Phase 1

You may experience short or prolonged bouts of debilitating exhaustion. Strong physical reactions to intense solar and galactic energies can result in random, transitory or intense physical symptoms. (Check the ‘Ascension Symptoms List’ at the end of this section). The more understanding you can bring to what is essentially a physical clearing and energetic upgrading, the more you will be able to tolerate and/or move through this phase of the process. Mild symptoms can be indicative of nearing the completion of this phase or might suggest you are just entering it. Intense symptoms point to one of two possibilities: a deep and/or rapid clearing of ancient and historical stories held at a cellular and soul level: Or, a breakthrough in unconscious resistance to the awakening process. If you are not implementing the necessary changes in your life that this phase requires you may find yourself stuck and unable to move through or past the physical symptoms, in which case it is advised you seek the support of a reputable psycho-spiritual practitioner.