Thoughts Of A ‘Mostly Raw’ Vegan

Here are a few of my own thoughts on the raw food phenomenon that is sweeping the alternative community.

My personal stance is to keep it simple, clean, eco-green, and mostly raw, with a good dose of yellow (Sun) and blue (Sky or Ocean). I often wonder how natural it is, for example, to ingest 2kg of kale or six bananas as part of one serving of a green juice or a fruit smoothie. I also wonder about all the goodness that is lost from the roughage that is discarded as pulp. I am not too sure that Nature intended for us to consume such vast quantities of fruits and vegetables in one hit. However, I am also aware that as individual consciousness awakens the human body is evolving and transforming, so it could be deemed that the ‘light body’ requires a greater input of the type of light to be found in freshly grown organic and biodynamic produce. Breatharians, however, appear to take this light directly from the sun, the moon and the stars, as well as from the subtle elements, atoms, particles, oxygen, water, and vapour that pervades the atmosphere.

It is important to note that ingesting great volumes of fruits and vegetables each day, or perhaps even following an almost breatharian way of life, is not a precursor to attaining an advanced spiritual state, which requires the consciousness of the individual to be elevated, evolved, and able to maintain a high vibration and frequency. This is key if one is to evolve into a luminous being.

My path is one of ‘less is more’ in terms of what I put into and onto my body. It is a path that also combines deep spiritual practice along with an active commitment to living a pristine life; ie, one that is clean, pure and honest, and one that listens to and respects the wisdom of the body, and prioritises love, peace and harmony. My physical body counsels ‘everything in moderation’ in regard to the intake of physical sustenance. It guides me to be gentle in all my wellbeing endeavours, and to strive for purity, inside and out. It speaks of the importance of discernment in relation to the energetic and psychic influences of all and everything I encounter, as I move through this journey called life.

It is said that ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness’ or, in my words ‘Purity is closest to Source’. Keeping the body, feelings, and mind clear and pure is a major activator for evolving a more enlightened state of being, which evolution is compelling an awakening humanity towards.

A few words on the raw versus cooked scenario …

I understand the ideal of eating only raw. In fact, this was the ‘original’ diet of primitive humans who were initially herbivores, that is until they discovered how to hunt and how to make fire. For eons of time humans have eaten hot and cooked foods and so the body has adapted accordingly. Some schools of thought might advocate a totally raw diet whereas other ancient systems such as Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese (and Five Elements) Acupuncture, promote the inclusion of warm foods for balanced health and wellbeing.

It is down to each of us to decide for ourselves and to listen to the inner-knowing of our body, for its gnosis will guide us along the path that best suits our needs at that point in time.

Let us also take into consideration the impact of diet on the psyche, the body, the feelings, and the mind. Burger and chips for example, have a dense and heavy vibration, whereas a bowl of fresh fruit or barely steamed greens, or a plate of raw vegetables and salads contain an abundance of light, subtle elements and nutrients. The intake of light, or lack thereof, from the food and beverages we consume can either amplify or dim the inner-light that is innate within each one of us.

I have meditated on the raw food phenomenon for many years, and have come to the conclusion that as we awaken we become increasingly intuitively aware of the specific diet that best suits our evolutionary requirements and overall health. My personal preference is a ‘less is more’ protocol, integrated with a pristine approach to my body, feelings, mind, psyche and energy. An important caveat to all of this, however, is the necessity of adopting an appropriate diet that supports and recognises individual health challenges or anomalies that preclude eating 100% raw or becoming a breatharian.

For example, I have lived with an anomaly for over sixteen years that continues to baffle both medics and naturopaths. It began with my dying experience on Easter Sunday 2002, which occurred shortly after a total physical collapse on March 16th of that same year. I have my own theory as to why this anomaly still persists and I have written about this in my books. To explain it very briefly here, it is related to the ‘conscious dying’ experience during which a greater degree of my ‘Future Self’ incarnated. This far higher frequency and faster vibration requires enough fuel to remain present in this human temple/form. To this day, I am at risk of collapsing and falling into a coma if my body does not regularly receive a specific type of complex carbohydrate; namely wheat/gluten free bread. Without a regular intake of this, my body would spiral into a well established set of symptoms:

  • A gnawing feeling throughout the whole body
  • A ringing sensation throughout the entire body
  • Weakness/faintness
  • Breathlessness/laboured breathing
  • Heart palpitations and slow/fast heart rate
  • Energy flatline
  • Weak muscles and limbs
  • An inability to sleep because of the symptoms
  • Light headedness
  • Pallor
  • A feeling of being ‘out of it’

Were I to rigidly adhere to my spiritually preferred diet of 100% unprocessed and raw, or embrace my ideal, which is a breatharian way of life, I would be in hospital within three to four days on the edge of collapsing, before, ultimately, falling into a coma. It appears that without the necessary density of a specific type of ‘fuel’ (bread in my case) this body/temple would begin to shut down.

I have had to work around the situation with a 70% raw, 10% lightly steamed, and 9% processed diet, ie, organic wheat, gluten, salt and sugar free bread and/or pasta. Another 10% includes pulses, seeds, nuts, EFA (essential fatty acid) oils, and quinoa. The remaining 1% is organic pure (ie, no salt/sugar etc) and raw low GI (glycemic index) handmade dark chocolate. If I deviate from the ‘10% processed’ for more than twenty-four hours then all the above symptoms are triggered and my usual vibrant physical state will rapidly decline. This is almost immediately alleviated the moment I consume a couple of slices of bread and then with more bread and pasta over the following twenty-four hours, my body returns to normal.

Eating organic is certainly preferable, yet following raw food protocols that require excessive quantities of produce to be consumed in any one sitting must be determined by conscious preference and informed choice. A totally raw food diet might well be ideal for any given individual, just as a breatharian ‘diet’ – a path that is arrived at through the practice of ‘less is more’ – might be perfect for another.

So generally speaking, what does it all come down to at the end of the day? Is there a ‘right’ diet? The answer is surely to live and let live. For each individual has their own way, is receptive and responsive to the evolutionary times in which we live, and is experiencing and expressing the unique directive of their own soul.

The greatest transmuter, facilitator and accelerator for ascension, transformation and transcendence is of course – LOVE. This is the primary force. Second to this is Consciousness, and the degree to which we are spiritually awakened. In the final analysis, the primary focus needs to be on the quality and quantity of what is expressed from the heart. When the heart is enraptured, the mind inspired, the body wildly alive, the feelings wondrously impassioned, and the psyche hardwired to enlightened living, then, and only then, will we embody and live an illumined life.

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Nicolya Christi is a Visionary, Futurist and Author. Her first book 2012: A Clarion Call: Your Soul’s Purpose in Conscious Evolution was placed in the top ten book reviews by Publishers Weekly in Spring 2011. Professor Ervin Laszlo, twice nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, endorsed this book as the most remarkable spiritual book on this or any other subject he have ever read. She is also the author of Contemporary Spirituality for an Evolving World: A Handbook for Conscious Evolution (2013). In the Summer of 2018, Nicolya completed a third book co-authored with Professor Laszlo to be published in 2019. She is currently concluding the writing of her own third mainstream book. Her Work is founded upon the fundamental principles of Psychological Integration, Conscious Evolution, and Spiritual Awakening; Personal Transformation for Global Evolution and Inner Peace for World Peace. Its trajectory is along a psycho-spiritual continuum of Self-Awareness leading to Self-Integration, leading to Self-Realization, leading to Self-Actualization, leading to the ultimate state of Human-Being – Self-Transcendence.

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