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Is Love the Answer to Everything? Part 1

In response to a post I had shared, a FB friend sent a private message asking the following question:

“How do we love the unlovable? How do we find it in our hearts to love the ones who have destroyed lives, stolen children’s innocence and are walking the Earth without empathy or conscience?”

How do I begin to respond to such an important question? Certainly, it needs to be addressed at both a personal and global level.

Let us begin by once again reminding ourselves of the words I posted which prompted this most appropriate question from our FB friend:

“No living being is insignificant. Treat every living energy with reverence. See the Divine Spark that dwells within All. Develop into a human being of the highest calibre. And remember always – Love is the answer to everything.”

So, how do we apply the principle that love is the answer to everything towards “the ones who have destroyed lives, stolen children’s innocence and are walking the Earth without empathy or conscience?”

I would like to begin this article by sharing a private response from a FB friend, Manuela Harrison, (who has expressed permission for her name to be included), regarding a quote that another FB friend had posted in reply to Tuesday’s post:

FB Friend’s comment on the main Wall:

“The following is from Simran Singh and came through my fb feed, just prior to seeing Nicolya – It fits, Simran would see it as a conversation with the Universe – how wonderful ‘Terror happens in the mind. Torture occurs through our thoughts. Fear is the mind and thoughts determining story. The more we do this the more we see it outside as a reflection. What if instead, we lived knowing there is only go(o)d… Allowing only loving thoughts and living with such presence that there is no story, only the moment? Might the world change? Yes, because you will have been the change…’”

FB Friend: 

“…The Simran Singh quote… Of course it’s true, but that’s nothing new. This is an ideal world scenario, but the problem is that we are held tight in a programmed matrix. So it boils down to the good old ‘144.000’ or how ever many that need to change first, and there are people who just ignore stuff and polarise the situation even more.”


“Simram’s ideals are wonderful and true… However… humanity is not yet there. And, the ‘144,000’ who you would think would exist by now (!) have to absolutely and truly live love in every moment, feeling love for every creature on Earth. So many are still caught in the ‘split’ between ‘adapted’ and ‘authentic’ Self and miss a fundamental point, this being only when one is fully centred in 100% love, towards all living energies, all of the time, can the world transform into the ‘Thousand Years of Peace’ and the new ‘Golden Age’ ancient wisdom prophecies foretell.” 

Awakening Ones understand that “love is the answer to everything” yet continue to project and act out their unintegrated, unhealed human shadow. If one is lacking in psychological and spiritual integration, for example, carrying any one of the seven dark arrows, eating animals, purchasing products that are produced causing suffering, drinking alcohol for entertainment or as a means of escape, smoking, taking any kind of drug or psychotropic, such will reveal, at some deep level, disconnection with Self and a life-denying energy. If one who expresses that love is the answer to everything yet buys GMO and non-organic, remains immersed in and addicted to consumerism and thus colludes with the destruction this causes to the planet (think landfill and the pillaging of the Earth’s natural resources), as well as the plethora of other activities and involvements that do not reflect the ideal of living in love, then the fundamental spiritual principle that love is the answer to everything remains merely that, an unrealised spiritual principle.

When “in the love”, awakening ones really do understand that love is the answer to everything. However, when entrenched in aspects of ‘human shadow’, people unconsciously or consciously default into contrary behaviour. An example of this can be illustrated by one of those stories most of us are familiar with which speaks of the preacher who extols scripture and verse within the church and yet behind closed doors or away from the pulpit walks around with a quiver full of seven dark arrows on her/his back! (See the chapter ’21 Arrows: A Map for Evolving Consciousness’ in my new book CSEW).

I feel the time has come to more deeply question ourselves when reading or writing about idealistic viewpoints based on being love and loving all beings as a solution to challenging personal and global events. We might do well to ask ourselves are we actually living 100% love in our day-to-day lives? Are we walking our talk? If we realise that we are extolling such virtues and then behaving in a contradictory manner then might we do well to remain humble and silent in dedication and commitment to working on ourselves so as to embody living in love100% of the time.

There is a case to be stated for the inspiration needed that sharing offers to encourage us to embody such an ideal. This is true and it might be more transparent to inspire ourselves and each other by speaking of love being the answer to everything while, at the same time, acknowledging that we may still be caught in dysfunctional patterns although consciously dedicated to evolving more and more into this state of grace. This way, we do not polarise or judge others who may be so open as to reveal that they are not living love 100% of the time and might consciously recognise that perhaps neither are we ourselves. However, deeper understanding can be fostered to serve a greater capacity for compassion, empathy and connection. We can understand living love as an answer to everything and make it our quest – our Holy Grail. Love as the answer to everything is the only real solution that can save Self and the world.”

