The Divine Masculine Principle – Love in Action

Is Love the Answer to Everything? Concluding Part 3

The original question from the Facebook friend could not have been more divinely timed as it caught me at a rare moment. The evening before, and to some degree that morning, I found myself walking a very fine line between reaction and response. This was triggered by my awareness of the unfolding reality of the unprecedented crisis that is the Fukushima situation, along with the impact of a FB post that I had noticed the night before on the public Wall which I had made a conscious choice not to open.


Reaction or Response?


The title and image of the post were enough to knock me out of my centre and almost into reaction, at which point I would either have roared in outrage or sobbed from the depths of my Soul. In that moment, my sacred ground was almost lost. I could have fallen headlong into the wasteland of reaction save for wise inner-counsel guiding me not to do so. Instead, I paused, breathed, and asked myself “What is the middle way?”, for neither of those reactions would have proven conducive to inner-peace, or supported an effective response to such situations.


The Middle Way


In the context of this article, The Middle Way is one that invites us to hold an overview of higher wisdom, whilst, at the same time, acknowledging the reality of the fundamental crisis that is all too evident, in all kingdoms of the Earth. It asks us to acknowledge our humanness and recognise that we are sentient beings and therefore we have feelings. We are gifted with a conscience which calls upon us to embrace our feelings and express our humanity. And so, I chose the middle way and took action with regard to Fukushima, and allowed the tragedy of the post that I had noticed on the public Wall to serve as a potent energy to support the writing of this three-part article I have shared here this week.


Tuesday’s question (from our FB sister) brought to mind a communication I had received in relation to my article, ‘What in the Name of Peace is Going On?’ in which I wrote of ‘sacred action’. In response to it, I received a perfectly timed message from a FB friend who informed me that he had “unfriended me” stating;“I don’t think that that is of any help to light workers and star seeds and I definitely don’t believe that it’s an essential activity for us”. I was extremely grateful for this feedback for it prompted a follow-up article entitled, ‘A Call to All Light Workers for Unity Consciousness’. (See ‘Notes’ on this Wall for both). Why do I mention this? I do so because there is some misguided idealism among ‘Light-Workers’ who thus become polarised as a result of misunderstanding the spiritual principle “BE only love”.


Doing and Being – Equal Sides of the Same Coin in Sacred Activism


Whether we are sitting in a Holy Temple praying fervently for peace for all beings, standing on the summit of a mountain transmitting Light, meditating alone or in a group immersing the Earth in pure Love, organising rallies, petitions, events, writing, filming, campaigning, reporting on the injustices in the world, or exposing the inhumanities that are taking place all across the planet, when doing so from a pure heart and soul, in the consciousness of loving understanding, all these actions, irrespective of doing or being, are precious and of incalculable value. We need, in equal measures, those highly focused prayers, meditations and visualisations for humanity, Nature and the Earth (as offered by awakened/awakening ones) and the dynamic actions of those peace warriors, spiritual activists and visionary actionists located deeply in the Matrix trying to make a stand for the rights of humanity, Nature and the Earth.


The Divine Masculine Principle


Enter the Divine Masculine Principle, (present in both female and male). What is needed by those who are aligned in Sacred Action with the Divine Masculine Principle, those who are knee deep in the mire of the Matrix, those I term as the ‘Spiritual Resistance’, is the support of those aligned strongly with the Divine Feminine Principle which is to BE love. The time is now for the Divine Feminine to recognise and honour the Divine Masculine (woman or man). We must be mindful not to polarise and judge those of like-heart and like-mind who gnosis their vocational sacred path to be one which requires them to go fearlessly, head to head, with multi-nationals, governments, big businesses, financial institutions and so forth in the name of peace. To imagine that these courageous souls are not acting in the pure frequency of love is a grave misunderstanding. Those aligned with the sacred actions called forth by the Divine Feminine Principle (man or woman) must be mindful not to default, through ignorance or a misguided understanding of the true expression of spirituality as action in the world, into judging those whose ‘sacred call to action’ is to challenge the global systems that imprison all living energies within the Matrix.


