The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra Closing the Karmic Eclipse Window

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse occurs at 3 degrees of the astrological sign of Libra, today, March 23, at 12:01 UT.

Lunar Eclipses are renowned for bringing matters to a head at both a personal and collective level. Therefore, it is common to experience personal and global ‘growing pains’ as fated events eclipse our reality, unite us in grief, catalyse a spirit of camaraderie/Oneness, and influence the evolutionary and unfolding story of humanity. They are also associated with the human and collective shadow and often the time around lunar eclipses is when events can occur in our personal lives or at a global level that literally rock our world. This transpires because the Lunar Eclipse cautions us to look beneath the surface and focus the spotlight of truth on both the individual and collective shadow.

Libra is the sign that rules balance, harmony, relationships and restorative justice (healing broken connections). We are wise to turn to these as pointers when it comes to the questions that arise in the wake of a personal or global trauma, especially when it occurs around the time of a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. Libra always seeks balance and urges us to weigh things up evenly and consider both sides when seeking the why and how of any situation. Events that occur around the time of a Lunar Eclipse in Libra call upon us to contemplate where there is a need to be heard. Libra is the eternal diplomat and urges us not to judge too quickly but instead to bring a sense of balance to our contemplations.

This revelatory Lunar Eclipse is bringing to the surface of our awareness old emotional stories that have been held deep within us at a cellular level. It affords an opportunity to those of who are conscious and awakened to release and transcend the unhealed stories of deep and ancient emotional wounding. The impact of both the Solar Eclipse in Pisces on March 9 and the Lunar Eclipse in Libra on March 23 will be felt for the following six months until the next Eclipse Window on September 1, 2016.

I have written extensively on the Solar Eclipse (March 9), so I will refrain from repeating what I posted here a couple of weeks ago. What I will include, however, is how the Solar Eclipse triggered for many, an up close and personal encounter with the stories of their emotional past. Many people felt these play out, in varying degrees, through the physical body, causing anything from mild to debilitating physical symptoms. The majority of these will begin to abate or fully disappear after today’s Lunar Eclipse.

We could describe this karmic eclipse window as an ‘exit point’ through which outgrown relationships, circumstances and situations are taking their leave.

The Lunar Eclipse in Libra focuses primarily on relationships and partnerships. Some of these will be literally ‘eclipsed’ as the gentle winds of Libra blow them away like the sands on a Tibetan mandala. The Libran Full Moon Lunar Eclipse imprints a necessity for greater balance in our relationships. Our attention is being focused on the need to resolve inner-conflict and cultivate a peaceful relationship with ourselves.

The Karmic Eclipse Window could be likened to a tumultuous sea, bringing to the surface of awareness any unhealed emotional stories and accompanying physical symptoms. The Solar Eclipse in Pisces sought to clear the way for the energies of the Full Moon Libra Eclipse, which was to bring a re-balancing and re-harmonising.

The Solar Eclipse in Pisces brought an existential element into the mix – the perceived wound of separation. This core wound surfaced for many people during March 9 – 23rd. Many have been experiencing a deep sense of loneliness and aloneness in the period building up to the Lunar Eclipse in Libra.

The Solar Eclipse in Pisces saw many swimming in a sea of emotions. Now, the Lunar Eclipse, in the air sign of Libra, brings in the mind. At last, we are able to steady ourselves and steer into calmer waters, as we strike a new balance between body, feelings and mind.

The Piscean Solar Eclipse brought a yearning to transcend our old emotional stories and let go, let God. The remit of the Lunar Eclipse in Libra is to evoke a longing within us to manifest a new emotional story, in terms of our relationships with ourselves and with others.

The Solar Eclipse asked us to surrender and trust … to ride an evolutionary wave of letting go of what was, into to what is, and what is to come. In the letting go process, we will experience a recalibration period which may initially prove somewhat turbulent but ultimately bring a greater degree of balance within us and in our lives. The Lunar Eclipse in Libra invites those of us who are ready to write a new chapter of relationship in the storybook of our lives.

The Sabian Symbol for this Lunar Eclipse translates as follows: “The dawning of a new day when everything changes“. We are being invited to take a significant step forwards. For those who are consciously engaged with the purpose of these eclipses, a tangible sense of something new is in the air; be this new friendships, new partnerships, new relationships or new opportunities connected to these.

With the Sun and Mercury conjunct in Aries, in opposition to the Full Moon-Eclipse in Libra, we are also being invited to re-evaluate and redefine the way in which we express ourselves. We are being asked to refine the tone, language and delivery of our communications, both with ourselves and with others. Aries can be a little hot headed, whereas Libra is the eternal diplomat seeking harmony in all things. So, there is a potential for some fiery reactions, when what is most needed is refined, harmonious communication.

The Libra Full Moon asks a penultimate question in terms of our relationships with ourselves and with others: “What needs to be let go of?” “What remains incomplete?” “What old chapter or story now needs to close?” “What karmic contracts are complete and now ready to release?

The Solar Eclipse magnified where in our lives we are polarised in separation consciousness. It highlighted the wound of separation, at both an individual and a Collective level. It called on us to heal this primal wound so we could move closer towards Unity and Oneness Consciousness.

The harmonious and visionary partnership of the gentle signs of Libra and Pisces has sought to focus our attention on where we are disconnected from ourselves, each other and the world.

We need to visualise a new way of relating and we need to heal whatever remains disconnected within us and keeps us locked into the experience of separation.

Libra closes this Karmic Eclipse Window with the following questions for us to consider until the next Eclipse Window in September 2016: “Who would I be without my old relationship story?”. “Who would I be without my old story of separation?” The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse brings an end to what has amounted to nothing less than an emotional and physical roller-coaster ride and bestows a semblance of balance within the body/feelings/mind.

This Eclipse Window began with Spiritual Pisces catalysing a tidal wave of physical, emotional and energetic release, which left many people experiencing an unusual level of exhaustion. The influence of Libra now enters into the equation to close this divinely timed evolutionary window.

As we are already aware, necessary change and great transformation begins with the Self. Over the next six months until the next eclipse season, we will continue to clear, process, stand, fall and then stand again in our quest to discover what prevents us from stepping fully out of the emotional past and into a whole new story of relationship in our lives.

We are being invited to physically, emotionally and mentally manifest our visions and dreams for Unity and Oneness, Peace and Harmony, Self-Balance and Collective Equilibrium. We find ourselves being called to vision a new relational story founded in refined and balanced relationship, harmonious interrelation, and empowered, enlightened unification with Self, Other and the World.

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