Phase 4

As a result of the tremendous chemical and electromagnetic changes taking place within your brain you may suffer from headaches, blurred vision, weakened eyesight or hearing difficulties. This can be because vision and hearing are ‘retuning’ in order to pick up the more subtle waveforms and ‘tones’ that are informing the psyche and activating dormant ‘seeds’ of awakening within you. Energy levels can remain a challenge. You may experience mild chest pains, bronchial infections, cardiac arrhythmias, increased pulse rate and/or higher or lower blood pressure as the heart chakra begins to open more fully and expand.

**Be sure to check any symptoms with the appropriate medical tests, which often transpire to produce entirely ‘normal’ results.

During this phase you might begin to experience an inexplicable compulsion to follow your heart without question as you begin to recognise it as the ‘seat of your soul’. You place greater emphasis on the purifying of your physical, emotional and mental bodies and your energetic field. Your dietary choices change and you ‘get clean’ of stimulants such as tobacco, drugs, pharmaceuticals, artificial sugars and alcohol. This is the phase where you begin to master the emotional body.