Phase 7

The heart chakra further expands. You live more and more from your heart, your soul and your True Self. You continue to release deeper levels of emotional residues as you prepare to transcend the emotional field. This is done in such a way that maintains harmony within you and with others. You take full responsibility for your feelings, responses and ‘reactions’ and begin to experience a new sense of lightness in regard to your emotions; irrespective of whether they are uplifting or challenging. You lose your emotional attachment to others and/or preferred outcomes. At this level you overcome fear and you align with and live as LOVE. Headaches may continue to occur because of the pressure on the pituitary and pineal glands as they further expand and open. This can also disrupt sleep patterns and you may find that you are barely sleeping for weeks but functioning well, or awake for many nights and then sleeping for one night anything up to eighteen hours without waking. Your relationship with Spirit deepens and you become increasingly aware of spirit beings working and walking with you. You are resolutely focused on creating a completely different life. You eat less and prefer lighter (light infused) foods. You drink water in preference to other beverages. At this level you have refrained from eating or drinking anything that is unnatural or acts as a stimulant.