We Are All In This Together


The same can be said to those ‘out in the field, knee deep with sleeves rolled up’ in response to the Call of the Divine Masculine (woman or man). These sacred actionists must also be mindful not to judge those whose role it is to transmit highest frequency love, light, consciousness and healing into the world as being ungrounded, unrealistic, out of touch or ineffective. We all have our place. As Marjorie Pay Hinckley so beautifully stated: “We are all in this together. We need each other. Oh, how we need each other. Those of us who are old need you who are young, and hopefully, you who are young need some of us who are old…We need deep and satisfying and loyal friendships with each other. These friendships are a necessary source of sustenance. We need to renew our faith every day. We need to lock arms and help build the kingdom so that it will roll forth and fill the whole earth.”


The Return of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine


Awakened Ones who would judge a brother or a sister seeking to address injustice and the catastrophic results of a dysfunctional and broken global system, or dismiss the vital role of those who channel higher-dimensional energies to support the healing of humanity, Nature and the Earth, turn their backs on their own. What is most needed in the world is not only the return of the Divine Feminine, yet also the return of the Divine Masculine – both are critically needed at this time. We need to support each other as we engage in our respective sacred actions in service of the manifestation of a peaceful world. The Middle Way is the Union of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine as love in action in the world.


Celebrating the Divine Masculine as Love In Action in the World


All conscious action, be it praying or campaigning, has but one ultimate ideal at the core – the manifestation of Global Peace and Harmony. Those brave souls who don the armour of Light and carry a torch for the rights of all living energies are to be respected, celebrated and supported. These dynamic brothers and sisters deserve not to be inappropriately categorised as somehow less evolved.


As I wrote at the time in A Call to All Light Workers for Unity Consciousness:


“Does it not expose a dualistic mentality and an un-integrated Self when one reacts to those who are consciously awakened who dare to speak of the need for a unified effort on the part of humanity in order to address the current global crisis? Is it not a judgment when such dedicated humanitarians are accused of being “un-evolved” “aligned with fear” or “negative”? Is it not unrealistic and uninformed to suggest that we need only “send love and light” as the only way to resolve a deepening world crisis? Are we not tipping the balance towards spiritual ego when we dismiss those who encourage us to question and examine the impact of dysfunctional global governance and treat these such visionary individuals with disdain? To suggest that turning our backs on the plight of humanity, all sentient beings, all life forms, and the Earth itself, because this is not “an essential activity for us”, reveals that those with such an attitude are indeed as uninformed and un-integrated as the consciously sleeping masses.”


It is true that there are millions of us whose role it is to simply meditate on world peace and to hold all life forms on Earth in the vibration of Love and Light. And yes, it is true that many of us are here to pray for humanity, Nature and the Earth and to stream the energy of unconditional love and highest frequency light across the world. Yet, these same Light workers must be mindful not to mock, judge, dismiss or reject kindred spirits who have a different Calling to initiate and implement visionary new consciousness solutions to a world in crisis. The Calling of these individuals is equal to and as spiritual and necessary as any other Higher Purpose Calling. We are all here with a very specific worldly mission, a unique calling. We must therefore support each other, especially those Carlos Barrios cites as “elected to represent us, who understand and who will take political action to respect the Earth”.


As conscious evolutionaries our support is needed by those who know that their soul’s purpose is to be in the world making a stand for world peace and the protection of life on this planet; be it human, animal, plant, the land, the ocean or the sky.


I guess the question it all boils down to is this: Are we truly humanitarian in our spirituality? We must support each other whether our Soul’s higher purpose is to meditate for the greater and higher good, or whether our higher purpose is to be active in the field, working undercover, like the Spiritual Resistance, in the matrix in order to extricate humanity from it and lead the way towards a new epoch with a new consciousness. We need to be unified, not cut each other down, judge and disconnect because we fail to understand the extent of the unique spiritual purpose each has undertaken in these unprecedented times of change and transition.