FB Friend: 

“Yes exactly. How many are really loving everything about themselves? There is so much of a split – so many totally ungrounded people. Who is really helping the needy on the street, who is looking at what toxins they pour into their bodies and who is even vegetarian or vegan! You will have to be brave with this article. Even if many get defensive, it might spark off what is needed. Some of us are too engaged in the material world, using Will without Love. Some of us are engaged in the spiritual world, identifying with Love yet staying passive. Both potentially carry huge shadow aspects – either the active (action) principal or the receiving (receptive) principals are denied. Only the merging and full embracing of both the masculine and feminine will bring forth the unconditional love that the ancients have written about.”

A Divine Plan

So, returning to the original question that has catalysed our little FB journey deeper into Love! “How do we love the unlovable? How do we find it in our hearts to love the ones who have destroyed lives, stolen children’s innocence and are walking the Earth without empathy or conscience?” 

First, let us be clear that it is not the shadow actions of others that we need to “love”. In time, we may come to understand the origins of such actions which can support our Soul’s evolution as well as our efforts to liberate ourselves from the trauma memory or story, and may arrive in a place of forgiveness. And, through our capacity for forgiveness, compassion and integrated understanding we may well support a transgressor to find release from their own suffering, remorse and guilt.

So, how do we get past the ‘transgression’ to connect with the Divine Spark that is within the one who has transgressed? This is where I pause… and take a deep breath… for the response is multilevelled – ranging from the reality that there are on this Earth lesser and greater degrees of evolved human consciousness to the full understanding that there indeed exists an ultimate “Divine Plan”.

On the one hand we can say that everything that happens in our lives and on this Earth is for a reason and has a Divine End, a Divine Purpose, and therefore all that unfolds is exactly as it is meant to be. And, there are some who would say that human-beings are merely playing out a “great game”, an “experiment” on Earth, to see just how far we can take it before ultimately destroying all life. Many consciously awakened ones believe that Divine Intervention will save the day should humans push the “game” too far. What I say is where does responsibility come into this? Where is the responsibility, as a conscious and awakened adult, for Self, others and all living energies in the kingdoms of the Earth? And, can the conscious actions of a few counteract the misaligned intentions and unconscious actions of those who wreak havoc and pose a perilous threat to not only our personal lives, but to the world, the very existence of humanity and to all life on Earth?

Love in Action in the World

What is fundamental in our capacity to manifest as a living reality the core spiritual principle love is the answer to everything is to recognise what we can tangibly influence and physically manifest this as a physical reality through the mediums of prayer, visualisation and meditation.

Such is evidentially proven to achieve measurable results and do so most effectively when people are praying/visualising/meditating simultaneously in vast numbers. I feel there are two approaches to our FB sister’s original question – “How do we love the unlovable? How do we find it in our hearts to love the ones who have destroyed lives, stolen children’s innocence and are walking the Earth without empathy or conscience?” The first is to unify in our hundreds/thousands/millions, and eventually billions, to regularly pray, visualise and meditate on peace for every living energy on this planet as if it were already an actualised reality. Let us open this subject up some more by reading about an experiment I shared in my first book ‘2012: A Clarion Call’ which may help us to understand exactly what kind of praying is needed to effect positive, lasting change:

In The Science of Miracles, Gregg Braden reveals how a group of people trained in the lost mode of prayer were strategically positioned in twenty-four cities across the U.S. in 1972. They all focused their intent on feeling the feeling of peace at the same time. Statistically, measurable reductions in crime, traffic accidents, and emergency room (ER) admissions were recorded in all twenty-four cities during that window of prayer. When the prayer ended the statistics reverted back to normal. This experiment was conducted several times to measure the findings and each result was the same—a dramatic decrease in activities involving trauma and crime.

Princeton University in the U.S. conducted a research program entitled, “The Global Consciousness Project,” which proved that our feelings affect the quantum field around us. Braden goes on to share how the same principles were applied during the Israeli-Lebanese war in the mid 1980s. This experiment, documented in the Journal of Conflict Resolution in 1988, was called, “The International Peace Project of the Middle East.” People were placed in war-torn areas to feel the feeling of peace. During the window of prayer, terrorist activity dropped to zero. Experiments took place on different days, weekends, or months at varying times and it was found that when people prayed in unison, feeling the feeling of peace, the results were always the same. Distance is not a factor, as experiments conducted over the Internet with thousands of people across the world have proved. Statisticians have determined that the exact amount of people required to feel the feeling in order to trigger this kind of effect is the square root of one percent of a given target population.

