Throwback Thursday

Well … Its ‘Throwback Thursday’ and I am quite a long way back these days … in 1939 and the early 1940’s to be precise!

… writing a fiction based on fact novel that has been gestating inside of me since 2002, when, very close to death, over four consecutive nights, I experienced four vivid and powerfully detailed sequential past-life recalls of a life I had lived during WW2 as part of The Resistance based in Germany, France, and then Germany again.

It is quite an experience living this parallel reality right now, and the extraordinary synchronicities (confirmations) that have been continually unfolding since I began writing/re-telling this story a couple of months ago – a fascinating separate story in and of itself.

So, as you can see … I am a loooooong way back these Throwback Thursdays!

So much I would love to share about this whole experience, but I’ll save it all for a future date when it is the perfect time to do so.

LOVE, in Endless Waves,

Nicolya ❤️❤️

*Below: A ‘Throwback Thursday’ photo from many years ago in this life! … with my hair in my favourite style (to this day), capturing something of how I gno I would have worn it back then in the early 1940’s.

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