Being only love is about shining, loving, praying, caring, meditating, visualising, invoking, amplifying love and light, holding unconditional positive regard and unconditional love for all, treading sensitively on the Earth and all the worlds that exist on this planet, and offering gentle loving, caring responses. It calls us to unify in sacred being and sacred doing, to express ‘fearless love’ and when called for to be utterly uncompromising in the name of love.


Embracing the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine as Love in Action in the World


The following list applies to both the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine expressing love as action in the world:


  • Initiate or join a spiritual group whose focus is to meditate and prayer for peace in all kingdoms on Earth
  • Join events with a focus on raising awareness and promoting peace for all kingdoms on Earth
  • Support or attend global gatherings where prayers, meditation and visualisation are offered to manifest peace and healing in all kingdoms of the Earth
  • Regularly pray and meditate when alone for peace in all kingdoms on Earth
  • Spread love and light wherever you go
  • Smile, be kind, care, connect
  • Express compassion, sensitivity, empathy
  • Forgive
  • BE understanding
  • BE transparent
  • BE love
  • Live your truth
  • Live a life of Love
  • Tread gently on the Earth
  • Refrain from engaging in any act which causes suffering to another sentient being
  • Resist consumerism.
  • Refuse to buy or eat anything other than organic and non-GMO.
  • Make it part of your day as a humanitarian and sacred activist to sign all petitions that aim to serve world peace, restorative justice, sustainability and support humanity and all life on Earth.
  • Support organisations such as,,, Survival,,
  • Turn to non-mainstream media sources such as Information Clearing House, Common Dreams, Truth Out, Anti-War, World Truth TV, etc to be more accurately informed
  • Inform yourself by researching and reading what are often deemed to be conspiracy theories, yet are more often conspiracy facts. Discernment is important, so check and follow associated links and read the comments in relation to posts and information wherever you encounter these. Read the same stories from many different and respected sources and perspectives until you are able to distil the most likely truth.
  • Connect with those in the community of like heart and like mind.
  • Begin to involve yourself actively with causes, campaigns and any activity that resonates with your commitment to support the manifestation of a peaceful and sustainable world. Remember, one seemingly small and independent action when combined with millions of others becomes one giant act by and for the Collective.
  • Commit to supporting and getting involved with on-line and local ‘better world initiatives’ such as MedMob, Occupy, etc.
  • Become mindful of your regular shopping purchases and trace them back to their original source. Become aware of the processes/suffering involved to bring these to your table.


Finally, let us return to the original question in our summary:


“How do we love the unlovable? How do we find it in our hearts to love the ones who have destroyed lives, stolen children’s innocence and are walking the Earth without empathy or conscience”


Heal Self
Integrate Self
Love Self
Embody Self
Liberate Self


Forgive Self and Other/s
Compassion for Self and Other/s
Empathy for Self and Other/s
Understand Self and Other/s


Feel – Divine Feminine (Open Heart/Holding Sacred Space)
Gnosis – Divine Feminine (Felt-Sense/Heart’s Wisdom)
Think – Divine Masculine (Mindfulness/Higher Mind)
Act – Divine Masculine (Sacred Action/Spiritual Responsibility)
BE – Conscious BEing – Love as Action in the World – Divine Feminine Principle
Do – Conscious DOing -Love as Action in the World – Divine Masculine Principle


And so, I summarise this conclusion by sharing, once again, these profound words Buddha is believed to have quoted:


“There is no salvation without compassion for every living being”.


Love and Compassion in action are the Middle Way. Such a High Path calls for the Union of both Divine Feminine (BEing/receptivity) and Divine Masculine (DOing/action).


Be ever mindful that duality consciousness can only result in disconnection from Self/Other/World/Spirit. Seek always to feel, think, act, Do and BE in Unity Consciousness.


In the final analysis?


Love is the answer to everything.

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