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A Cosmic & Ordained Window of Time

Essentially, this particular phase of the clearing and releasing of deeper layers of the individual and collective human shadow entered its most intense phase on April 25, 2020, and will continue until October 4, 2020. This is due to the fact that we have now entered into the ‘active’ phase of the ‘Pluto Retrograde Zone’.

This especially significant Pluto Retrograde, like all retrogrades, spans what we might call a ‘Retrograde Zone’, which has ‘ pre-retrograde’, ‘active-retrograde’, and ‘post-retrograde’ phases. So, the Pluto Retrograde Zone began on January 3, 2020 and will complete on January 25th, 2021. This indicates that whatever humanity is now facing, specifically in relation to the Covid-19 scenario, we are in a trigger point for the eruption of hidden agendas to explode into the world.

January 3rd, 2020, coincided with the time when it started to become clear to the general public that something of global concern was beginning to unfold, which needed to be closely monitored and observed. If we consider the full spectrum of the Retrograde Zone, we might gain some measure of timing in regard to the current world-wide Covid-19 phenomenon and when we might be able to begin to more fully re-connect with our lives in the world.

The C-19 situation has catalysed exposure of the political shadow and this exposé will continue to intensify until the end of the Pluto Retrograde Zone, but is especially revelatory now during its ‘active phase’. October 4, 2020, could well be the time when we are fully released from the current global lockdown. If not at that point, then sometime between when Pluto turns direct on October 4th, 2020 up to January 25th, 2021, when the Retrograde Zone completes. Following Pluto’s movement out of the active-retrograde window on October 4, we will be processing, assessing and integrating all that will have taken place during the eye of the needle that will have been the April-October 2020 active retrograde phase. This will continue in the post-retrograde window until it draws to a close on January 25, 2021. From October 4, 2020 until January 25th, 2021, disclosure will continue on the world stage and humanity will continue to undergo a necessary re-evaluation, recalibration and reorientation in terms of its evolutionary trajectory.

The Return of Pluto to the Master Number of 22 Degrees – The Exact Degree of The Saturn-Pluto Conjunction

From August 18 until November 19, 2020, Pluto returns to the exact degree (22 degrees/Master Number) where it met Saturn in Capricorn on January 12, 2020, for the first time in over five hundred years.

Its return to that exact degree is highly significant. Saturn has since moved on, but Pluto has a specific purpose to fulfil before it too moves on. This is to take us deeper into the curve of an evolutionary reset that necessitates a powerful Call for the collective to WAKE UP to what is really going on in the world, and to unify in order to stop the current global trajectory towards the ending of our Human Rights and Rights to Freedom and Autonomy.

Pluto’s return will initiate a deeper wave of the major clearing and cleansing that was catalysed on January 12, when the rare conjunction with Saturn occurred. What we can anticipate from mid-August to mid-November is more detoxing globally in terms of more disclosure, more public wrangling between ‘powers’ in governance, more attempts to control, more purification, more soul searching as a collective, and more revelation and exposure; the type of which will culminate in the need for an empowered and unified response from people throughout the world.

Pluto’s revisit to the ’22 degree point’ amounts to a metaphorical scraping of the barrel regarding what is now playing out on the world stage. Its remit is to ensure that we have more of what we need in terms of accurate, relevant and revelatory information, the type of which affords the degree of empowerment required to initiate the next evolutionary stage of the positive transformation of the world. It will encourage us to join our voices in a clear and unequivocal “NO!” to the implementation of life-threatening and/or life-denying plans and agendas – and to instead state, Together, as One Empowered Voice, an unwavering and non-negotiable “YES!” to only that which is fundamentally life-serving and life-honouring, and supports all living beings to thrive.

Pluto will hit hard as it hammers home just what the Saturn-Pluto conjunction of January 12 was all about in terms of serving humanity to wake up, become empowered, and extricate itself from millennia of ‘power over rule’.

These two mega-weight planets did not meet in Capricorn by chance after more than five-hundred-years. This pivotal event not only exerted an evolutionary force on the mightiest scale but lifted the veil on just what is really going on in the world. It issued an urgent and re-evolutionary ‘Call’ to engage in peaceful yet uncompromising action, and for us to stand TOGETHER in unwavering and categoric rejection of any policy/agenda that does not ensure that the wellbeing of ALL life is at its very heart.

Spikes In Fragility, Fear, Indignation & Outrage

Metaphorically speaking, this is the moment when the archer pulls back the arrow and as a world we are pulled into facing and releasing our deeper fears as well as confronting the more unpalatable realities of the political-global human shadow. Not a comfortable experience by any means but a necessary one. We will also experience and witness spikes in terms of fragility, and frustration and outrage as the darker global agendas both surrounding and outside of Covid 19 become increasingly apparent. Pluto’s energy can be explosive (“plutonic rage”), and so this ‘master teacher’ calls upon us to express our indignation (at what appears to be going on behind the scenes of global governance) in the least destructive way. Pluto has many directives including ‘destruction in service of evolution’ – for the dominion of life that it rules is ‘Evolution’.

