate

2013 presents a Blank Slate to humanity. 2013 affords each and every one of us an opportunity to write a New Story – not ‘his story’ which is a patriarchal one (history), or ‘her story,’ which is that of the matriarch, but something else entirely. There is no more ‘his-story’ to be made, or written, only – Our Story. The all important story to write now is the story of a New Humanity, living in a New Epoch, with a New Consciousness. You may ask, “What is this ‘New Consciousness?” “What are the Ways of the New Epoch?” and “What makes 2013 different from any other year in human history?” As we move through 2013, all this and more will be explained on my FB Wall and on my website, in my writings and the books yet to come.

For myself, a four year body of Work completed on 21.12.12, Work which I had been immersed in since January 2009. I feel that I hold a deep gnosis in regard to the answer to the question that is now on all of our lips, “Where to from 21.12.12?”. Gnosis means to know without knowing how we know. It is not something we know because we read or heard it from some other source. Indeed, I never read other people’s writings on conscious evolution, or any other subjects, as I do not wish to influence the pure stream of consciousness and gnosis that comes through myself, either from those whom I refer to as The Luminous Ones, or from my own Higher Self.

I am sharing this because I do feel that I understand where we need to go from here. In the coming year, I will share my understanding, ideas, vision and concepts with you. I believe the New Consciousness is not going to be a ‘knowing’ as in the old ways that often originated from what I term the ‘mental matrix,’ but instead will originate from a deeply felt gnosis sourced from a newly activated consciousness grid that I refer to as the ‘Heart Matrix’.

“Evosphere” – The Fourth Evolutionary Sphere

The Heart Matrix is a Unity Consciousness Grid, whereas the mental matrix was/is a grid of duality consciousness. We could postulate that the ‘mental matrix’ is that phenomenon which was first introduced in 1922 by Pierre Teilhard De Chardin in his ‘Cosmogenesis’, as the ‘Noosphere’, which he described as – “The sphere of human thought” – (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Noosphere). It was Pierre Teilhard de Chardin who coined the term “Noosphere” to explain the phenomenon of the unconscious sharing of information through a ‘thought-field’ that spans continents. The noosphere is considered the third ‘sphere’ in a succession of evolutionary phases of development of humanity/Earth. First, there is the ‘geosphere’, and then the ‘biosphere’, and, following this is Pierre Teilhard De Chardin’s ‘noosphere’ (unified thought-field/global brain resonance).

The unique convergence of all timelines that was part of the 21.12.12 phenomenon, along with the evolutionary period of time leading to it, has seen the formulation and activation of a fourth ‘sphere’, one which is a conscious evolutionary ‘Heart Matrix’ (unified heart-field/global heart resonance) for which I use the term ‘Evosphere’. (Conscious Evolutionary Sphere). The evosphere has emerged out of human conscious evolution and has the heart as its compass. It is inhabited by consciously evolving and awakened human beings who, (as the Inca prophesied for these times), are transforming from homosapiens to homo-luminous. As such, we are co-creating a new Matrix, one with a resonant heart-field, an Evosphere – “the sphere of human feeling”. (Note I use the term ‘feeling’  and not ’emotion’ as feeling is the higher octave of emotion).

Where To From Here?

So, where do we go from here in terms of personal and global evolution?

How do we now proceed with regard to our own inner-development and integration?

How do we begin to facilitate global evolution and the manifestation of “A Thousand Years of Peace” and a “New Golden Age?”

How do we establish progressive and sustainable systems which foster harmony and care, between people, communities, countries and nations?

What new set of values and key foundation stones do we need to set in place to ensure the establishment of sustainable world peace?

There is no doubt, that for those of us who are consciously awakening or awakened, the decades leading to 21.12.12, and especially since 1999, (the period of time that the Maya referred to as The Quickening), have ensured that we have taken an evolutionary leap. However, the task falls upon us now, post 21.12.12, to become fully integrated and embodied as psychologically integrated, consciously evolving and spiritually balanced individuals. As such, we are appropriately qualified to offer ourselves as co-creators and evolutionary guides for the New Epoch. The fact is that it is only such individuals who are best qualified to support the establishing of new personal values, choices and lifestyles, and new global evolutionary systems.

Post 21.12.12, leaves us with a legacy. This being that it is now more possible than at any other time in human history to establish world peace during these coming years/decades. In order for this to transpire as a living reality, millions of people must become sufficiently integrated if humanity is to take its next evolutionary steps.

Progressive global evolution requires more than individuals operating merely with a high level of intellect. What is of equal importance is individuals who also possess a highly refined emotional (feeling) intelligence. When an integrated, whole and unified consciousness is expressed through such people in the world it becomes possible to develop and implement new sustainable systems that prioritise and promote the well-being of the individual, the Collective and the Earth.

