Pierre Pradervand

Philosopher. Humanitarian. Author of bestselling 'The Gentle Art of Blessing'.

Every now and then, a rare book comes along which synthesizes the key trends of an epoch and where we are headed for. Nicolya combines an exceptionally deep and broad knowledge of the evolving fields of spirituality, psychology and personal development.


Such a deep wisdom and exceptional spiritual vision from beyond illuminates this very rare book. One feels that her understanding of spirituality is something we have rarely encountered in contemporary literature.


She has made a brilliant synthesis of the fields of personal development, psychology and spirituality, explaining why religion is on the wane and what will replace it, with a brief and rarely encountered foray into the field of sexuality seen from the spiritual viewpoint.


Above all, she has bridged, in a most convincing manner, personal experience and world issues, stressing that we are all responsible for the future of this planet and can all contribute meaningfully to the realization of the win-win world we are going to have to create if we wish to survive.