The Forest

Beloved ❤️ Friends,

Today, I took some time out from writing to do something very special, which I always do once a year, for it is one of my favourite things to do …

I went deep into the forest to immerse myself completely, body, heart, mind, and soul, in the extraordinary beauty of the autumnal colours that have reached the moment of ultimate ripening, which always takes place at the very end of November and the very beginning of December, after which they rapidly disappear. The misty rain and cloudy backdrop seem to enhance the colours even more.

The forest is not so far along the mountain road from where I live. … and entering it is like crossing a threshold into a magical realm.

Usually, when I take this special moment, at this special time of year, my favourite season, it has always been sunny with blue skies. But today, I specifically chose ‘my moment’ because the clouds are low and it is a misty-rainy kinda day – yet, even in such weather conditions, the profundity of Autumn in all Her glory continues to shine.

To BE in the forest surrounded by mountains … to enter into a state of Oneness with the deep silence … listen to the song of the leaves swaying gently on a refreshingly cold breeze … feel the mist of the low hanging clouds on my skin …

To not see another car or another person but to have the forest to oneself amounts to a sense of such freedom to be able to commune with Her uninterrupted …

To spiritually soar with the high flying buzzard gliding above the mountains … for one’s heart to sing along to the chorus of birds … and chant with the tone of the cow softly mooing …

To take into one’s Self the indescribable beauty of Nature in Autumn …

To pay homage to Gaia … well, for me, this is to BE truly ALIVE.

And so I thought of you … and I wanted to record as closely as possible, the experience of such magnificence … and to share this special autumnal moment.

LOVE — for it is All We Are … And All There IS.


Nicolya ❤️❤️
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