Phase 9

Decoding geometries is easier. Toning is absorbed at a cellular level given that it no longer needs to penetrate (or is blocked by) psychological defences. Your awakening accelerates with the reconfiguring of the 6th dimensional blueprint into a new template for your 5th dimensional light-body. Your physical body may change shape as shifts occur within your energy fields. You feel interconnected to all beings – everywhere. The opinions of others no longer concern you. You feel free. Phase nine brings a greater descension of the light-body into the physical form. This phase compels you to re-evaluate again, as you let go into living as a free spirit incarnate on Earth and as a divine instrument serving the highest good of all. This is the phase when the extent to which you are aligned with SOURCE Consciousness defines your life and determines your income, your relationships – everything. Dissolution of the 3rd dimensional self occurs. This is a phase where the overriding experience of life is one of freedom from the emotions and lower mind and instead one is consistently centred in deep peace and radiant joy. You disconnect from the consensus reality. The choices you make can seem perplexing to others. At this advanced soul level, you have earned the mode of Consciousness that is of the ‘non-conformist’. Your life reflects this through a series of unusual occurrences and extraordinary opportunities, which you are able to respond to given your non-conformist ‘status’ that is effectively a ‘karma free pass’ in the world. From the 7th, 8th and 9th levels your inner Light is visibly radiating. You feel deeply grounded, connected, centred, and filled with purpose. You are continually connected to and operate from Source Consciousness. Your intention remains for the highest good and outcome for everyone, although due to their own inner triggers and issues others may not always understand your motivations. The 9th phase is where you embody the ‘I Am’. The 7th, 8th and 9th phases unify all energy fields and physical/non physical energy centres to more fully connect you to the ultimate state of ‘I AM’.