People are tired of the old paradigm models that foster duality. Resources are drained by governments that manifest dysfunctional economic, ecological, sociological and political systems that further foster dysfunctional societies. The way to global peace and harmony will never be established through old paradigm governing and policy. Part of my own Calling in the coming years will be to address the ‘global’ situation more directly, and to seek to introduce new ideas and thoughts that may support the co-creation of a New Golden Age for Humanity. One idea that I wish to develop is the establishment of new ‘Global Advisory Councils’ formed by those who recognise that conscious cooperation, collaboration and co-creation is the only way to ever transform the duality model of a ‘survive’ mentality dysfunctional global system, into something new and inspirational, founded in unity, and establishing a healthy, functional and thriving global culture.

The Other Side of the Shift

The annals of human history are filled with events of trauma, fundamentalism, war, conflict, dictatorship, uprisings, rebellion, cruelty and revolution. Where is Peace in the annals of our history?

There has yet to be a global system in which a healthy economy thrives and is capable of sustaining All. There has yet to be a unified, people-centred, political system that supports the needs and respects the rights of ALL. Despite the wealth of previous empires, despite all the revolutions, protests and campaigns, never in the entire history of humankind has there been Peace on Earth. The fact remains that global authorities are not fully qualified to establish that which supports conscious global evolution.

The stories of our ancestors have left deep trauma imprints encoded within our genetic DNA. However, the lead up to 21.12.12, and this date itself, when all timelines converged, enabled us to transcend the past. We can begin to implement new ideas and a higher vision for humanity, thus establishing conscious ways in which to co-create a peaceful and sustainable world. The continued need for us to evolve into psycho-spiritually integrated and mature individuals remains ever present if we are to manifest new global socio-political systems which prioritise peace, harmony, equality and wellness on all levels, for all. It is those among us who are most integrated and balanced and of a humanitarian nature who must guide humanity in a new and positive direction. It is such individuals who will offer the greatest potential for the evolutionary transformation of Humanity, and for a peaceful and sustainable Global Community.

I wish to mention here briefly, (I speak extensively of this in my new book ‘A 21st Century Handbook for Psychological, Conscious and Spiritual Evolution: From Personal to Global Evolution’ available August 2013) that we now also find ourselves in the midst of a Spiritual Evolution. Our relationship with spirituality is now subject to radical questioning as we sense the rumblings of change beneath the surface of the spiritual/religious ground we have stood upon for thousands of years.

Consciously evolving individuals seek a spirituality that speaks to who they are becoming as consciously evolved individuals in the 21st Century. And, just as the many layers that have hidden the heart of the True Self are peeled away through conscious awakening and integration, so too are the many layers that have hidden the true heart of religion beginning to fall away. We now seek an authentic spiritual and religious practice that aligns with our evolving consciousness and the New Epoch that we find ourselves in.

We need to walk a spiritual path that reflects the consciousness of these times. Our conscious evolution calls for a contemporary spiritual practice founded on Love – for it is Love and only Love which is to be found at the heart of ALL religion.

So, how to begin establishing a conscious, progressive and evolving global society? One that upholds new socio-political and Spiritual values?

Here are three maps for evolving consciousness that I have created which speak directly to the question, “Where to from here?” (A full explanation of each can be found in my new book, as mentioned earlier).

Ten Foundation Stones of Contemporary Spirituality

*Unconditional Love *Unconditional Positive Regard *Compassion *Empathy *Understanding *Transparency *Mindfulness *Equality *Conscious Communication *Unity Consciousness

Six Core Values for a New Paradigm

*Peace *Restorative Justice *Sustainability *Compassionate Action *Conscious Communication *Conscious Evolution

Twelve Foundation Stones for an Evolving World

*Equality *Inclusivity *Understanding *Forgiveness *Empathy *Co-Creation *Co-Operation *Co-Support *Collaboration *Non-Monetary Transactions *Non-Violent/Compassionate Communication *Unconditional Giving, Receiving and Doing

21.12.12 – A Clarion Call

The Clarion Call that was 21.12.12 took many of us to the very edge of our evolutionary process in order to reveal the vast potential of all that lay beyond that point. 2013, and the years and decades to follow, invites us to step out of the old paradigm and into a New Epoch – one which urgently requires wise stewardship. Those of us who are consciously awake and/or are becoming ever more so, are the new evolutionary guides for this New Epoch, and as such are required to embody and live the New Consciousness. What are the ways of New Consciousness? How do we inform ourselves, evolve and align with it? Please continue to read my posts on my Facebook Wall, or regularly check my website, for some exciting news that I will share with you in the coming weeks – news that speaks to these very questions.

For now, I conclude here with a quote that I wrote on the Eve of 21.12.12 for the New Epoch:

“We are witnessing the birth of the next level of human evolution. Throughout millennia, we have been experiencing our physical evolution, and in more recent times, our psychological evolution. Now a New Era is upon us. We stand upon the threshold of a new Age of Conscious Evolution.

Just as human evolution has evolved us from primal ‘id’ drives to ego formation, and our psychological integration catalyses the evolution from ego to I, so it is that our conscious evolution will initiate an evolutionary process from ‘I’ to ‘I Am’. What follows this is a Spiritual evolution from I Am to I AM – which leads us back to the very heart of our Spiritual Origins.”

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