There are approximately seven billion people on the planet and the numbers needed to feel the feeling of peace, in unison, to effect a significant change is just 8,000. However, these prayers must come from the depths of the heart and Soul. They must be what I term “whole body” prayer, where we feel the energy of love and conviction flowing through our cells, our organs, our skin, our blood, and into the quantum field. By permeating the quantum field we can bring a sense of peace back into the world. Belief is a powerhouse of potential. Jesus told us: “You can renew your life with your beliefs,” and two thousand years later, quantum physics and science are now telling us the same thing.

Seven billion people are communicating with the quantum field all of the time. This field is a reflection of the Collective consciousness and is mirrored back to us. We need only look at the world to understand the emotional, mental, and psychological state of the billions that inhabit it. We must recognise that whatever we feel, whenever we feel it, and wherever we feel it, that feeling will exist everywhere. We do not need to send our prayers outward; we simply feel the feeling of what we choose for ourselves, each other, and the world, as if it already is, and it will instantly register everywhere.

These quantifiable facts illustrate how we can heal ourselves and each other. We are only just beginning to scratch the surface of what is possible. It is detrimental to think we are sick, fearful, or sad. It is important that we see everyone and the Earth herself as well, loved, happy and fulfilled. As human beings, our nature is one that thrives on support and connection with others. A gathering of two, three or more can be a potent way to ensure the change we wish to see.

A feeling is a prayer. It is the original prayer. A feeling is prayer in its purest, most potent form. Whether we are in love, peace, joy, fear, sadness, or anger, we are praying all of the time, for our feelings are prayers. Human beings are feeling beings and because of this life is a living prayer. As long as we can hold peace, love and joy in our hearts, our lives on Earth will reflect this living prayer.

All that we yearn for, the beauty, joy, love, fulfilment, unity, harmony, and peace, is only a prayer away. Imagine what life on Earth would be like if seven billion people were all having the same feelings of love and beauty at the same time? It can start with just one person and spread throughout the whole world. Remember, it takes only 8,000 of the world’s population to effect a change, albeit temporary. Imagine the potential for permanent global transformation, if seven billion people were radiating love all the time.

Transform your feelings and you transform the world.

Temporary or Lasting Change?

The potential for personal and global transformation and the co-creation of Heaven on Earth is unlimited when we join together in unity consciousness. The extract from Clarion Call inspires us to realise the effects of unified praying and feeling the feeling as if. Yet, it also reveals that the measurable results were temporary. I believe the reason for this is because most of those (who were without doubt deeply and wholly immersed in ‘praying’ and ‘feeling’ during the experiments) upon returning to their everyday lives, defaulted into psychologically unintegrated thoughts, emotions and patterns of behaviour, quickly becoming caught in the dramas and stories of their own lives or the lives of others. It seems to me that the key to lasting change through singular and/or unified feeling the feeling as if and prayer is dependent upon the level of psychological and spiritual integration achieved by an individual. It is not enough to inspire others to live in love 100% of the time to manifest lasting personal and global peace, if we ourselves remain immersed in duality consciousness and/or cause harm to any living energy. As Buddha is quoted to have said “There is no salvation without compassion for every living being”.

In Summary

So, we have begun to explore how we, as consciously awakening/awakened individuals, can more fully manifest a world which reflects the deep spiritual truth that love is the answer to everything. Today’s emphasis has been on the personal, the arena of Self development and Self responsibility and how this impacts the world, Nature and the Earth. We have contemplated the existence of a “Divine Plan”. We have considered the school of thought that would suggest that life on Earth is an “experiment”, a “game”. And, we have explored documented evidence that reveals just what is possible when people unite in prayer and meditation. We can gather from the sentiment that Simran Singh and so many others express that such a pure and high ideal is a tangible reality and ours for the manifesting. We can see that we do not have to remain the victims of perilous personal or global events and how by gathering in great numbers we can truly effect change and transformation. This is a reality that will hold steady and true.

It is up to us whether we wish to make the effort to heal ourselves at the deepest levels required, so as to become truly integrated individuals and join with others who have done the same to pray, visualise and meditate on lasting peace for all kingdoms on Earth. It is up to each one of us to choose whether to take responsibility for our own personal and for global transformation, or, as Manuela shared, “Remain too engaged in the material world using Will without Love or identify with Love yet remain passive”.

Part 2 of this article can be found in the Articles section on my website. In it, I write of the ‘bigger picture’, a global overview, the Divine Plan, the human shadow, and include the other sacred and visionary Call to action equal to, and as important as, what has been shared today.

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