Phase 12

Phase Twelve empowers the Higher Directive Creation impulse that is behind the vision and trajectories of Phases Nine to Eleven. This is when the physical implementation and manifestation of the New Paradigm systems become firmly rooted and established. This phase represents the final initiation of 12th phase beings as creators, pioneers, visionaries, trailblazers, initiators and figureheads for the New Earth and the Future Earth. Many 12th phase beings are from the Future and are here to sow the seeds of this future enlightened epoch into the foundations of the New Earth/New Paradigm. This is the Phase where the Divine Plan for Earth becomes more fully accessible and the vision of a future enlightened global civilization becomes an accepted (and slowly manifesting) evolutionary reality. At this level beings hold 70% Light and are 5th dimensional beings serving as a Consciously active force within a multi-universal reality. The ultimate awakened human state of Self-transcendence has been attained. The 12th Phase is when the full embodiment of the superluminous androgynous state has been attained: These beings neither gender or age identified. A youthful body is maintained, and such beings are experienced as ageless. From a gender perspective, they have transcended the archetypes of ‘male/female’ and the basic physical compulsions and polarising gender identification of ‘woman/man’. Their physical appearance will still lend itself to either masculine or feminine but their Consciousness is gender neutral. Consciousness is aligned to SOURCE. Personal will has dissolved and merged with Divine Will. The Self, Higher Self and Soul are entrained with the heart of these Beings and with the Cosmos.

To comprehend more about the 12th level and what lay beyond, please refer to the chapter ‘The New Earth & The Future Earth’ in Nicolya’s new book LOVE, GOD & EVERYTHING.

All twelve phases can be found in Nicolya’s slimline book Four Fundamentals: A Pocketbook for Self-Healing, Self-Awakening, & Self-Liberation.