Further Ascension Symptoms

The following is a list of other ascension symptoms that you may or may not experience throughout the course of the ascension process.

  • An increase in psychic, mediumistic, clairvoyant, and intuitive skills.
  • Acute aversion to negative energy, people or environments.
  • Extreme sensitivity to being in public places or among groups of people and crowds.
  • A preference for being reclusive even though previously sociable.
  • Sudden inexplicable anxiety attacks occurring at any time with no valid reason.
  • Acute sensitivity to shopping malls or social environments such as restaurants, clubs, festivals, theatres etc.
  • Extreme sensitivity to mobile and digital technology including laptops, computers, wireless routers and all microwave technology as well as specific types of lighting.
  • Zoning out for long periods (feeling out of it, which you literally are for those moments) – effectively an overpowering need to do nothing as your Consciousness spends increasing amounts of time in the fifth dimension.
  • The need to rest or sleep for much longer periods than usual.
  • Prolonged bouts of insomnia either up to or after 3:30 am – a sign of your Consciousness adapting to new cycles of activity, and/or receiving new light-codes and galactic/solar downloads.
  • Strange electrical energy coursing through the body, or body parts like legs or arms, caused by 150 MHz solar and galactic frequencies flooding the planet, the purpose of which is to rewire both the physical body and the lightbody in order to tolerate and entrain with higher vibrating energies.
  • Numerous physical symptoms caused by detoxification as the body continues to release years and lifetimes of physical, emotional and mental toxins and karmic waste.
  • Dizziness, balance problems, feeling ‘spacey’, triggered by dipping in and out of higher states of Consciousness and/or activity within or in relation to the etheric poles.
  • Shaking.
  • Increased or decreased appetite. Either putting on or losing weight no matter how much or little you eat due to the effects of incoming electrical frequencies anchoring into or passing through the physical, as the body shifts from third to fifth dimensional frequencies.