Phase 11

The lightbody is predominantly active and is connected to your physical body via ‘spin points’, which are positioned within a ‘light-grid’ that overlays the physical acupuncture meridians and is composed of lines of light intersecting in intricate and intelligent geometries. These ‘spin points’ and ‘lines’ correlate with both physical and non-physical chakras and are located within the luminous energy field (aura) in order to initiate and operate a new 5th dimensional circulatory system of Light. You have transcended the collective conditioning imposed upon humanity by the matrix. You no longer uphold or support dysfunctional old paradigm societal systems, which include the ‘programs’ of ‘age’/’aging’ and the covert and overt cultural conditioning of the physical body at a cellular level. Time is no longer linear. You live both within and beyond the old paradigm simultaneously, remaining in the latter in Service of humanity and Nature. You unwaveringly follow the higher directive of your soul. You have transcended ‘old paradigm spirituality’ and are aligned with a highly advanced spiritual reality. There is no separation between your higher Self and your Self, your higher purpose and your reality, as these have now merged. You live the vision of your soul and experience and express the ecstasy of BEing a Free Spirit. In this ‘frame’ of Conscious awareness, many 9th phase beings create new types of Light based technologies along with harmonious new systems of governance, finance and education, as well as advanced systems of food and resource allocation, equitable food and resource distribution, evolved models for community living and enlightened solutions to restore balance to humanity, Nature and the Earth.