Given Pluto’s current dance with Saturn – https://nicolyachristi.love/the-saturn-pluto-conjunction-january-12-2020/ – the target of much of the destruction wreaked will be the outmoded and degenerative structures of devolutionary governance and its hidden schemes, secret plans and maligned agendas. We will need to remain vigilant and not give way to destructive outbursts of anger. Pluto may amount to the powerhouse of the zodiac but it literally wears its heart on its sleeve, as evidenced by the marking of a heart on its actual planetary body. When the power of Pluto is harnessed, contained and expressed through the heart, the result is life-world-changing transformation.


This retrograde is especially significant because it takes us deep into the curve of an evolutionary reset. And, from this perspective, it is divinely-timed to facilitate the current clearing and releasing process the Covid 19 phenomenon has initiated – an unprecedented clearing of ’shadow’ in service of amplifying and anchoring the degree of Light required to birth a new awakened world.

Pluto rules power struggles, and we are in the throes of a tumultuous yet purposeful evolutionary shift as we move from an age ruled by the ‘love of power’ into one defined by the Power of Love.*

We are being called by the celestial destroyer and catalyst of transformation to “take back our power” and become the empowered souls we really are. Major power-struggles will play out both behind closed doors and publicly in the global political arenas as the so-called ‘leaders’ and ‘influencers’ begin to call each other out and hold each other accountable for the ulterior motives and precarious future the world is now facing, the details of which are increasingly becoming public knowledge. TRUTH WILL OUT.

Tough Love

Pluto ’takes no prisoners’ and wherever and whenever necessary it will be merciless in service of regenerative healing and evolutionary transformation. The timing of the current lockdown aligns perfectly with this retrograde as the cosmic imperative forces us to turn inwards and realign with heartfelt values and the humanitarian principles of the soul; aspects of our being that have become lost in the relentless distraction of doing. This collective moment of pause is compounded by several other planetary retrogrades active during these coming weeks and months. We are under the auspices of divine orchestration; of what the world needs now – which is Pluto’s uniquely prescriptive quality of Love – albeit tough at times – and it’s directive for us to take the next step in our individual and collective evolution. This is a time of preparation for what is to come and in order to effect major transformation we need to reflect, reassess, redress, rebalance and reorientate, personally and globally.

Informed IS empowered.

We know what Pluto wishes for us, and what we can anticipate during its retrograde.

We know this is a time for deep inner reflection, re-evaluation, re-prioritisation, and a major reorientation of our lives and the world.

We know this is a time for confronting uncomfortable truths and recognising the global shadow for just what it is with a clarity we have rarely been afforded.

We know this is a time for clearing core-level shadow in order to bring more of the Light of Truth to the world.

We know that Pluto offers us an instrumental opportunity for reclaiming our power, our autonomy, and for acting from a place of empowered authority for the highest good of all.

This retrograde period is urging us to say “NO” to anything that poses harm or danger, and ‘YES!’ to the honouring and protecting of all life on Earth.

Truth Will Light the Way

Pluto is the master of perception and exposing deception: It is the ‘All Seeing Eye’ – fearless and unwavering in its conviction that truth will Light the way. Its evolutionary call at this critical yet uniquely auspicious time is in service of lifting of the veils of deception and the writing of a new regenerative and transformative story for humankind.

Love grows where Pluto goes. It is the ‘Great Taskmaster’ that will lead us into the darkest shadows before bringing us out into the blazing Light of Self and Collective liberation. As we are spun around and around by Pluto’s sacred objective, we may feel lost in the ‘dark’ (retrograde) but if we can remain there for just long enough while it fulfils it’s task before the completion of its active retrograde phase, we will emerge stronger, wiser and more informed and therefore more empowered.

And … we will find ourselves amazed … for as we bid “Namaste” to Pluto’s retrograde and give thanks for all it has gifted us, we will discover something quite remarkable – its body emblazoned with a pure white heart. Pluto is the only planet to wear its heart on it’s sleeve … and even though it may have pulled us into the murkiest of collective waters and exposed us to the darkest of political underworlds; we will come to realise that we have been held all along in the sacred heart of this awe-inspiring and life-transforming Celestial Being who graces the cosmic heavens and watches over us.

Love is ever present. Everything is LOVE; Even the most seemingly darkest force. We are LOVE, We are from LOVE, and to LOVE we shall Return.


Nicolya ♥♥

*My forthcoming article ‘Liminal Times’ explores this more deeply.

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  • Oh wow Nicolya! Yet again your powerful words bring tears to my eyes…I find it hard to express my gratitude for the comfort of all your information…you bring knowledge, hope, inspiration and Love to all who are blessed to read your words. Thank You – so much! 💗💕💗

  • I always enjoy reading your thoughts and insights on so many levels. Thanks again for your clarity and seeing the LOVE in all.

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